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Created On 27 December 2011
Last Updated On 26 July 2003
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Character Statistics for Soltak Stormspear Soltak Stormspear is my favourite RQ PC. I played him in two campaigns, one when I first started playing RQ and then when I joined a higher level campaign. He is a favourite of mine for many reasons, he hates the world and wants to kill everything he meets, he helps people but is completely intolerant of chaos. As I dig out more and more of the documentation surrounding him, I will update this page with other magic items, abilities and character descriptions.

By the way, Soltak was one of the reasonably powerful PCs in our RQ2 campaign, but wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes in the RQ3 campaign at the end. That gives you an idea of the level of that campaign.

The Hero Wars version is found here.

Soltak Stormspear

Cults: High Priest/Rune Lord of Orlanth Adventurous, Associate Priest of Storm Bull, Hunter, Issaries, Argan Argar, Humakt, Initiate Sister Cat, Illuminated

STR 16 CON 16 SIZ 16 INT 11 POW 14 DEX 22 CHA 21

RH Bastard Sword (1D10 + 2 + 1D4) SR 4 255%/40% (30)
LH Bastard Sword (1D10 + 1 + 1D4) SR 4 135%/45% (25)
RH Long Spear (1D8 + 1 + 1D4) SR 3 155%/80%
LH Dagger (1D4 + 2) SR 6 95%/115% (30)
RH Whip (1D4) SR 0 85%
Medium Shield (1D6 + 1D4) SR 5 40%/195%
Quarterstaff (1D8 + 1D4) SR 2 90%/95%
Self Bow (1D6 + 1) 135%
Thrown Rock (1D4) 100%
Wind Hammer (4D6) 110%

Skills: Defence 95%, Evaluate Treasure 100%, First Aid 75%, Treat Disease 35%, Treat Poison 65%, Disguise 50%, Map Making 90%, Hide Item 90%, Pick Locks 105%, Set/Disarm Traps 100%, Climbing 110%(+20%), Jumping 115%, Riding 95% (+10%), Swimming 100% (+10%), Rowing 80%, Peaceful Cut 105%, Carting 55%, Listen 210%, Spot Hidden Items 135%, Spot Trap 110%, Sense Chaos 110%, Improved Defence 105%, Improved Parry 30%, Hide in Cover 125%, Move Quietly 85%, Camouflage 60%, Oratory 70%, Bargaining 95%, Fly 35%

Languages (Speak/RW): Sartarite 105%/90%, Stormspeech 95%/90%, Darktongue 90%/90%, Tradetalk 90%/90%, Beastspeech 80%, Lunar 45%, Kersen 15%, Feline Speech 10%

Alchemy Skills: (Gained on a HeroQuest to rescue a healer Heroine) Healing Potion 20, POW Restoring Potion 15, Poison Gas Antidote 21, Scorpion Venom Antidote 21, Spider Venom Antidote 21, Wyvern Venom Antidote 21, Herbal Poison Antidote 21, Mineral Poison Antidote 21

Battle Magic: (Soltak) Countermagic 9, Demoralise, Disruption, (Stormpuss) Dispel Magic 9, Healing 6, (Spirit 1) Befuddle, Multimissile 4, Detect Spirit, (Spirit 2) Strength, Mobility Fanaticism 3, Speedart, Extinguish, Darkwall, (Spirit 4) Farsee, (Spirit 5) Detection Blank 9, (Spirit 6) Detect Life, Glue 5, (Spirit 7) Detect Magic, Detect Enemies, Firearrow, Vigour, Mindspeech, Xenohealing 3, (Not in Mind) Bladesharp 4, Repair, Coordination, Fireblade, Food Song, Ironhand 4, Lantern 2, Protection 4, Spirit Binding, Spirit Shield 4

Battle Magic Matrices: Shimmer 4, Befuddle, Protection 2, Detect Traps, Jumping 4, Bladesharp 4, Detect Undead, Detect Spirit, Spirit Shield 4, Dispel Magic 2, Repair

Rune Magic: (Soltak) Shield 8, Spell Teaching, Multispell I, Extension 1, Divination 5, Spirit Block 5, Mind Link, Summon Small Sylph, Telekinesis 2, Teleport, Guided Teleport 2, Heal Constitution, Analyse Magic, Lock, Create Market, Spell Trading, Berserker 2, Defend Against Chaos 4, Face Chaos 2, Summon Small Tumbler, Truesword 3, Catseye (One Use), (Stormpuss) Teleport, Telekinesis, Shield 2, (Traded Spells) Shield 8, Defend Against Chaos 2, Telekinesis

Rune Magic Matrices: Flawed Berserker, Truesword, Berserker, Boots

Special Abilities:

Species Max:  INT 20, POW 23, DEX 23
Immune to: Detect Gold, Detect Life, Reverse Chaos, Farsee, Detect Detection
Immune to Chaos Features: Appears Extremely Dangerous, Absorbs 1 pt spells, Reflect up to 4 pt spells
Take half damage from Fire, Cold, Lightning
Move 9
Rage of the Bull (1/season, doubles STR and CON, lasts for 2D3 rounds)
Double Damage (1/day can specify that a weapon strike doubles penetrating damage, can specify after damage has been rolled)
Heal Body (1/week can cast Heal Body on self)
Double Attack (1/day can double attack chance against broo, lasts 15 minutes)
Double Attack (1/day can double attack chance against scorpion men, lasts 15 minutes)
Double Damage (1/day can specify that a weapon strike doubles penetrating damage, can specify after damage has been rolled, only works against broos)
Double Damage (1/day can specify that a weapon strike doubles penetrating damage, can specify after damage has been rolled, only works against scorpionmen)
Fly (Costs 1 MP per point of SIZ per melee round, allows the user to fly at Move 3 if he makes a Fly roll, user loses all hair, which can never grow back, his skin becomes slick to the touch and glows faintly)
Deity Gift Geas
Humakt + 10% Spot Hidden Never eat from a dish
Yelmalio (From HeroQuest) Protection (half damage) from fire Celibacy during Fire Season
Never eat meat on Fireday
Worship 1/season at a Yelmalio Temple
If any geases are failed, Monrogh attacks at POW 60
Yinkin (Was Sister Cat, gained on a HeroQuest) Flying Cat Spirit (Windfoot), returns after death, bound into a familiar Never attack non-chaotic cats unless attacked first
Help any needy non-chaotic cat (food, healing etc.)
Always use Peaceful Cut when killing non-chaotic cats
Prevent non-chaotic cats from suffering needlessly


Magic Items:

Crystals: POW Storage Crystals Total 357, POW Enhancing Crystal 9, POW Enhancing Crystal 4, Flawed Healing Focussing Crystal 6 (Adds 1D4 to Healing), Bladepower Crystal (Allows user to exchange + 10% attack for + 1 damage and vice versa when casting Bladesharp, so Bladesharp 4 can be + 0/+60%, +1/+50%, ..., +6/+0%)
Fireblade Box (Spirit casts Fireblade on a weapon touched to the box, Spirit POW 14, 12 POW Storage)
Jewellery (Allows Soltak to interact with elemental creatures without CHA loss) - Lead Earring (Darkness), Aluminium Sharktooth Necklace (Water), Tin Nosering (Air/Storm)
Aluminium Torc (When put on and POW 12 overcome and 2 POW lost, cannot be taken off, for 10 MPs allows the user to breathe water for 10 rounds)
Gold Wand with Crystal (On command, glows as daylight, radius 15m)
Spirit: (INT 6, POW 19) tied to Soltak, comes back even after death, can cast its own spells, acts as an ally or magic spirit (Knows Detect Spirit, Befuddle, Multimissile 4, spells cannot be changed) attuned to POW Enhancing Crystal 4
Lightning Band (As Plunder, except does 3D6 Lightning damage 1/day, metal armour ineffective, no POW cost)
Hauberk (Unknown metal, 0 ENC, 8 AP, immune to acid, can be worn while swimming at no penalty)
Bastard Sword (0 ENC, Iron, +10% Attack/Parry, + 2 Damage, + 3 AP, immune to acid)
Stormfist's Sword (Iron Bastard Sword, 1 ENC, cannot be damaged, returns to owner's side at dawn each day)
Elasticated Ring (When put around a weapon, mends 10 AP/round, incompatible with Repair)
Helmet Plume (4 MP / hour, plume acts as an umbrella)
Storm Bull's Ear (Base Listen 90%, + 15% Sense Chaos, + 1 CHA)
Storm Paul's Ear (+ 10% Listen. Sticks out and Looks Silly)
1 Pair of Slave Bracelets
Scabbard (For 1 MP, allows user to draw a bastard sword with 2 SR penalty not 5 SR)
Sword Pendant (Allows wearer to cast Truesword 1/day)
Quarterstaff (Permanent Crush 1/2 + 5 % Attack, + 1D2 damage)
Riddle Book (Stormspeech, gives + 5 false INT when asking/answering  riddles)
Small Bronze Horn (0 ENC, when played can be heard up to 25 miles away, at the same volume as nearby)
Lightning Gauntlet (LH Tin Gauntlet, cannot be removed, POW 10 to attune, user loses 2 POW when attuned, allows user to cast low-power lightning bolts 2^N MPs do (N+1) D3 damage, so 1 MP does 1D3, 2 MP 2D3, 4 MP 3D3, 8 MP 4D3, 16 MP 5D3 and so on, 100% chance to hit, damage is done to location hit unless target fails CONx5 in which case it affects Total Hit Points. When lightning is cast, a loud thunderclap is heard. Lightning will set fire to dry, inflammable materials. If a lightning bolt or thunderbolt is cast at the wearer, he can catch the lightning bolt on DEXx3% and throw it back at DEXx5%, this is a reflex action and does not take an action. The gauntlet does not conduct electricity to the wearer)
Wind Cloak (Cloak, made from woven shadow cat fur, runes of Storm, Mobility and Mastery on back, takes 1 POW loss to attune. Wearer is immune to any winds, if desired. Cloak billows as if affected by wind, but will not blow away. If the wearer is flying or on a sylph he can use full Defence)
Storm Sword (Tin Bastard Sword, ENC 1, AP 25, matrix for Bladesharp 4, provides a Wind Blast 1/day STR 50 vs SIZ, success means target is knocked back (50 - SIZ)/5 metres. Casts Dispel Magic 8 with POW 15 at any Protective Chaos Magic it hits)
Wind Hammer (Iron Throwing Hammer, bursts into flame when thrown, does 4D6 damage on normal hit, 4D6 + 1D8 + 2 on a crush (1/5 chance), 4D6 + 10 on impale (1/10 chance) and 4D6 on critical. Rune Lords start at 90% with Wind Hammer. If used by a Wind Lord, teleports back to hand on impact, match damage vs SIZ for target to fall over, cannot be magically enhanced)
Gauntlet of Fearlessness (RH Gauntlet, made of unknown metal, 6 fingers on hand, long and curved fingernails, black, overcome 12 POW to attune, lose 3 POW. Wearer defends with species max characteristic when defending fear based spells or effects such as Demoralise, Fear, Fearshock, Terror, Panic, Fear Spirits, Hideous Chaos Features. Wearer defends Rage causing spells or effects at half chance, so Spells such as Fanaticism, Berserker need to overcome 1/2 POW to work, coming out of Fanaticism needs INTx2.5, coming out of Berserker needs INT /2%. Cannot be removed. If removed, hand is permanently skeletal - STR 3 grip, -90% to RH skills, must be mended with Repair not Heal)

Windfoot (Shadow Cat spirit, gained on a HeroQuest, always bound to Soltak, returns after death and can be rebound into a familiar, returns after Soltak has died. When bound into a Shadow Cat, grows wings that are useable after 1 season, can fly, knows Bladesharp 4, Detect Enemies, Detect Life, Detect Magic)


Soltak was born as a woman, Sabrina Spearsister, but was changed physically into a man on a HeroQuest. She asked Orlanth to change her back, but was refused. After this, Soltak has had a hatred of his new body and has sought to change it, so he has replaced his ears, eyes, penis (but that was cursed, so he changed it back as he didn't want to rape women), lost all his hair, gained a furry blue skin and casts no shadow. People think this is strange, but he just shrugs. What he wants is to return to his original female form, otherwise the body is as alien to him in a normal form as it is in its present form.

Soltak became Illuminated on a HeroQuest, having answered no riddles, and learned riddles on meeting Nysalor on the HeroPlane. He joined Humakt because he wanted Humakt's Iron Will to counter the freedom gained through Illumination. He joined Issaries because he gained a number of taverns on a mission. He joined Storm Bull to better kill chaos. He joined Hunter and Sister Cat (Yinkin) on HeroQuests. Among his many achievements, he gained partial control of Duck Pond and created a temple based around the Orlanth Hill there, he became a member of Stormfist's Honour Guard, Stormfist being an Orlanthi Hero who lives within a Stormcloud,  and left his shadow behind when he gained one of Stormfist's Swords.

Soltak has an abiding hatred of anything chaotic and almost killed himself when he became Illuminated, but decided that his honour was more powerful than the chance of becoming chaotic. He owns a number of taverns, butcher's shops, villas and farms, all gained on scenarios.

He is based in Duck Pond and has become the High Priest of a Temple there, deep within the Upland marsh, which he uses to harry the Lunars in Sartar.

Soltak has many other minor magic items and abilities that are to many to mention.