The Firewood Tree

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Created On 30 December 2000
Last Updated On 30 December 2000
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When the Darkness came and the Light left the world, the people were afraid. Some called to Firshala for help and began to feed her fires, but many were afraid that she would devour the forests of Votankiland. One daughter of Aldrya offered to intervene and save the forests. She asked all the trees of the forest for help to make her children grow quickly and in return promised to stop Firshala from devouring the forests. She then offered parts of herself to Firshala as long as she promised not to devour her too quickly. Firshala agreed and found that as long as she did not eat too much the goddess' limbs grew back and she was never destroyed. In this way, the forests were saved.

The Firewood Tree is unique to Balazar and the Elder Wilds. It is a tall, thin tree that has bare trunks topped with a crown of branches. Often it grows in coppice fashion, with many thin trunks growing from a central base. The Firewood Tree grows faster than any other tree in the forest, sometimes growing 20m in a single year. Votanki hunters plant this tree close to their normal campsites and harvest it, using Food Song, for firewood as it grows quickly and burns well, even when freshly cut. Some Votanki clans do not collect dead wood for firewood, preferring to use only the Firewood Tree.