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RQPavis is a RuneQuest campaign set in Pavis and Prax in the world of Glorantha.

We play every week, time and people permitting, and meet up in each other's houses, both as a gaming and social experience.

At the moment, we have 1 GM and 3 players, so we are looking for more players. If you are in Birmingham or West Midlands, UK, and fancy playing a game of RQ every Monday then please drop me a line at soltakss@yahoo.co.uk and let me know something about yourself.

When time allows I will be adding PC descriptions, Campaign Logs, Cult Writeups, Scenarios and, hopefully, much more.

Some of the items on this website contain information taken from various supplements and fanzines. These items are meant for reference only - to try and avoid having to leaf through pages and pages of books to find a certain encounter table or to see what is at B-23 in Pavis.

Anything marked contains information that may spoil my players' enjoyment of the campaign.

If you are playing in my campaign and see this icon then please do not look at the document.


Player Characters

Campaign Log

Spirits of Prax
Runelevel NPCs
Caarith the Collector
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Holy Day Calendar
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Praxian Spirit Traditions
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Fetch's Abilities
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Sun County

Rone Domain

Pavis Encounter Tables
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Movement in the Rubble
Sun County - Player Information
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