Spirit Warriors

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Created On 17 September 1997
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Spirit Warriors


Spirit Warriors

There are many types of spirits in the world, some material, others completely spiritual. One of the material types is the Spirit Warrior, whom the God Learners classified as a type of Combat Spirit or demon.

Spirit Warriors appear as ghost-like, transparent figures carrying weapons and a shield. They are normally found as guardians of tombs or magical places. Occasionally, they will be encountered as free spirits or controlled by a shaman. Very rarely, they are found bound to a specific item and can be befriended by a PC. In such cases they can be summoned to fight once per day, week, season or whatever.


Spirit Warriors have POW and INT. Use the RQ2 shaman's fetch table or the spirit contact table. Their SIZ = POW and DEX = POW. Their stats are as follows:

INT variesPOW variesDEX=POW
Move = POW,Armour = MPHit Points = MP
They attack with a magical thrust of energy transmitted through their weapon. They parry only with their shields, which are nothing more than a force field and cannot be broken. Note that Spirit Warriors cannot split their attack or parry amongst multiple opponents.

Spirit Warriors have a Magic Point x5% attack and parry, they do their Magic Points in damage and block their Magic Points on a successful parry. On a special attack or parry, they do/block their POW instead. On a critical parry they block all damage. On a critical attack, they do MPs direct, on a special critical attack they do POW direct.

(A special attack is 1/5th of the skill, a critical is 1/20th, a special critical is 1/100th skill).

A Spirit Warrior has Armour and hit Points equal to current Magic Points. They reduce any attacks against them by their MP x5%. As they take damage, their Magic Points decrease, so their armour and attack and parry chances decrease also. Thus, they can begin very powerful but quickly become weak and are easily defeated.

Spirit Warriors are immune to body affecting spells such as harmonise, mobility, slow, or co-ordination and are unaffected by fanaticism and demoralise and similar spells. Damage causing spells such as Disruption, Shatter or Turn Blow have normal effect. Spells such as Bladesharp, Bludgeon, Crush, True (Weapon) or Great Parry have no effect when cast on a Spirit Warrior's weapons. Other spell effects can be worked out by extrapolation.

Note that Spirit Warriors cannot be healed and cannot be permanently destroyed by physical combat - they are merely dispelled if reduced to 0 MP. They regenerate MPs as a normal spirit. If reduced to 0 POW, they are destroyed.

Although this is a standard Spirit Warrior, there are variations from the norm. Thus, there can be Scorpion Warrior Spirit Warriors with a club and sting attack, Griffins with Claw and Bite attacks and so on. Some Spirit Warriors use missile weapons and shoot arrows doing MP damage. Yet others attack with MPx10% or POWx5% or even POWx10%. Many other variations exist and can be summoned.

Whilst a low POW Spirit Warrior is a reasonable foe, a high POW one is almost unstoppable. Care must be taken when using Spirit Warriors with a POW greater than 20 or so, especially when with low-level characters.