Suncup and Sun Trumpet Flowers

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Created On 30 December 2000
Last Updated On 30 December 2000
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When Yelmalio fought at the Hill of Gold, he shed much blood, sweat and tears. His blood crystallised and is sought often by the Yelmalio cult, but his sweat and tears fell on the ground and lay dormant, waiting for a sign that the world was good again. Eventually the Sun rose and the droplets of Yelmalio's sweat and tears jumped for joy and burst through the surface of the Hill of Gold. The droplets of sweat had become little plants with flowers like golden cups, these became known as Suncups. The droplets of tears became graceful plants with long stems and drooping, trumpet-like flowers, these became known as Sun Trumpets.

At dawn, the flowers of the Suncup can be found filled with a slightly salty dew that is very refreshing and provides pixies with an intoxicating drink. Even when the flowers are not open the leaves can be found bathed in the same salty dew at dawn. If a Suncup flower is picked and placed beneath the chin of a person and the chin takes on a golden glow then that person is said to be favoured by Yelmalio. [1]

The flower of the Suncup may be picked and processed into a drink that acts as an Invigorate spell when drunk, but this takes around 1000 flowers per drink and several days to process, alienating the local pixies in the process,

At dawn, the flowers of the Sun Trumpet lift their heads and look towards the Sun. Solar Priests and HeroQuestors say they can hear a triumphant fanfare, as if far in the distance, at this time. At dusk, the flowers droop almost to the ground and they say a sad lament may also be heard at this time.

Sun Trumpets have no known powers but they are often taken by Yelmalio HeroQuestors as a mark of piety. Some people say that there is a HeroQuest that gives the HeroQuestor strength and vigour at dawn and weakness at dusk, but if there is such a HeroQuest it is not well known.


1. This may or may not actually indicate a favoured status, according to how playful the GM feels. As a matter of interest, the real world buttercup has a similar property - if held beneath the chin of a child it is said that if the chin appears golden then the child likes butter, at least that's what we believed in Northamptonshire when we were little.