Unfinished Works

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Created On 21 September 2006

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What are Unfinished Works? They are a series of booklets containing information on areas of Glorantha. They may be superceded at any time by official supplements. However, they do contain a lot of useful information on the culture and history of Gloranthan Areas.

The Dara Happan Book of Emperors
PublisherGreg Stafford
Gloranthan Content 20
Availability 10
Usability 10
Originality 18
General 15
Recommended For: Anyone who wants to know more about Dara Happan history

This is an Unfinished Work, described as a Work in Progress. It covers the Emperors of Dara Happa and is in several sections. It is fairly well laid out and has some poor quality maps showing the politics of Dara Happa/Peloria.

The Fortunate Succession - This lists the Emperors of Dara Happa. Each Emperor is given a couple of paragraphs of the Emperor's deeds. A lot of the history is very interesting and hints at events outside Dara Happa. Some of the Emperors are well described, others less so.

The Red Emperor - This covers the last Dara Happan Emperor, the Red Emperor or Takenegi. It details his early life, through Sheng Seleris, to the Seventh Wane. These histories are very interesting and contain information not found elsewhere.

Appendix A - Other Dara Happan Emperor Lists - different lists of Emperors, put in to confuse and muddy things.

Appendix B - Other Texts - This describes the acts of the Emperors; The Perfect Sky - contains some information about stars, constellations and planets, but are sketchy and incomplete.

This is a useful book if you are interested in the history of Dara Happa. It covers different ground to the Fortunate Succession and Glorious Re-Ascent of Yelm. If you can get your hands on a copy, then do so.

The Fortunate Succession
Publisher Greg Stafford
Gloranthan Content 20
Availability 10
Usability 10
Originality 15
General 18
Recommended For: Anyone who wants to know more about Dara Happan history

This is a Work in Progress by Greg Stafford. It is well laid out, clear and easy to read. The maps are clear and simple, showing political divisions and movements.

The Fortunate Succession - This is a list of Emperors and details their histories and deeds. These are all interesting and shed light on Dara Happa and surrounding areas.

The Red Emperor - This details the early life of the Red Emperor. It has a lot of information about Sheng Seleris and their struggles.

Dara Happan Religion - This covers the religions of Dara Happa, ethics, philosophies and changes in worship. It covers Illumination in some detail. I am not sure how useful this would be in play.

Appendices - Dara Happan Emperor Lists contain other lists of Emperors; Elmexdros Roll Text contains more notes on the Emperors; Carmanian Sources covers the Shahs of Carmania and Emperors of Dara Happa; Early Runes and Sacred Alphabet are attempts at a Dara Happan alphabet.

This is an excellent book, covering the Emperors of Dara Happa. It covers history, mythology and personalities. It will interest anyone who wants to know more about Dara Happan history.

The Glorious Re-Ascent of Yelm
Publisher Wizard's Attic
Gloranthan Content 20
Availability 15
Usability 10
Originality 15
General 15
Recommended For:Anyone interested in the history of Dara Happa

This is an Unfinished Work by Greg Stafford, covering the mythology and deities of Peloria. It is well laid out, easy to read, with some maps and illustrations.

Dominions - These cover the histories and acts of the early Dara Happan Emperors in quite a lot of detail. They are very interesting.

The Perfect Sky - This details the 100 celestial bodies in varying degrees of detail. Some have myths, others do not. There is a useful map of the constellations that is fascinating.

The Gods' Wall - This is a wall containing carvings of the deities of Peloria. Each deity is listed and described. Some are Dara Happan, others are foreign. Each has a very short description. However, this is deliberately inaccurate, which is incredibly frustrating and annoying, as it seems like messing things about for no reason.

Appendices - Genealogies contain diagrams showing the descent of the Dara Happan Emperors; Star Lore - more descriptions of the celestial bodies; Runes - modern runes, ancient runes, with symbols for many deities; Related Mythology - more myths of Lokarnos, Darjin, Kestinliddi, Rinliddi and Alkoth.

This is an excellent book for anyone interested in the history of Dara Happa. It covers the deities and Emperors in a great deal of detail. It is well worth buying if it becomes available.

The Lives of Sedenya
Gloranthan Content 18
Availability 20
Usability 10
Originality 15
General 10
Recommended For: Die-hard Gloranthan Fans

OK, so this is a pamphlet, not really an Unfinished Work, but it is close enough.

This is an 18 page booklet of the Life of the Red Goddess. It is very thin and sketchy with no real illustrations. It is clear and well laid out.

Early Mythology - Myths of the various forms of the Red Goddess with various Myth Snippets. They are interesting but short.

The Path of Immortality - Mostly guff, of little use as history, mythology or guidebook.

Teelo Estara - The Red Goddess after the Seven Mothers brought her back, her lovers, history and some of her deeds. This is interesting as history.

The Other Side - The story of her describing her God Quest. Yanafal Tarnils' Quest to rescue her is detailed quite nicely. Very Interesting indeed.

Teelo Imara - After the First Battle of Chaos, this has Acts of the Goddess and Castle Blue

This is a very slim book that is all myth and history. It would be for die-hard Gloranthans interested in the Red Goddess. Other people probably wouldn't find it interesting in the slightest. I did, but I am a die-hard Gloranthan.

Revealed Mythologies
Publisher Issaries
Gloranthan Content 20
Availability 15
Usability 10
Originality 18
General 12
Recommended For: Glorantha Die-hards Only

This is a Pre-Finished Work by Greg Stafford and covers the Mythology of the West, East and South of Glorantha. It is clear, well laid out and easy to read. It is littered with maps and diagrams, the maps are sketches and the diagrams are simple.

Malkioni Mythology - A large section covering the mythology of the Malkioni peoples, this has several parts.

Zzabur Says - This is a very heavy statement on Zzabur's life

The Malkioni Measure of Myth - This splits myth into five Actions, each of which has an Era associated with it. Each Era is described with myths, personalities and histories. Many of these are interesting, but others are confusing.

The Invisible God - This covers Malkioni religion, beliefs, sects etc. It describes the Abiding Book, Acts of Malkion, later Malkioni sects, Ropkarism and Hrestolism. It is interesting but sketchy in places.

The Malkioni Otherworld - This is very sketchy indeed, not describing the Otherworld itself, but instead classifying the source of the Otherworld.

The Kings of Seshnela - These are short descriptions of the dybasties. They are too short to be really useful, but are interesting.

Brithos - This is a very short, but interesting potted history of Brithos, including the origins of the Vadeli and Waertagi.

Malkioni Glossary - This contains lots of snippets of information about Malkioni, surrounding areas and Godtime activity.

Pamaltelan Mythology - This section covers the mythology of the southern continent of Pamaltela

Animism - This covers the core beliefs, practices, beings, spirits and gods of animism, which are surprisingly useful.

Pamaltelan Mythic Period - Myth Periods, short myths and deity lists with short descriptions of the people of Pamaltela. There are lots of very interesting myths and histories.

Pamaltelan Glossary - This contains lots of snippets of interesting information, more useful than the Malkioni ones.

Vithelan Mythology - This covers the mythology of Vithela.

High Gods, Gods and Anti Gods - These are lists of the different types of deity

The Cycles of the World - Myths and Histories

The problem with Vithelan Mythology is that it does not hook in with the rest of Glorantha and hence is very isolated. This makes it difficult to be interested in Vithela.

Kralorelan Mythology This covers the myths of Kralorela, as a subset of Vithela.

The Emperors of Kralorela - Each Emperor has a couple of paragraphs of history/mythology that is very interesting, especially the False Dragon Ring material.

Vithelan Glossary - Interesting snippets of information about Vithela and Kralorela

This is a very mixed bag indeed, the Malkioni section is interesting, the Pamaltelan material is mostly new, the Vithelan material is obscure. Why Kralorela is lumped together with Vithela beats me. Overall, this is only worth buying if you are particularly interested in these peripheral areas.

The Missing Lands
Publisher Issaries
Gloranthan Content
Availability 15
Usability 20
Originality 15
General 20
Recommended For: Anyone interested in the Islands and Pamaltela

This is a Pre-Finished Work by Greg Stafford and Sandy Pertersen. It is a companion to Genertela:Crucible of the Hero Wars and covers the islands and oceans. It is well laid out, clear, easy to read and has maps throughout that are a delight to read. This looks very nice indeed.

The Oceans of Glorantha - Each Ocean/Sea is described in a single paragraph. They could have done with more, but are interesting and useful.

Triolini Sea Beings - This describes the beings of the sea, the various types of merfolk, Tritons and Naiads. Each has half a page of very useful information.

The Merman's Mythology - This describes the main deities and families of sea deities. Each deity has a paragraph and there are several genealogies. This is all good stuff.

Above the Water - This describes the islands of Glorantha, including the Greater and Lesser Islands. Each of the Lesser Islands has a paragraph, the Greater Islands have several pages each. These are excellent from a general point of view and from a gaming point of view. They could be used in any campaign.

The Pamaltelan Book - This has a Chronology and description of the lands of Errinoru, Fonrit, Jolar, Kothar, Maslo, Tarien and Umathela. Each has a description, Places of Interest and a map.

Ships and Seafaring - This covers various ship types, with RQ-style stats and short descriptions. The main seafaring nations are described with trade routes, seasonal changes and maps. There is a section on the Closing and Opening of the Oceans, with the method that Dormal used to circumvent the Closing.

All in all, this is a very good book. It has a high, detailed Gloranthan content and covers many different areas in a very useful and practical way. It is well worth buying for any Gloranthaphile or anyone interested in the Islands or Pamaltela.

Arcane Lore
Publisher Issaries
Gloranthan Content 20
Availability 18
Usability 18
Originality 15
General 20
Recommended For: Anyone interested in HeroQuesting

This is a Pre-Finished Work on HeroQuests and HeroQuesting by Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Steve Marsh, Roderick Robertson, Bill Keyes and David Hall. It is well laid out, clear and easy to read.

It is split into several sections.

The Hepherones Texts - This is an attempt to define frameworks, terms and concepts narratively, without going into too much depth.

What is HeroQuesting - An overview of HeroQuesting.

Historical HeroQuest Development - Defines the types of HeroQuesting

HeroQuest Basics - Goes into each type of HeroQuest in more detail.

How HeroQuesting Work - How to cross over, where HeroQuests occur.

What is HeroQuest? - Sketchy description of the kinds of HeroQuest.

Metaphysical Mechanics - Some junk about the Four Magics, colliding worlds and so on.

Four Magic Systems, One Magic - Tries to justify having four different kinds of magic. Defines various terms and how they are interpreted in each magic system.

Characteristics of the Three Realms of HeroQuesting - Describes the HeroQuesting Realms.

The HeroQuest Quiz - This is a very useful question and answer session about HeroQuesting, including a sketch HeroQuest.

The Divine Rune Identification System - Classifying Power Levels in terms of Runes

The Heroic Rune Identification System - Classifying Cult Levels in terms of Runes

Gods and Mortals

Creating a HeroQuestor - How to become a HeroQuestor, Hero and Deity

Deity Statistics - Format for classifying Deities. This has sample levels of different types of beings, which is both useful and interesting.

Sample Deities - This contains stats for various deities in sketch format. They are very interesting indeed, with some deities not mentioned elsewhere.

The Web of Mystery - A HeroQuesting Vocabulary of interesting terms

Time/The Spiral Map/Short Worlds - Short descriptions of each one

The Hero Planes - Describes and maps them, with maps, diagrams and examples.

Entering the HeroPlane - How to start off on a HeroQuest

The Otherworlds - What they are, how to enter them, travelling between them, each plane described.

The Mythic Ages:

Entering the Other Side - Examples of how to enter the God Plane

The Godlearner Maps - Each of the Ages described

Late Green Age/Golden Age/Storm Age/Great Darkness - Characteristics, descriptions and maps

Crusades - Describes a certain type of Malkioni HeroQuest

HeroQuests - There are many HeroQuests detailed in sketch form. These consist of The Hill of Gold, Lightbringers Quest, Quest to Maintain Spirit, Orlanthi Quests, Storm Over Sea, HeroQuests of Orlanth, The Route to Orlanth's Longhouse, Rainmaking and the Harvest, The Quest of Knowledge, The Wyter HeroQuest, Kargan Tor's Court, The Berserkergang Path, Quest for Ten Strikes, Resurrection Ritual, Elovare's Blue Moon HeroQuest, Quest of the Seven Sky Gates, Yelm/Sun Dome HeroQuest, Path of Lightfore, Tale of the Twelve Brethren, The Jackal's path, The Crossroads, Alebard's Quest, Hell Mouth, Renallien Breaker of Bricks, Wahs's Beast Quest and The Seven Sky Games.

This is an excellent book, full of theory and practice. It has more than 26 HeroQuests and the theory to back them. If you want to play HeroQuest as it was meant to be run, get Arcane Lore.

The Middle Sea Empire
Publisher Issaries
Gloranthan Content 20
Availability 20
Usability 12
Originality 18
General 20
Recommended For: Anyone running a 2nd Age campaign or interested in the Godlearners

This is a Pre-Finished Work covering the Godlearners and Middle Sea Empire. It has no cover art, has poor quality construction but is fairly well laid out.

Our Great Empire - This is a history of the Godlearners

Mythology of Jrustela - This contains the Five Actions (how the world was created and broken), and Myths of important Malioni (Includes Vadel) but is broken, disjointed and incomplete.

History of Jrustela - This is a sketchy history of the immigrants, with thirteen Jrustelan cities described in sketch form.

Salovan's Book of Emperors - This is a list of the Kings of Seshnela/Jrustela containing interesting snippets of history and relationships with other people. It hints at the politics of the Jrusteli, contains the Government of the Middle Sea Empire and details the fall of the Empire.

Godlearner Information - A mix of interesting articles

The Malkioni Religion - Contains a history of the Malkioni Religion with an interesting history

The Godlearners - Has a brief timeline, very short

Godlearner Theology - This briefly describes several sects and shows the tensions that exist within the Middle Sea Empire

HeroQuesting - Goes through the stages of Godleraner HeroQuesting, shows how they managed to master HeroQuesting, the Book of Secrets is an interesting and powerful item

The Zistorites - This has the history of the Zistorite movement, it touches at the heart of the Zistorite beliefs and in very interesting with information never seen before.

Middle Sea Geography - This touches on the lands of the Middle Sea Empire

Overall, this is a good stab at the Godlearners, It covers history, geography, mythology and personalities. If you are interested in the Godlearners or Second Age Glorantha then this is well worth buying.

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