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Created On 17 September 1997
Last Updated On 17 September 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

This is the Rune Quest world as seen by Simon Phipp.

It reflects the campaigns played for the last 14 years, the house rules used, the new Spirit and Hero rules devised and various other write-ups.

Basically, these are things that I have found the time to write up formally.

You will not find major Gloranthan secrets here, nor will you find many cults or spells. I do like Vampires which is why the Vivamort cult is here, I also like Shamans which is why Spirit Cults will always find a place here. Sometimes I will have an idea for a whole cult and will do a full writeup (Inora is an example) but this is a rare occurance.

What I hope you will find is a series of articles which you find enjoyable, interesting and, above all, useful.

Eventually, I will put links to other sites I have found useful, but I need to get them all down first.

I have found that there are very few articles in fanzines or on Web Sites which are as good as the properly published works (this is not meant as a slur on anyone's works, I include myself in this). Therefore I look on articles as rough and ready ideas for me to work with. Web Sites with many ideas are better for me than Web Sites with few ideas. That is why I try to put as many articles on my Web Site as I can. This means that people can hopefully get more ideas from me to enrich their own play. I also like to cover as broad an area of Gloranthan study as I can. So, you will find things on HeroQuesting, Shamans, Spirit Cults, Dorastor, Pent, Ducks, Dragonewts and more. I never try to tie myself down to a few areas. I am not an expert but know a bit about everything.

For some reason, being in Moscow has opened the floodgates regarding Glorantha. Things are running around inside my head trying to get out. I can either write them down or stick a 6 inch nail into my forehead. I think that writing them down is the more preferrable option. Still, while the Muse is with me I shall write, even if it is garbage.

As this is my first venture onto the Web, being new to this internet lark, the web pages may appear unsophisticated. Bear with it, they will improve as I go along. What you will not see here is fancy graphics or cute pictures. Not my thing. The Web Site is designed for use with the Netscape software. I had originally planned to use the lowest level HTML - no Tables or graphics so that anyone could read them. However, being on Geo Cities means that I have to use Graphics, so I may as well use Tables etc. Things will get fancier as we go along. The more web pages I look at the more I steal.

I am interested in finding out what people think of my ideas and so on. Within each page is a mailto section where you can send me mail. Please do so as I would love to exchange views on Glorantha. I am a Mail Nomad and my email address keeps on changing. At the start of each page are the email addresses that I currently use. At the moment please send mail to as I am using Nick's mailbox whilst I don't have a PC. If I can get a modem working at home I'll be back on, that's if they pay the bill at work. In January, I'll be on unless they send me to some exotic location.

The most important thing is to enjoy these pages so go back and have a look.