Ralzakark Death-Bringer

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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In my Dorastor campaign, the Humakti Legion was headed by a Humakti Broo Hero.It took the PCs some time to work out that this was an aspect of Ralzakark, as his second in command was the Humakti the PCs encountered most. This is a description of Ralzakark Death-Bringer, the head of the Broo Legion and Humakti HeroQuestor. As an aspect of Ralzakark, he is far more powerful than other HeroQuestors, but he is only an Aspect so he is not as powerful as a demigod. If Ralzakark Death-Bringer is killed then he is dead and Ralzakark has lost one of his Aspects. This will not please him one little bit.

Ralzakark Death-Bringer

Broo Sword and HeroQuestor of Humakt
EnhancedSTR 120 CON 110SIZ 60INT 30 POW 87 DEX 42APP 42
NormalSTR 60 CON 55SIZ 30INT 30 POW 87 DEX 21APP 21
Move 5 Fatigue 115 (230) DEX SR 1 Magic Points 87 Hit Points 140 (170)
HP 140 (170)
FP 115 (230)
WeaponSR Attack %Damage Parry %AP Notes
Greatsword1350%3D8 + 10D6 300%POW (87)Double damage to every location, double damage against living
Pain Blow, -1D6 MP/Round until healed
Bastard Sword3250%2D10 + 2 + 10D6 200%40Auto Impale, -1 POW/round, -2D8 HP/round
Large Shield 250%40
Butt4400%2D10 + 2 + 10D6
Thrown Dagger1250%2D8 + 10D3
Left Arm16-1818-19POW(87)/35(44)
Right Arm13-1516-17POW(87)/35(44)
Left Leg05-0804-06POW(87)/47(57)
Right Leg01-0401-03POW(87)/47(57)

Spirit Magic

Heroic Knowledge/CastingBladesharp 30, Parry 30
In MatricesDisrupt, Demoralise, Repair 10, Detect Enemy, Protection 15, Countermagic 15, Spirit Screen 15, Glue 15

Divine Magic

Heroic CastingFind Enemy,Warding, Morale
HumaktShield 20, Turn Undead 10, Sever Spirit 3, Truesword 10, Worship Humakt, Sanctify (Humakt), Divination (Humakt) 5, Summon Cult Spirit (Humakt), Armouring Enchantment, Strengthening Enchantment, Dismiss Magic 15, Fumble 10, Strike 10, Find Enemy, Warding 10, Detect Truth 5, Berserker 2, Morale 10

Chaos Features

  1. Skin has AP=POW
  2. Immune to functional incapacitation
  3. Impaling weapons do minimum damage
  4. All Damage doneto him is halved after penetrating armour
  5. Never surprised, can always Quickdraw his sword and have personal spells cast before a combat

Hero Abilities

  1. If not dead at the end of a round, all damage done to him is regenerated immediately (Seal Wounded damage is not instantly healed but is not treated as Seal Wounded the next round)
  2. All spells cast by him are backed with his POW for the purposes of blasting through defensive magic
  3. All spells cast by him are twice as difficult to dispel (double intensity)
  4. Once per day, he can double physical characteristics for 1 hour (enhanced characteristics in brackets)


Quickdraw Dagger 300%, Quickdraw Greatsword 250%, Sense Undead 150%, Death Song 150%, Chaos Lore 200%, Vampire Lore 150%, All DEX Skills DEXx5%, All Knowledge Skills INTx5%, All Language Skills APPx5%, All Normal Magic Skills POWx5%.

Death Song

This provides a Morale effect to all Humakti within the singer's POW in metres. Morale gained = Skill/10, so 150% Death Song gives the equivalent of Morale 15. This costs 1POW to sing and 1 personal Magic Point per round to maintain. The effect lasts as long as the singer keeps singing.


This allows the user to draw a weapon faster than normal. Normal success takes 2 SR to draw, SPecial 1 SR, Critical 0 SR.


Iron Greatsword.AP=Wielder's POW, takes half damage, does double penetrating damage to all locations struck, does double penetrating damage against living foes, base damage 3D8, permanent Pain Blow effect (CONx2% or be incapacitated for a round until damage is healed), each wound causes injured to lose 1D6 MP per round until the wound is healed beginning when the wound is received, expending 1 personal Magic point allows a Strike spell to be cast on the sword.
Spirit INT 20 POW 60, Heroic Casting of Bladesharp 20, Parry 20, Repair 20, these spells cost 1 personal Magic Point to cast but may only be cast on Death-Bringer. This Parry spell affects Death-Bringer. The wielder of Death-Bringer must accept the Humakti geases "Accept no magical healing" and "wear no armour anywhere", even if illuminated as the sword can see what the wielder does and will turn against him (fumble hit self each time the sword is used) if the wielder breaks the geases.
Death-Bringer may only be gained through a Humakti duel with the current holder. The duel is fought to the death with only Humakti magic allowed, including the Dorastoran Humakt magic. If the wielder is slain by other means than a Humakti duel, he can return to fight a duel if an attempt is taken to take the sword,this is not an Undead ability, more of an angelic return.

Blood Daggers

Old Bone Daggers, 2D8 damage,Range=User's POW, on a normal/special/critical hit sticks in as if implaed, if damage is caused, injured person loses 1 POW and takes 2D8 general hit points immediately and 1 POW and 2D8 General Hit Points damage each round the dagger is stuck in as the life blood squirts through the hollow bone handle. The dagger may be teleported to the user's hand for 1 perosnal magic point. Ralzakark has three of these, gained through HeroQuest.

Humakti Gifts

  1. Regenerate Magic Points at twice speed (currently 7 points per hour).
  2. Death-Bringer does double penetrating damage to each location struck.
  3. Death-Bringer does double penetrating damage to all living foes.

Humakti Geases

  1. Never refuse a challenge to one to one combat.
  2. Accept no magical healing
  3. Where no armour anywhere
  4. Give no quarter to those who have ambushed him

HeroQuests Known

Five Foes of Humakt, Search for Death [Befriending Eurmal, Gaining Death], First Death [Slaying of Grandfather Mortal], Slaying of Entropy,


  1. Ralzakark has strengthening enchantmentson his body that are far in excess of his normal hit points, although when his hit points are increased through his heroic ability, the strengthening enchantments kick in and increase his hit points accordingly.
  2. Although Illuminated, Ralzakark keeps each and every geas
  3. Ralzakark has access to POWx5 Magic Points for spell casting etc.