Enchantments and Exceptional Items

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Created On 5 October 2006
Last Updated On 13 October 2006
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The RQ Companion contains some very nice rules for Enchantments and Special Items. Here are some extra enchantments and some additional Exceptional Item Effects.

Exceptional Item Effects

The standard rules for these don't cover interesting items, unless they are weapons or armour. Exceptional Lock Picks just increase Mechanisms, for instance.

Firstly, I would abandon the limits on stacking, so a piece of armour with Bulwark 4 would add +4 APs.

Secondly, if the Crafter rolls a critical, then the item is of one quality level higher than normal. So, a weaponsmith with Craft (Weapons) 90% tries to make a Greater Quality sword, he halves his skill to 45% and rolls 03, a critical, so instead gets an Exquisite Sword. Of course, this means that you can get an item greater than Heroic, in this case it costs 200x normal, has 6 Effects and +30% to skills using the item.

Thirdly, let every Exceptional Effect start with Greater Quality Items. So, let a Greater Quality Sword be Baleful, why not? It makes things easier and makes the lower quality items more useful.

Any Effect, Minimum Craftsmanship: Greater, Stackable

A Poisoned Item is designed to allow poison to be delivered via the item. The poison might be part of the item itself or there may be a mechanism in the item designed to deliver the poison. Each level allows a dose of poison to be delivered. The damage done by the poison will depend on the poison used.

Storage Effect, Minimum Craftsmanship: Greater, Stackable

A Preserving Item can hold its contents safe and without spoiling for longer. Each level of Preserving adds one to the time multiplier. So, a waterskin will keep water fresh for a week, but a Greater Quality Preserving waterskin will keep water fresh for 2 weeks and a Heroic waterskin with Preserving 5 keeps water for 6 weeks.

Any Effect, Minimum Craftsmanship: Greater, Stackable

A Secretive Item is disguised as something else or is difficult to spot. So, Secretive Lock Picks might be disguised to look like pins on a brooch or might be within a case strapped to their user's leg and so be hard to spot. Each level of Secretive halves someone's Perception roll when trying to find the Item. So, Sam the Sneaky has a set of Secretive 2 Lock Picks disguised as the teeth on a comb. A guard with Perception 80% searches him, but the guard's chance of spotting the lock picks is halved and halved again, reducing his chance to 20%.

Weapon Effect, Minimum Craftsmanship: Greater, Stackable

Simple weapons are easier to use. So, the required STR or DEX of a Simple Item is reduced by 4. A Simple Bastard Sword, for instance, can be used by a STR 9 DEX 9 person without penalty.

Any Effect, Minimum Craftsmanship: Greater, Stackable

A Splendid Item looks beautiful, it is well decorated, burnished, impressive. It does not give any additions to the functionality of the item, but each level of Splendid increases the cost of the item. So, an Exquisite Sword would normally cost 5x Item cost, but an Exquisite Sword that is Splendid x2 costs 7x Item Cost.

New Enchantments

Firstly, I would remove the limits on items. If someone wants to make a Spell Enhancer 10 then let them.

Secondly, remove the Enchanting Penalty for the enchantments, so this would make creating a Warding as easy as creating an Armourblessing.

Thirdly, remove the links to spells. Let anyone make any type of Enchantment, regardless of whether they have the requisite spells.

Craft Enchantment (Normal + 0%)

Each point of POW invested in Craft Enchantment allows the enchanter to add an Exceptional Item Effect to the item, in addition to those gained when creating the item. This is normally cast when the item is created and the enchantment becomes part of the fabric of the item. So, Haman the Weaponsmith makes a Greater Quality Bastard Sword, but creates a Craft Enchantment and puts 3 POW into it, his Greater Quality sword now has 4 Exceptional Item Effects rather than just 1.

Requisite Spell: Any

Magic Point Storage Enchantment (Normal + 0%)

Each point of POW invested in a Magic Point Storage Enchantment allows 1D10 Magic Points to be stored in the item. So Wally the Wizard creates a Magic Point Storage Enchantment on a ring and invests 4 POW, he can store 4D10 MPs, rolling 25, in the ring and his ring can now store 25 MPs.

Requisite Spell: Any

Spell Booster Enchantment (Normal + 0%)

Each point of POW invested in Spell Booster reduces a target's Resist by a -10% penalty. Clearly, this is only useful when casting spells with the Resist trait.

Requisite Spell: Any

Spirit Defender Enchantment (Normal + 0%)

Each point of POW invested in Spirit Defender adds 1 to the AP of armour when being attacked by spirits. So, a suit of armour with a Spirit Defender 4 enchantment would provide 4 APs against spirit attacks.

Requisite Spell: Spirit Shield

Spirit Weapon Enchantment (Normal + 0%)

The first point of POW invested in this weapon or shield allows the weapon/shield to be used at full effectiveness against spirits. Each extra point of POW invested in Spirit Weapon adds 1 to the damage done to spirits.

Requisite Spell: Spirit Bane

Strengthening Enchantment (Normal + 0%)

Each point of POW invested in Strengthening increases a hit location's Hit Points by one. If cast on a weapon, the weapon's HPs are increased by one.

Requisite Spell: Any