The Death of RuneQuest

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Created On 17 September 1997
Last Updated On 17 September 1997
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The following email was sent out to the Gloranthan Digest. As you can see, it sounds the death-knell for RuneQuest, but opens up the possibility of more Gloranthan material.

From: Eric Rowe
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 00:40:55 -0700
Subject: Chaosium + Glorantha -- Plans for the Future


Chaosium Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming resurrection of the world of Glorantha, manifesting itself in several lines of books and games.

Chaosium Inc. has licensed the famous Italian game manufacturer, Stratelibri, to publish an entire range of Gloranthan games and game-related materials throughout Europe. This will begin with tabletop miniatures.

Two rule sets are planned, for skirmish (25mm) and mass combat (15mm). The first product will contain 20 figures with another 40-60 to be released in the next few months. The first full year will include six Gloranthan army books, plus introductory materials describing Glorantha. Boardgames and other related products are also planned.

Subsequent releases are planned and the people and companies behind the project are committed to giving Glorantha long term dedicated support. Chaosium will be coordinating the American release of material produced by Stratelibri.

Besides the miniatures games, Chaosium Inc. will also be producing Gloranthan Fiction and RPG lines.

Chaosium Inc. has lined up the talented Phil and Marion Anderson to edit the Gloranthan Fiction line. There will be a group of Gloranthan advisors to help in manuscript selection and creation.

Chaosium Inc. has commissioned David Hall, editor of Tales of the Reaching Moon, to produce a new Gloranthan Role Playing Game. It will be based upon Pendragon mechanics and Greg Stafford's notes. It is intended to be very flexible and able to handle everything from microcampaigning to heroquesting. Simple mechanics and extensive use of runes for the magic system will make the game accessible to all.

Submissions for the Fiction line and the RPG line will be requested in a few months, when the guidelines are completed. Please do not bother the Andersons or Mr. Hall. All submissions and requests should go through Chaosium. Though the guidelines are not yet available, there will be another announcement when the are.

Chaosium is actively seeking licensees for Glorantha (and Call of Cthulhu) related computer games. Interested companies should contact us.

These projects are not immediate. The first miniatures should start appearing by the summer of 1997 and the rest of the lines will follow them. However, we will not start them until we have at least a dozen products finished or almost ready to go for a line. Once they are on the market we intend to support them regularly and frequently.

Eric Rowe
Director of Sales and Marketing
Chaosium Inc.
950-A 56th Street
Oakland, CA 94608

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