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Pavic Story Arc

Pavis and Prax are the first major areas covered in detail in Glorantha. We had the Pavis and Big Rubble packs which were absolutely superb. We had the Borderlands, Cults of Prax, River of Cradles, Sun County and Strangers in Prax and Shadows on the Borderlands supplements. Several fanzines produced extra material for Prax. Then we had a gap of many years with nothing being produced for Pavis or Prax. With the advent of Hero Wars and HeroQuest, we had a reprint of the Pavis and Big Rubble packs in a single volume of Gloranthan Classics. Then Ian Thomson did something wonderful. He produced a series of Pavis and Big Rubble Companions which expanded the story of Pavis. However, with the new books came a problem. There are now so many scenarios, cult writeups and descriptions of characters and organizations that it is very difficult to keep track of them. So, here I am trying to put them together to make a single campaign of all the information.

I initially wanted to write this as a story arc of Pavis and the Big Rubble, but I have expanded this to include Prax. This is simply because there is a lot of material for Prax which links into the Pavis scenarios quite nicely.

At the moment, I am concentrating on those supplements that I own, have owned or have seen. There are more supplements that I have never seen and so have not included. In particular, this article does not include the Timeline or scenarios from the French language supplements produced by Multism. If I can get these then I will include them. If someone can scan the relevant sections (Table of Contents, Timeline, Scenario Summaries) and email them to me then I would be very grateful.

See also the website of the P&BR Companion Homepage for more information and goodies.


Table of Contents

Pavic Supplements

Praxian Supplements Websites



Pavic Supplements


Pavis and Big Rubble (P&BR)

Scenarios: Welcome to the City, Burglary at Raus' House, The Cradle, Griffin Gate, Balastor's Barracks, Wolfhead's Lair, Raid on Yelorna, The Devil's Playground, Krang's Table, The Puzzle Canal, Temple at Feroda
Groups: Pavis Royal Guard, Yelmalio Temple Group, Mutation Gang, The Losers Gang, Slop and Slime Gang, Bison Broos, The Leaper Gang, Kinberry the Elf Bandit, Badbones, Dulkan's Droppers, Highhowler and his Chaos Band, Yelornans
Cults: Lanbril, Pavis, Flintnail, Black Fang, Yelorna, Zola Fel, Sun Dragon
Areas Described (Detailed): Civilized Prax, Sun County, Pavis - All Neighbourhoods, Gimpy's Tavern, The Garden, Troll Strongholds, Balastor's Barracks, Devil's Playground, Puzzle Canal, Yelorna Temple
Areas Described (Sketch): Big Grazing, Huntland, Manside, Angle Fort, Blind King's Castle, Blind King's Hill, Central Bridge, Central Garden, Creeper's Road, Downtown, Dragonewt Temple, Flintnail Temple, Furner Fields, Grasslands, Great Basher, Green Hill, Griffin Gate, Hippogriff Gate, Kakstan's Art Museum, Keelmarsh, Main Quarry, Main Ruins, Mani's Fort, North Quarry, Ogre Island, Old Flintnail Fort, Oldtown, Old Walls, Opili's Fort, Pavis Old Mint, Pavis Temple, Real City, Riverside, Robcradle Walls, Salt Mines, Smalltown, Small Quarry, Temple Hill, Troll Break, Troll Bridge, Troll Town, Twin Hills, Wyvern Gate, Yelmalio Hill, Zebra Bridge, Zebra Fort, Zebraside, Zebra Ruins

Pavis and Rig Rubble Companion I (P&BRC1)

Scenarios: A Rough Visit to Glamour
Groups: Silver Blades, Zebra Cavalry, Rubble Trackers
Cults: Pavis, Opili, Flintnail, Getenak
Areas Described (Detailed): Real City, Zebra Fort, New Flintnail Temple, Mani's Fort, Flintnail Tunnels
Areas Described (Sketch):

Pavis and Rig Rubble Companion II (P&BRC2)

Scenarios: Introducing the Grey Company, Suspicious Lunars, The Tomb of Yurmonis, Friends and Enemies, The Old Mint, Magician's Hill, The Next Generation
Groups: Zebra Folk, The Hole Lords, Black Fang Brotherhood, Grey Company, Rubble Trackers, Fivewinds, Pavis Survivors, Pik's Wanderers, Sablefoe, Sarken's Gang, Scarface's Troop, Harli's Gang, Knobby's Knippers, The Night Watchmen
Cults: Pavis the Peacemaker, Pavis the Founder, Pavis the Overseer, Opili Wallmaker, Flintnail, Solander the Scavenger, Joraz Kyrem, Herald Goodword, Mercario the Street Entertainer, Yelmalio, Yelorna, Zola Fel
Areas Described (Detailed): Pavis Old Mint, The Real Inn
Areas Described (Sketch):

Pavis and Rig Rubble Companion III (P&BRC3)

Scenarios: The Grey Company Rides Again, The Legacy of Ghost Fort, Kakstan's Art Museum
Groups: The Loyal Apprentices, The Noble Families, Dylfing Clan of Mani's Fort, Real City Armed Escort, Brothers of Estangtang, Red Stallions, The Imposters, Special Investigations Unit, Newtling Rafters' Guild, Desert Trackers, Five Winds Gang, New pavis Beggars Guild, Rowdy Boys, The Ancient Measure, The Principal Architects, The Imposters
Cults: Thandros the Negotiater, Miralda the Archivist, Baskori the Marshal, Daris the Preceptor, Joraz the King, Fehala the Queen, Dermer the Radiant, Flintnail the Dwarf Father, Kirkinizzie the Warrior, Flintnail the Smith, Flintnail the Archivist, Flintnail the Foreman, Hambrazzie the Farmer
Areas Described (Detailed): Ghost Fort, New Pavis Knowledge Temple, Kakstan's Art Museum
Areas Described (Sketch):

Pavis and Rig Rubble Companion IV (P&BRC4)

Scenarios: Mask of Eurmal, The Fifth Element, The Kraggroka Contests, The Donandar Temple
Groups: Pavis Entetainers' Guild, The Old Pavis City Magicians
Cults: Donandar, Mercurio, Zummarkan the Storyteller, Vashlar the Singer, Arcriff the Illusionist, Bisjoe Chaos Foe
Areas Described (Detailed): The Thief Tunnels of New Pavis, Opili's Fort, The Donandar Temple
Areas Described (Sketch): The Troll Clans

Pavis and Rig Rubble Companion V (P&BRC5)

Scenarios: Unicorn Quest, A New Governor, A Ruin, Return to the Stone Tower, Restless Natives, Smugglers, Aldryami Cameos, Horn Gate Cameos
Groups: Big Rubble Elves, Zola Fel Newtlings, Morocanth, The Wild Rovers, Blue Rattler Brothers, The Quicksilvers, The Grey Company, The Sap of Shanasse, The Children of the Frog, River Keepers
Cults: Uleria, Hara, Rorvallae, Santrella, Pavis the Gardener, Frog Mother, River Horse, Great Newt, Jackrabbit, Dark Eater, Dorasar, Mogval the Resourceful, Benfald the Guard, Pallav Dustybreeks, Hyena
Areas Described (Detailed): Pavis County, Indagos Oasis, Horn Gate, Ronegarth
Areas Described (Sketch): Weiss Cut, Corflu

Strangers in Prax (SiP)

Scenarios: One High Priest Too Many, The Riot, A Home Away From Home, Black Magic, Ever Burning Torches, River Rafting, The Vomitor
Groups: The Coders, Arlaten the Mage, The Tarsh Gang, Queen Aziolr
Areas Described (Detailed): Pavis Air Temple, The Arm of Pavis
Areas Described (Sketch):

Rough Guide to Pavis City (RGPC)

Areas Described (Detailed): Everywhere in Old Pavis
Areas Described (Sketch): Everywhere in Old Pavis

Tradetalk 8 P&BR I (TTP&BR1)

Scenarios: Krang's Table, Crimson Shadows Over Prax
Areas Described (Detailed): Temple of Vinga
Areas Described (Sketch):

Tradetalk 9 P&BR II (TTP&BR2)

Scenarios: Flintnail's One Day House, Joraz Kyrem Gains an Ally, The Planting Song
Groups: The Uz Mercantile Association, Rent and Runt's Chaos Band, The Zebra Tribe, The Lore Guards, The Silver Shields
Cults: Calmer Ironsword
Areas Described (Detailed):
Areas Described (Sketch):

Moonrites (MR)

Groups: The Imperial Society for the Reclamation of Pavis
Areas Described (Detailed):
Areas Described (Sketch):

The Thieves' Arm (TA)

Groups: The Blood Water Gang
Areas Described (Detailed):
Areas Described (Sketch):

HeroQuest Pavis (HQP)

Scenarios: Welcome to the City, Rough Business, The Celestial Engine, Three Blows of Anger, Red Moon Rising, The Purple Troll
Cults: Pavis, Flintnail, Lanbril, Yelmalio, Zola Fel, Seven Mothers
Areas Described (Detailed): Feroda Ruins, Tower of Planets, The Salt Mines, Sun Dome Temple, Garhound, New Pavis Air Temple, Pavis Temple, Gimpy's, New Pavis
Areas Described (Sketch): Big Rubble, Prax, Pavis County, Sun County, Lunar Grantlands

Praxian Supplements

Borderlands and Beyond (RoC)

Scenarios: Scouting the Land, Outlaw Hunt, Jezra’s Rescue, Revenge of Muriah, 5-Eyes Temple, Condor Crags, To Giantland!
Groups: Agimori, Broos, Ducks, Morokanth, Newtlings, Tusk Riders
Cults: Establishing a Spirit Shrine, Cult of the River Horse, Frog Woman Spirit Cult
Areas Described (Detailed): Roneland, Zola Fel Basin, Southern Prax, Vulture's Country, The Eternal Battle

River of Cradles (RoC)

Scenarios: Troubled Waters (The Grotto of Pocharngo)
Cults: Zola Fel
Areas Described (Detailed): The Grotto of Pocharngo, New Pavis
Areas Described (Sketch): Zola Fel Temple Barge, Big Rubble

Sun County (SC)

Scenarios: Sun County River Ritual, Rabbit Hat Farm, Garhound Contest/Melisande's Hand, The Old Sun Dome Temple, Solinthor's Tower
Groups: Sun Dome Templars, Sun Dome Militia
Cults: Yelmalio
Areas Described (Detailed): Sun County, Sun Dome Temple, The Old Sun Dome Temple
Areas Described (Sketch): Garhound

Shadows on the Borderlands (SoB)

Scenarios: Guamata's Vision, Dyskund Caverns, A Tale to Tell
Cults: Thanatar
Areas Described (Detailed): Black Rock, High Holes, Dyksund Caverns
Areas Described (Sketch):

RQ Adventures 3 (RQA3)

Scenarios: Bull By the Tale, Devil's Swamp, The Devil's Bones
Cults: Thanatar
Areas Described (Detailed): The Block
Areas Described (Sketch): Devil's Swamp, Devil's Bones

Tales of the Reaching Moon 14 (ToTRM14)

Scenarios: Sins of the Father
Groups: The Basmoli Berserkers, 
Cults: Eiritha, Mallia, Oakfed, Wild Hunter, Zola Fel, Lightning Boy, Mistress Calm, Rainbow Girl, Thunder Bird, Grandmother of Spiders, Night Woman, Raven, White Princess, Evening Star, Morning Star, Pole Star, Sun Hawk, Dew Maid, Frog Woman, River Horse, Good Shepherd, Ronance, Three Bean Circus
Areas Described (Detailed): Prax
Areas Described (Sketch): Dwarf Knoll

Tales of the Reaching Moon 15 (ToTRM15)

Scenarios: The Hell Hound, A Loaf of Bread A Jug of Wine and Thou
Cults: Waha, Brother Dog, Condor, Father of Independents, Great Rhino, Hyena, Monkey King, Ostrich Mother, Pure Horse Founder, Foundchild, The Hungry Ghosts, Siver Deer, Thed, Inginew Swordsmith
Areas Described (Detailed): Moonbroth, Cam's Well, The Tunnelled Hills
Areas Described (Sketch):

Masters of Luck and Death (MoLD)

Groups: The Sword Brothers
Cults: Sword Man
Areas Described (Detailed):
Areas Described (Sketch):


There are very many websites that mention or describe Pavis and Prax. In fact, Google tells me there are over 10,000 pages for each. However, the search only throws up the first 1000 pages. I have compiled these websites into two pages, one for  Prax and one for Pavis, for convenience. Many of these web pages only mention Pavis and Prax in passing, but there are enough pages detailing scenarios, people, cults and areas of Pavis and Prax to be useful to any GM wanting to set a campaign in the area.

When I have time to go through the list of Pavic and Praxian pages, detailing and categorising them, I will be adding the links here. As with all link pages, the contents have nothing to do with me and I can't speak for their contents.

Praxian Web Pages


Pavic Web Pages



Number of Scenarios

P&BR 11, P&BRC1 1, P&BRC2 7, P&BRC3 3, P&BRC4 4, P&BRC5 8,SiP 7, RoC 1, TTP&BR1 2, TTP&BR2 3, SoB 3, RQA3 3, ToTRM14 1, ToTRM15 2, SC 5
Total Scenarios: 61

Scenario Types

Enhancing Pavis:  These scenarios involve gaining powers for, discovering secrets of and generally improving the power of the Cult and City of Pavis
Freebooting: These scenarios involve straightforward Adventuring, especially the raiding of enemies and the gaining of treasure
Chaos  Bashing: Clearly, these involve the hunting down and killing of chaos
Pavis Politics: Some scenarios are heavily into the politics of the City of Pavis
Other: Anything else

Enhancing Pavis:  Balastor's Barracks, The Tomb of Yurmonis, Dragonewt Dreaming, Mask of Eurmal, The Fifth Element
Freebooting: Burglary at Raus' House, Raid on Yelorna, Krang's Table, Temple at Feroda, Pavis Old Mint, Kakstan's Art Museum, A Ruin
Chaos  Bashing: Griffin Gate, Devil's Playground, The Grotto of Pocharngo, Magician's Hill, Legacy of Ghost Fort, Donandar Temple, Return to the Stone Tower, Guamata's Vision, Dyskund Caverns, A Tale to Tell, Bull By the Tale, Devil's Swamp, The Devil's Bones, Rabbit Hat Farm, The Old Sun Dome Temple
Pavis Politics: One High Priest Too Many, The Riot, A Home Away From Home, Black Magic, Rough Visit to Glamour, Suspicious Lunars, Friends and Enemies, The Next Generation, The Kaggroka Contests, Joraz Kyrem Gains an Ally, A New Governor, Smugglers, The Hell Hound, Melisande's Hand
Other: Welcome to Pavis, The Cradle, Wolfhead's Lair, Puzzle Canal, Masks of Pavis, The Grey Company Rides Again, Crimson Shadows Over Prax, Planting Song, Unicorn Quest, Aldryami Cameos, Horn Gate Cameos, A Trip to Pavis, Restless Natives, Sins of the Father, A Loaf of Bread A Jug of Wine and Thou

Linked Scenarios

Some scenarios are linked, perhaps by location, by participants or by consequences. Many scenarios have very subtle or weak links, but here I am trying to show the main links between scenarios.

Dated Scenarios

Most of the scenarios for Pavis are not specifically dated, by this I mean that they can be run for any suitable time. However, some have specific dates and should be run for a specific season or date. Where scenarios are dated to specific dates, I have only shown them in the specific season, for convenience.
Year Season Scenario
1619 Storm Troubled Waters
1619 Storm (Holy Country Invaded - Part of Attack Led From Corflu)
1620 Sacred Time First Proclamation of Marriage Between Pavis and Red Goddess
1620 Fire Red Moon Rising
1620 Earth Purple Troll
1621 Sea The Riot
1621 Sea One High Priest Too Many
1621 Sea The Cradle
1621 Sea Second Proclamation of Marriage Between Pavis and Red Goddess (After Cradle)
1621 Fire Dragonewt Dreamings
1621 Earth A Home Away From Home
1621 Storm Black Magic
1622 Raus Becomes Governor of Pavis, Rough Visit to Glamour
1622+ Introducing the Grey Company (After Black Magic)
1623 Duke Raus Replaced as Governor of Pavis
1624 Argrath Liberates Corflu
1625 GimGim Slain by Argrath


Graeme Prowse asked me if I could include the Griselda stories in the Timeline so that people could interact with her. Even though I am not a fan of Griselda (the character not the stories) it seems reasonable to have a stab at it.

There is a Timeline given in the HeroWars version of The Complete Griselda which puts exact dates to most of the Griselda stories and relates them in approximately chronological order. I have based the following table on this Timeline. This is the Actual Griselda Timeline.

However, this puts the Griselda stories far earlier than the rest of the Pavis Arc, so they are all in the past. There are three ways around this. The first is to say "Ah, well" and leave the stories in the past. The second is to change the dates of the Griselda stories so they are contemporary with some of the other scenarios. The third is to expand the Pavis Arc backwards to include the Griselda stories. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Method 1
  2. Method 2
  3. Method 3
Looking at the Timeline with some of the Griselda stories, it strikes me that Smugglers might fit in quite well with Griselda trying to set up an arm of her family's smuggling ring in Pavis. It could quite easily be that these smugglers are connected with Griselda.

 On the whole, I prefer Method 2 as it keeps the Timeline reasonable, it not entirely accurate or according to the published facts. In any case, YGMV (a phrase which I hate but is relevant here). Also, there is scope to introduce Roderick to the party as he travels to Pavis by a circuitous route through Sun County. While there, he can be scouting out the Hazia farmers as part of his family's smugling operations. The PCs can help Roderick while he is there and he can help them by tipping them off about a Hazia farmer who is not willing to deal with him. After he dies, Griselda can trace his route, asking the PCs for information. If they help her then she will act favourably to them later on. It also gives them a reason to travel to Pavis more often.

Actual Griselda Timeline
Year Season Scenario
1613 Dark (Griselda) (Encounter with Pikat Yaraboom)
1613 Dark (Griselda) (Grisedla in Adari)
1615 Storm (Griselda) (Roderick killed in the Big Rubble)
1616 Earth (Griselda) Lucky Eddi
1616 Earth (Griselda) Griselda Gets Her Men
1616 Earth (Griselda) Shamus Gets a Case
1616 Dark (Griselda) A Tasty Morsel
1616 Dark (Griselda) All In The Family
1616 Storm (Griselda) Down Among the Dead Men
1617 Sea (Griselda) The Great Chart Caper
1617 Fire (Griselda) Bad Example
1617 Fire (Griselda) Holding The Baby
1617 Fire (Griselda) Hanufa's Little Sister
1617 Fire (Griselda) This Love Business
1617 Fire (Griselda) Serious Money
1617 Fire (Griselda) Worlds Apart
1617 Fire (Griselda) Red Hot
1617 Earth (Griselda) Wolfhead's Story
1617 Earth (Griselda) Carving Up Carver
1617 Earth (Griselda) Happy Anniversary
1617 Earth (Griselda) First Class Protection
1617 Earth (Griselda) Devil's Play
1617 Dark (Griselda) The Hero Bit
1617 Dark (Griselda) The Matchmaker
1617 Dark/Stasis (Griselda) The Trouble With Nephews
1617 Dark (Griselda) Respect
1617 Storm (Griselda) Different Shades of Red
1617 Storm (Griselda) Meet The Parents
1621 Sea (Griselda) The Cradlesnatchers

PossibleTimeline For Scenarios

In an attempt to put the scenarios in some kind of order, I have included the Sun County and Borderlands scenarios, together with some of the scenarios from Shadows on the Borderlands. This gives a pan-Praxian campaign rather than just a Pavic campaign. GMs might want to treat these as separate campaigns which flow into one long campaign.

I have tried to keep these scenarios in some sort of logical order. Where a scenario is dated exactly, I have kept the scenario in the correct place. Where a scenario is given an approximate or suggested date, I have put it in the most reasonable place. The only exception is that Rabbit Hat Farm is dated as being after a nomad attack in 1616, but that would put the Sun County scenarios in 1616, which is far too early for the rest of the arc. So, I have moved it up a couple of years as I couldn't see any compelling reason to keep it so early. Perhaps there are some subsequent scenarios that are set in a particular year, but I am not aware of them. As a general guide, all the scenarios from Sun County are in 1618, those from Borderlands are in 1619, those from P&BR are in 1620/1621, those from SiP are 1621/1622, those from the P&BRCs are in 1622. It says in Sun County that the campaign happens about 10 years after the fall of Pavis (1610), so 1618 is not unreasonable, but 1616 seems too early.

I have included some of the scenarios from SiP that are not well described (e.g. The Ever-Burning Torches) or are set away from Pavis (e.g. River Rafting) as they could be used in a Pavis Campaign. I have also included the suggested dates for Argrath's actions and Duke Raus' replacement. As certain events elsewhere may impact on a Pavis Campaign, I have included those dates as well, but they are in brackets.

There are some seasons that are particularly crowded, for instance 1621/Sea, but these are fixed by having scenarios with specific dates. The scenarios of 1622/Sea/Fire are also crowded, but these are linked scenarios that follow one another as one large scenario.

If you do not want to run the Sun County and Borderlands scenarios, then make Welcome to the City and Burglary at Raus' House happen in 1620 after Troubled Waters and before Temple at Feroda.

When the Borderlands issue of Gloranthan Classics comes out then I will be able to date those scenarios more accurately, by season rather than by year.

I have moved the Timelines to take up less space in this page. There are two Timelines,  Using Actual Dates for Griselda/Sun County and  Using Amended Dates for Griselda/Sun County.

Looking at the Timeline, we see that there is a one year gap between the events in the P&BR Companions and the events of the Hero Wars, when Argrath liberates Prax and Pavis. Hopefully, with the forthcoming Sartar Rising supplements, we will see more of the gaps filled in. Perhaps, Ian Thomson could be persuaded to fill in the rest of the gaps and take us well into the Hero Wars. There are some questions still to be answered, not least what happened to the marriage of Pavis and the Red Goddess?

I originally thought that the events of the Shipraising scenarios mean that the Wolf Pirates are grounded, so Argrath ends up in Corflu and messes about in Prax. However, on reading the scenario this is not the case. In fact, very little is written about what Argrath does at this time. His first major action on his return is to liberate Corflu. I don't hold with the notion of a Pavic Argrath as being different to the main Argrath, I like the idea of one hero doing a lot of things during the Hero Wars.

If the PCs are exiled from Pavis as part of the A New Governor scenario then they can enter Duke Raus' service again. Alternatively, they can go to Sartar and help with Kallyr's rebellion, the Shipbuiding and the start of the Hero Wars. They can use their local knowledge to help Argrath liberate Corflu and Pavis.

Scenario Themes

As shown above, many of the scenarios are linked, either by location, characters or plot. However, there are other ways of linking scenarios than mere links between them.

One of the main themes is the interaction between the PCs and Duke Raus. If the GM follows the classic scenarios then the PCs steal a Lunar Artefact from Duke Raus, then end up in his employ during the Borderlands campaign. Later on, Duke Raus becomes Governor of Pavis and Prax, so the PCs can choose to help him as his trusted mercenaries. This might cause some conflict between loyalty to Duke Raus and opposition to the Empire.

Gim Gim the Grim is a useful adversary. A good way of introducing him is to make him the cause of the PCs being arrested and sent to the Sun County punishment militia for a couple of seasons. Someone I know used Gim Gim to try and unite the Pavic Street Gangs and the PCs became involved in a gang fight resulting in the murder of a high-ranking Yelmalian youth. Gim Gim could be used as a thorn in the PCs' side, being behind many of the plots and problems in the Pavis campaign.

Assuming the PCs complete the Troubled Waters scenario, they will be River Voices and will be able to call on the forces of the Zola Fel as allies. However, this also means they can be called on by the Zola Fel to do its dirty work. This is a good entry to the Cradle scenario, so the PCs could be helping Zola Fel carry the Cradle to the Sea as well as helping Garreth Sharpsword (Argrath) in helping the giants. Being River Voices will help them on the Baran Monsterslayer scenarios, especially the River Rafting scenario, and will give them an easy way in.

Helping Arlaten the Mage will give the PCs a few linked scenarios and will spawn a few more scenarios as well.

If the PCs turn out to be good chaos fighters, then they will be in demand to kill chaos in the Big Rubble and perhaps even further afield. The Lunars do not like the chaos presence in the Rubble, even though their theology permits it. This will also link in to the RQ Adventures scenarios based around the Block.

If the PCs perform the Krang's Table, Black Magic and Ever Burning Torches scenarios then they will be perceived as being good against Trolls. This will draw trolls against them and should make for some interesting scenarios, especially if they then do the Fifth Element and Kaggroka Contests.

Once the PCs help the Pavic Priests and prove that they can be useful, they will be drawn in to the world of Pavic Politics. The players may not want to be too involved or they might want to get very involved. In any case, they can be used as pawns in the scheming of Pavic Politics.

If the PCs are Orlanthi then they may get involved in the rebel movement in Pavis. They could befriend Garreth Sharpsword as well as the other leaders of the rebels which could lead to the Cradle and One High Priest Too Many scenarios.

As the PCs explore the Rubble and become experienced adventurers, they will be called on more and more often to investigate strange areas and clear out enemy camps.


Hopefully, this will give the basis for a Pavis and Praxian Campaign for a party starting at very low level and reaching very high level. It covers 4 or 5 game years and has enough game play for at least a year of real time, assuming one session per week and at least one session per scenario. If the GM wants to include extra scenarios based on scenario hooks, party interaction, extra events and so on, this could be stretched to two or three years of gaming.

One of the advantages that we have is the ability to plan a campaign in advance, rather than waiting for new supplements to come out. So, we know what is going to happen in the next few years and we have scenarios covering a considerable period of time. If events are changed by new supplements, for instance the Fimbulwinter stopping Orlanthi Magic from working, then they can be inserted and worked around.

As new supplements come out, I will add any Praxian or Pavic references. As the Barbarian Adventures series concludes, I will fill in the blanks in the Timeline. I will try and get some more information from Ian Thomson to see what he has for the period of the start of the Hero Wars and the liberation of Prax and Pavis.

Pavis and Prax are the only areas covered in Glorantha that have published scenarios that can be used fairly easily and cover such a long period of time. This makes Pavis and Prax the prime adventuring setting for a Gloranthan Campaign. If I had my time over again, I could be persuaded to set my main campaign in Pavis. I may never even need to go to Balazar or Dorastor or even to Sartar.