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Created On 8 February 2001
Last Updated On 8 February 2001
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Behind the Golden Door This scenario was written just in case the party became to big for their boots and decided to try and get Gbaji's Claws. I wrote it to be quite difficult and used creatures with quite heavy stats and I thought the party would not be able to complete it. I was wrong, they fairly breezed through it as they had been preparing for this kind of thing and had HeroPaths already set up so that they could be Invoked when required. In fact, they had given this a lot of thought and managed to get Gbaji's Claws back, something which Stuart believes was Derak's crowning achievement and the one thing that he would be remembered for.


When Arkat and Talor were knocking on Nysalor's door he realized that his Empire was finished. To reduce the chances of being killed by Arkat he divested himself of that which Gbaji had corrupted. One of the things he removed were the Adamant Claws that Gbaji had used to tear open Korasting's Womb and cause the Curse of Kin Nysalor knew that Arkat the Troll could not forgive he who had wielded these Claws so he decided to remove them. Nysalor placed these Claws in a protected area beneath the ground, deep inside the UnderWorld, guarded by the Five Elements. However, he saw that the Claws were not the only tainted thing he had, so he struck off his own hands and placed them with the Claws. Afterwards he grew new hands to fight Arkat with. Ever since, the entrance to the UnderWorld was hidden behind a Golden Door hidden deep within the earth beneath the Tower of Lead.

When Arkat and Gbaji fought, Gbaji was killed and dismembered. Arkat sought the Adamant Claws but could not find them. He questioned the servants of Nysalor and Gbaji but to no avail. Eventually he left the area and the location of the Claws was forgotten by all. When the Vampires took over the Tower of Lead they explored the caverns beneath it and found the Golden Door. Even the Angel of Light, Mistress of the Fires of Heaven did not know what lay behind the Golden Door, even though she had been one of Nysalor's lovers. Over the years the Vampires found that nobody in Dorastor knew of the Golden Door, not even Ralzakark, and nobody knew how to open it. Eventually everyone but the Vampires forgot the Door.

The Scenario

The only entrance to the Caverns beneath the Tower of Lead is to be found beneath the Status of Vivamort in the Main Temple. If this statue is toppled a staircase is revealed heading down. Beneath the Tower of Lead is a complex of caverns, tunnels and caves guarded by a vast number of Undead from the Tower. There are maybe 1000 undead here of various types but no Vampires can normally be found here unless they are chasing the party. There is at least one point where a cavern is hidden by being behind a tunnel beneath a pool of water so the party must swim beneath the pool water in order to discover the secret cavern otherwise they will never find the Golden Door. If they have the Golden Key it will point to this pool wherever spun in the cave.

The party must find the Golden Door and must find out how to open the Door. They will then pass through the Door and overcome each of the Elemental Guardians until they reach the Inner Sanctum. They must then defeat the Hands and the Claws and return with the Adamant Claws.

Looking through the Scenario it could almost be an Other Place Quest but that would involve extra work. If you want to make it a HeroQuest then feel free, after all it is a raid on the UnderWorld and has several properties that make it not a normal scenario.

The Scenario has several parts to it:

Opening the Door

Passing through the Door

Travelling in the Complex

Feeling Character Trait
Fear of the Unknown Bravery
Is it worth taking the risk? Impulsive
Apathy Energetic
Oh no, we're all going to die! Optimist
Paranoia Trusting
Why should I endanger myself for others? Loyal


False Turns

The Guardians of Darkness

The Guardians of Water

The Guardians of Earth

The Guardians of Sky

The Guardians of Air

The Guardians of Chaos

The Guardians of Law

Meet the Greeblie

The Return

Divine Intervention



1. There is only one Great Key in Dorastor. This was created by Nysalor from the finger nails of his hands, each of which he made into a Talisman. Thus, there are ten Talismans that must be found and united in order to make the Great Key. When one person comes into possession of more than one Talisman he will wish to touch them together in which case they will change form into part of a Golden Key. When spun around on the floor, the parts of the Key will point towards the nearest Talisman and the person who holds the portion will know that a Great Key can be made. If the Golden Key has been reformed with all Talismans it will point to the Golden Door when complete. When Talismans are merged they cannot be unmerged but the portion of the Key formed retains all the properties and powers of each constituent Talisman.

The Ten Talismans

Each Talisman is made of gold, detects as magical and shows an extra unknown property under Analyse Magic. The properties of each Talisman must be prepared in advance by individual GMs.