Halim - The False Wind

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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In my Dorastor campaign, one of the NPCs who figured heavily for a while was an Orlanthi called Halim. He was a member of the Bilini Court and often ventured into Dorastor to kill Chaos. At one time, he married King Bolthor's daughter and was on the way to becoming king of Bilini. However, Halim had a secret - he was an Ogre HeroQuestor dedicated to bringing down the Orlanth cult. He was an accomplished HeroQuestor and was intent on gaining Storm powers himself so that he could convince anyone that he was a good Orlanthi.

The following is a short description of his statistics as I used them in my campaign. They are fairly complete, but do not include all skills - I never cared what his Sneak skill was as he never used it near the players, for instance.

Halim - The False Wind

Ogre Male, Talon of Cacodemon, Wind Lord of Orlanth
STR 24CON 24SIZ 18INT 18POW 14DEX 26APP 21
Move 3 Fatigue 48 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 14 Hit Points 42
HP 42
FP 48
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Greatsword3340%2D8 + 2D6 310%27
Bastard Sword4290%1D10 + 1 + 2D6 190%27
Hoplite Shield5190%1D6 + 2D6 300%41
Composite Bow1250%1D8 + 1
Thrown Knife1280%1D4 + 2D3
Left Arm16-1818-1920/11
Right Arm13-1516-1720/11
Left Leg05-0804-0620/14
Right Leg01-0401-0320/14

Spirit Magic

LocationINT/POWSpellsLinked Spirits
SelfINT 18 POW 14Demoralise, Befuddle, Fanaticism, Heal 8, Repair 5
Magic Spirit 1INT 10 POW 20Bladesharp 8,Heal 2 POW Spirits 16, 12, 14
Magic Spirit 2INT 8 POW 18Multimissile 8 POW Spirits 12, 12
Magic Spirit 3INT 12 POW 22Protection 8 POW Spirits 14, 14
Magic Spirit 4INT 10 POW 16Strength 5, Vigour 5 POW Spirits 10, 10,10
Magic Spirit 5INT 11 POW 18Heal 8, Endurance 3 POW Spirits 15, 15, 20
Magic Spirit 6INT 8 POW 12Countermagic 8 POW Spirits 12, 12, 12
Intellect Spirit 1INT8 POW 19Dispel Magic 8

Divine Magic

Cacodemon:Worship Cacodemon 33, Sanctify 3, Extension 10, Detection Blank 15, False Form 5, Vomit Acid 3
Orlanth:Worship Orlanth, Shield 12, Lightning 10, Command Sylph 6, Flight 12, Teleport 2, Great Parry 2, Wind Words, Analyse Magic 2


Act 143%, Orate 112%, Fast Talk 120%, Play Lyre 111%, Play Flute 92%, Sing 112%, Dance 98%
Hide 140%, Sneak 138%, Climb 120%, Jump 92%, Scan 103%, Search 87%

HeroQuests Known

Shield of Arran, Arming Orlanth, Slaying of Aroka, Courting Ernalda, Seduce Innocents

Chaos Features

+ 8 point skin armour
Moves Silently - his sneak skill is powered (always one level better than rolled)
Incredibly fertile - any sexual encounter produces offspring on a roll of POWx5%


  1. Halim has a permanent False Form spell, gained through HeroQuest, that prevents people from realising he is an Ogre
  2. His abdomen, chest and head are heavily enchanted for extra hit points
  3. He has several spirits bound into tattoos, the magic spirits are linked to POW spirits that supply the magic spirits with Magic Points, although Halim can use them at a pinch.
  4. Halim is illuminated but very careful about what he does