The Gopher Cult

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
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Back before the World went Mad, Grandfather Gopher lived on the Great Plain with his children and everyone was happy. There was enough food to eat, nobody got ill and the Gophers ran on the Plains and basked beneath the Sun.

Then came a new thing - the Horse. Some said it was Hippogriff mutilate, some said it was Hyalorís plaything, other said it was one of Kargzantís children. Whatever the case, it came and invaded the Plains and began eating all the grass.

Grandfather Gopher, realising that all the grass was being eaten and his children would be hungry, decided to speak to Horse and to ask it not to eat all the grass. Off he went to Horse and asked it not to eat all the grass otherwise grandfather Gopherís children would go hungry. "Nay", said Horse, "for then my children would be hungry." And with that Horse stamped hard on Grandfather Gopher, driving him deep within the ground.

Grandfather Gopher was annoyed by this and scampered around beneath the ground until he reached where his children were and called out to them. Quickly, they burrowed after him and found out what had happened. The younger ones kept a lookout in case Horse came looking for them while Grandfather Gopher and his children hatched out a plan.

Horse and his children liked to drink from a certain river on the Plains, so grandfather Gopher crept beneath the ground near to where the river was. He made many holes in the ground by burrowing to the surface and looking out. When Horse came near with his Children, Grandfather Gopher looked out and challenged him. Horse charged forward with his children into the trap. Although Horse managed to avoid the trap, his children did not and many twisted their legs in the holes, falling lame and broken. Even though Horse was furious and trampled on the ground, he could not hurt Grandfather Gopher as he was already underground.

From that time on, Horses and Gophers have always been enemies.


The cult of the Gopher is a small one on the Plains of Pent, woshipped only by Gophers, Hsunchen Gophers and the occasional horse hater.

The cult is enemy to the Horse cults and therefore to most of the people of Pent. It only survives by staying underground where the Nomads cannot find them.

It is rumoured that there are Gopher Cities deep within Pent where Great Temples may be found, although nobody has ever seen these and lived to tell the tale. Most temples are shrines, although a few Gopher Clans can mount Minor Temples.

The cult is led by its Hsunchen Shamans and has no inter-temple links, except being on friendly terms with other temples. It is rumoured that Gordon the Gopher, a Gopher Hero from before Time, is returning to lead the Gopher Clans against the Nomads but nothing has been proven.

Grandfather Gopher is friendly to Dagorma as he sacrifices to her so that she does not eat his flesh while he is underground.

Rune Spells

Grandfather Gopher grants the following spells:

Alarm (Transform Head)
This spell turns the recipientís head into that of a Gopher. This increases Scan by half again and allows the user to scream a warning only audible to Gophers. It also gives a Bite attack starting at 25% and doing 1D6 damage. When cast on a Gopher, the spell doubles Scan and Bite damage.
Burrow (Transform Limbs)
This spell turns the recipientís limbs into those of a Gopher and allows them to burrow through earth at Move 1. Obviously, they cannot move through stone, hard earth will be slower and soft earth faster. When cast on a Gopher, this spell doubles movement underground.
Smooth Fur (Transform Body)
This spell transforms the userís body into that of a Gopher, giving smooth fur and allows the user to move underground with no resistance. It doubles Movement underground. Earth will never stick to the fur.
Trip Horse (1 Point, Stackable, Instant, Reusable)
This spell must be cast at a horse and must overcome Magic Points in order to succeed. It causes a Gopher hole to open up in the earth and trip the horse. The Horse must make a Luck Roll or take 1D6 damage to a random leg. If the Luck Roll is fumbled the horse takes 3D6 damage to the leg. In any case, the horse will fall and the rider must make a Riding Roll or suffer the normal effects of a falling horse. Each extra point subtracts 10 from the Luck Roll.

Associate Cults

Mother Mammal grants the spell "Transform Self" which allows the other Transform spells to last for an hour and turns the recipient into a Semi-Divine Gopher. When cast on a Gopher, it trebles all stats. This is the standard Transform Self spell.

Were Gophers

Occasionally, a Were Gopher will be born to a Gopher Hsunchen couple. The Were Gopher may transform into a Gopher at any time, not needing the cult Transform spells. If the Were Gopher uses Transform spells in Gopher form they effect him as a Gopher, giving increased skills/damage/movement as the Were Gopher already has the standard abilities.

Were Gophers have the following Statistics:

STR	x0.75	CON	x1	SIZ	x0.5	INT	x1	POW	x1	DEX	x2
Move 3 above ground, 2 through a Gopher Tunnel, 1 while burrowing
Armour: 1 point fur, only damaged by magic or Runic weapons.
Bite (1D6) 25% + Bonus 
Hit locations as Horse (ironic, isnít it?)

Thanks to Trotsky for naming these as the Gord-Un. It couldn't have been bettre if I had planned it.

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