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The Sea Hawk Many years ago, before the Oceans were closed, the people of Slontos sailed the waters of Glorantha with impunity. However, their close association with the Empire of the Middle Sea meant that they were punished when that Empire was destroyed. Much of Slontos was pushed under the waves, as had happened many times before, and the rest was sealed from the Oceans. The people of the islands of Slontos remained in isolation for centuries, afraid of the waters and of their old enemies. When Dormal came to the islands, some of the inhabitants followed his ways and began sailing the Oceans once more. One of these was Varlok of the Sea Hawk.

 Varlok was a fisherman from the Slontos Islands. He is descended from the Sea Hawk, son of Vrimak, and followed the worship of that deity, so did not follow the standard Malkioni way. When Dormal came, Varlok learned his ways well and remembered the stories of his ancestors. He found their inscriptions and descriptions of the past and pieced together their long-hidden secrets, building a small galley such as his ancestors used. When the galley was complete, Varlok named it the Sea Hawk, after his ancestor, and sought out companions to sail with. Many of his companions died or left his service over the intervening years and the members of his crew changed continually as he travelled.

 The current crew of the Sea Hawk consists of Varlok, Sinlaw the Shaman, Vonlow Keen-Sight, Harold Iron-Heart, Wanlaw, Hen-Ree, Er-Saw the Healer and a crew of 20 warrior/oarsmen.

Varlok Sea Hawk

He is a Rune Priest of the Sea Hawk, Dormal and Diros cults and Master of the Sea Hawk. A slight and intelligent man, Varlok is a leader by virtue of his words and ideas, not by force. He is respected by his crew and by his former crew-mates as a strategist and friend. Raised as a fisherman, Varlok knew about sailing before Dormal's arrival, but he soon embraced the new ideas and gathered together a crew. He is an experienced HeroQuestor to Dormal and has faced and defeated several of the Terrors, namely the Wide Waters, when Sea Hawk came to his help instead of the Albatross God, the Screaming Fish, who were devoured by a flock of Sea Hawks that appeared at his call, and the Heaving Seas who were defeated when the Sea Hawk sprouted wings and flew over the massive waves. At present, Varlok is acting as a trader but also takes employment as an escort and as a freebooter when required. He has fought in sea battles, but his crew is fairly small and is not trained in warfare.

Sinlaw the Shaman

Sinlaw is a Shaman of the Dolphin Folk, a small Hsunchen people with clans among the Slontos islands. He belongs to the Dolphin cult but has contacted many of the deities of the Seas. He has performed Orlanth's Breath Quest and has several sylphs bound to his hair that he can use when becalmed. Even though he is a human and happy enough walking on land or aboard ship, Sinlaw is also a were-dolphin and can transform into a dolphin at will. When he is at sea, the ship he travels on is normally followed by or accompanied by a pod of dolphins consisting of Sinlaw's Allied Sprit and Sinlaw's mate and children, sired by him in dolphin form.

Vonlaw keen-Sight

He is the lookout for the Sea Hawk and is Varlok's cousin and is descended from the Sea Hawk, being a priest of that cult. A keen HeroQuestor, Vonlaw can see in the dark, can see with the eyes of a hawk and can dive into the waters from a great height without harm. He has an allied spirit in the form of a Sea Hawk and uses this as an extra pair of eyes when necessary.

Harold Iron-Heart

Harold is a Sword of Humakt from the Holy Country. He was rescued by Varlok when captured in a pirate's hold and acts as Varlok's bodyguard. Harold has a suit of iron armour that he wears when onshore but is an expert at underwater combat with a dagger and is a master of the cutlass.


He is a Waertagi and is a very recent member of the crew, recruited by Varlok to strengthen ties with his people. He wants Varlok to act against the Vadeli, which he is not keen to do, and to Quest to find a Waertagi Dragonship, which he may be persuaded to do. Wanlaw once sailed into Magasta's Pool and reappeared in the Puzzle Canal ten years later but is reluctant to talk about what happened on his ten year Quest.


Hen-Ree is the Navigator. He is a priest of Orlanth Aquarius and was trained to navigate the Oceans of Glorantha even before Dormal reached his island. He joined Dormal's crew and sailed back with him to the Holy Country and, as such, is in great demand as a sailor. He is unique in that he knows how to navigate using the winds and clouds and also by the stars and the currents. He has the ability to know how many days it will take to sail to any port he has previously visited.

Er-Saw the Healer

Er-Saw is a priestess of Chalana Arroy and wife to Hen-Ree. She follows her husband wherever he goes and intends to accompany him on a Quest to find Dormal, whom she knew as a little girl. She has gone from crew to crew with her husband and feels that Varlok is the captain that can achieve the Quest. She would then like to remain on Dormal's Ship until she dies.

The Sea Hawk

This small galley was built by Varlok from designs kept in secret by his family throughout the centuries. Over the years, she has been altered and enhanced magically with enchantments and spells. She became Varlok's Allied Spirit when he completed his first Quest after becoming a priest of Dormal. She has gained a few abilities through HeroQuesting - she can see through her Sea Hawk figurehead; her oarsmen can row without tiring but they each lose 1 MP/hour when rowing; she screams if a shark comes within 100 metres of her; water and food stored in her hold does not spoil; she can use each of the powers of the Sea Hawk once, she has already sprouted wings and flown, she can still dive without harm and can catch a fish in her beak.
Hull Type Warship
Hull Quality 10 Seaworthiness Max 12 Structure Points 35
Length 18m Beam 6m Capacity 1 ton
Freeboard 1m Draft 0.5m

The Sea Hawk has matrices for Repair 10, Command Undine 3, Extinguish 10 enchanted into her figurehead and three undines bound to the hull, one at the prow, one amidships and one at the stern. Two sylphs are bound to her sails, but they will depart once they have been used.


The oarsmen of the Sea Hawk are a mixed bunch, some are kinsmen of Varlok, some are merely adventurers, some follow the other officers and will leave the crew when they leave. They are all skilled warriors and use an assortment of weapons and armour. They are not pirates, but are opportunists and have been known to take enemy ships at sea. They will generally follow Varlok until he dies, they become rich or find a better master.


I have not included stats for the crew of the Sea Hawk as each level of play would require different statistics. However, if people would like sample statistics for the officers of the Sea Hawk, then I could well publish the statistics that I currently have.

Since the publication of Men of the Sea, I have written up HeroQuest stats for The Sea Hawk.

Common Names: The Sea Hawk, White Feathers
Form: Ship of traders and buccaneers
Typical Homeland: Rightarm Islands, Slontos
Cultural Context: Followers of Varlok Sea Hawk
Ideology: We will find Dormal and bring him back, until then we will sail the seas
Look and Feel: A mixture of white feather wearing sailors
Purpose: To trade, defeat enemies and find Dormal's ship
Headquarters: The Sea Hawk, a small galley from Slontos, currently based in the Mirrorsea
Reactions: The Sea Hawk has a rivalry with the Seabird Army but is not hostile to Orlanthi, they are enemies of the Black Surf Hawk

The Sea Hawk

Crew: 20 warrior/oarsmen, 7 officers
Small Galley 5W
Significant Abilities: Agile 10W, Large 1W2, Row Fast 6W, Sail Fast 10W, Seaworthy 15W
Magical Abilities: Fly Like a Bird 10W, Deep Di ve 5W, Hawk Eyes 10W, See in The Dark 19
Weapons and Armour: Battering Ram +6, enchanted deck and hull +4

The Sea Hawk (Guardian)

This ship was awakened by Varlok on his first HeroQuest. He has made The Sea Hawk into a Guardian who is associated with the Sea Hawk goddess.
Form: The Sea Hawk is the ship The Sea Hawk and has eyes painted the length of her hull, allowing her to see all around her.
Communication: The Sea Hawk speaks to her sailors directly, this is a female voice that comes from the ship's woodwork.
Guardian Requirements: Never kill a Sea Hawk, kill Black Surfhawks on sight, never have sex whilst on board the Sea Hawk
Awareness - Scream At Sharks  10W (She screams whenever a shark approaches closer than 100m away)
Blessing - Row Without Tiring 14W
Defense - Keep Food and Drink Fresh 12W
Dormal - Open Seas 13

Varlok Sea Hawk (Captain)

Keywords: Fisherman 5W, Devotee of the Sea Hawk 10W, Slontan Silor 15W, Captain 12W, Worship Dormal 10W
Affinities: Flying 15W (Fly Fast, Fly Like a Bird, Fly Without Tiring), Diving 12W (Deep Dive, Swim Beneath Waves), Hawk Eyes 13W (Eyes of a Hawk, See In the Dark, See Through Fog, See Through Waves)
Significant Abilities: Command Crew 10W3, Respect the Sea 10W, Scan Horizon 15W, Seamanship 10W2, Swim 10W3, Know Solkanthi Sea 10W, Predict Weather 5W, Calming Presence 15W, Voice of Authority 20W2, Clever 10W2, Opening Ritual 18W, Rivalry With Seabird Army 5W
Equipment: Feathered Cloth Armour +4, Javelin (Fly Far 10W, Strike Deep 5W, Long Line 20W)

Sinlaw the Shaman

Keywords: Shaman of Grandfather Dolphin 15W (Shark Killing Spirits, Deep Dive Spirits, Hold Breath Spirits, Water Leapinjg Spirits)
Significant Abilities: Become Dolphin 15W3, Swim Fast 10W2, Dive Deep 10W, Leap Above Waves 10W2, Butt Shark 20W2, Speak to Dolphins 10W2
Followers: Dolphin Pod 10W
Equipment: 3 Sylphs (Create Wind 10W, Blow Foes Overboard 15W, Carry Away 5W)

Vonlaw keen-Sight

Keywords: Fisherman 5W, Lookout 15W, Devotee of Sea Hawk 10W
Affinities: Flying 10W (Fly Like a Bird, Fly Without Tiring), Diving 12W (Deep Dive, Swim Beneath Waves, Long Breath), Hawk Eyes 13W (Eyes of a Hawk, See In the Dark, See Through Fog, See Through Waves, See Far Away, Look At Sun)
Significant Abilities: Farsight 10W3, Spot Land 10W2, See Currents 10W2, Spot Sharks 10W3, Boating 10W, Swim 18W3, Loud Shout 10W2
Sidekick: White Heart (Sea Hawk 5W, Fly Fast 10W, Spot Land 10W2)

Harold Iron-Heart

Keywords: Soldier 10W, Marine 10W2, Devotee of Humakt 10W
Significant Abilities: Cutlass Fighting 10W3, Sword Fighting 20W2, Underwater Combat 10W2, Fight on Deck 15W2, Steady Legs 10W, Swim 10W
Equipment: Iron Cutlass + 4 (Does Not Rust 10W), Iron Dagger +3, Armour +5


Keywords: Waertagi 10W, Sailor 15W
Significant Abilities: Know Homeward Ocean 10W2, Know Hell River 10W, Know Sky River 10W, Endure Flames 10W, Endure Madness 10W2
Equipment: Dragonclaw (Find Dragonship 19), Dragoneye (See Dragonship 19)


Keywords: Sailor 10W, Navigator 10W2, Devotee of Orlanth Aquarius 10W
Affinities: Friend of the Sea 15W (Call Dolphin, Dolphin Aid, Lightning Touch, Speak To Dolphins, Deep Dive), Movement 15W (Flying Leap), Wind 20W (Wind Warp, Increase Wind, Decrease Wind, Breathe Air)
Significant Abilities: Navigate by Stars 10W2, Navigate by Wind and Clouds 10W3, Know Currents 10W2, Know Homeward Ocean 10W, Know Solkathi Sea 10W2, Know Duration of Voyage 10W2, Friend of Dormal 19, Predict Weather 10W, Swim 10W, Sword Fighting 10W2, Open Seas Ritual 20
Equipment: Set of Charts +10, Tin Compass +5

Er-Saw the Healer

Keywords; Healer 10W, Devotee of Chalana Arroy 10W
Significant Abilities: First Aid 10W, Treat Disease 15W, Treat Poison 10W, Treat Sea-Sickness 15W, Make Hen-Ree Laugh 15W, Calm Patient 19
Equipment: Bag of Herbs +4, Scourge +5 (Beat Out Disease 10W, Beat Out Desire 15W, Beat Out Poison 5W)

Typical Sailor

Keyword: (Homeland) Sailor 5W
Significant Abilities: Cutlass Fighting 5W,  Maintain Ship 20, Swim 10W, Swing From Rigging 19, Jump 19, Row Together 5W
Equipment: Cutlass +3, Leather Armour +2, Sea Hawk Helm +1