The Sunfire Plant

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Created On 30 December 2000
Last Updated On 30 December 2000
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2000

When Kargzant ran through the plains of Pent, his magical hooves often touched the ground and from those hoofprints sprang the Sunfire plant. Most of the Sunfire plants have been destroyed, but they can occasionally be found in patches and clumps, growing around the spot where the hoof fell. Despite many attempts, the Sunfire plant cannot be transplanted to other areas.

The Sunfire plant grows in small clumps and resembles a clump of clover, but when it flowers it produces small but beautiful flowers with a circular golden heart and golden petals radiating out as the rays of the sun. The Sunfire flowers only in Fire Season and during the night the petals fold over, hiding the heart, and open at dawn to greet the rising sun.

The Sunfire plant has the unusual property that it burns well, even when wet, so it is often used by Pentian nomads for starting campfires, although the nomads only take some of the leaves, never the roots, thus ensuring the plant is never destroyed merely for a campfire. In game terms, using the Sunfire Plant negates any negatives to the Start Camp Fire or Firemaking skills arising from damp or wet weather.