The FireBurst Tree

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Created On 30 December 2000
Last Updated On 30 December 2000
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2000

A long time ago, when the world was good, many of the daughters of Aldrya gave the people good things to eat, but there was one who was very jealous of what she possessed and kept her bounty to herself. Many people asked her for help, but her heart was as cold stone. When everything was dark and the people were starving, she wanted to help them but she had kept her bounty so close to her for so long that she was unable to release it. Many tried to help her, but they could not unlock her treasures. Then the Burner passed by and in desperation, the daughter of Aldrya cried out to her to release her suffering and the Burned embraced her, warming her cold heart. With a great explosion, her heart burst with joy and scattered seed pods far and wide, providing cooked seed to the people.

The FireBurst Tree has large pods, about the size of coconuts, but harder than stone. The only way they will release their seeds is by heating in a bonfire or hearth, when they reach the required temperature they will explode and scatter their seeds for several metres. The FireBurst seeds are about the size of horse chestnut seeds and when the pods explode they do 1D6x1D3 damage to anything within 2D6 metres.

Votanki hunters often give them to strangers for a laugh, some use them to frighten enemies or to cause harm.

FireBurst Trees produce many pods and these drop on the floor over the years. They will not spread unless a Forest Fire passes by, in which case propagation occurs naturally through explosion.