Peoples of Glorantha

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Created On 24 June 1999
Last Updated On 24 June 1999
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This is a description of the People of Glorantha.

Glorantha is a special place whose people are well detailed in various sources. However, many of those sources are out of print. Even more of the people are briefly described or merely mentioned.

What I will try to do here is to describe each of the major Races and Peoples of Glorantha. Where the people have been described elsewhere I will merely sketch a description and point others to more informed sources. However, where the people have been sketchily described I will try to flesh them out, drawing various sources together. Most of what I will be describing is official or semi-official, but I will put my own slant on things wherever possible. I will also try to give an objective description of the Races and Peoples as they are, not necessarily how they see themselves or how their neighbours see themselves. There are people far more skilled than I in describing Trolls from the Troll viewpoint, so I will keep with describing Trolls how an outsider to Glorantha would see them, purely objectively.

Some Races and Peoples will be described in great detail, others will be skipped over. Some will be expounded upon and others will not. This is mainly because I have interests in certain areas and not in others. Also, some races deserve describing more fully, others do not. For instance, I will be describing Elves and Aldryami in fair detail whereas I will only sketch out the Goblins of Pamaltela as I have no interest in them. This means that my descriptions can only be taken at face value and should not be treated as Gospel.

I am sure that people could find out this information themselves by gaining access to old sources and by searching obscure sites on the Web, but I will try to make as much accessible from here in a fairly detailed and fairy digestible format.

Any assistance from others in terms of correcting errors, giving ideas helping me change the direction of these articles would be greatly appreciated. I always welcome comments and often listen to them and make changes in articles.

Runic Races

There are many races/peoples in Glorantha which are Runic based. These include:

Trolls (Darkness)
Aldryami (Plant)
Mostali (Stone)
Triolini (Water)
Wind Children (Storm)
Dragonewts (Dragon)
Broos (Chaos)
Centaurs (Earth/Beast)
Satyrs (Earth/Beast)
Minotaurs (Storm/Beast)

Mortal Races

Other races are descended from GrandFather Mortal, according to the Jrusteli schema. These include:

Wind Children

Those descended from GrandFather Mortal, or tied to the Man Rune, share many things in common. For instance, they are affected by the same poisons and diseases, they share many of the same views and philosophies, they look fairly similar. So, an Elf may be more similar to a troll than to a Dragonewt. An Elf may be more similar to a Human than to a Dryad or Runner, even though Elves, Dryads and Runners are truly Aldryami. This makes the Elder Races easier to role-play in the RuneQuest game.

Other Races

There are other Races which are not necessarily tied to Runes but are still important. These include:

MaidStone Archers