Slamark, Envoy of Ralzakark

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2000

Slamark is a broo, one of Ralzakark's envoys. He is an incredibly obese, ugly broo and is carried on a litter by 6 broo bodyguards wherever he goes. There is little special about him apart from his many chaos features and the Spirit Claws he has. He was written up in an early stage of the campaign and did not last long - the PCs saw to that, so he is relatively low powered.

Slamark, Envoy of Ralzakark

Broo, Shaman of Thed, Mallia and Ralzakark.Envoy of Ralzakark
Move 2 Fatigue 70 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 20 Hit Points 70
HP 70
FP 70
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Greatsword2240%2D8 + 2D6* 160%20
Butt4200%1D6 + 2D6
Spirit Claws1POWx5%(300%)2D6 + 2D6 + POW(60)
* Greatsword Impales
Left Arm16-1818-1922/18
Right Arm13-1516-1722/18
Left Leg05-0804-0622/23
Right Leg01-0401-0322/23

Spirit Magic

LocationINT/POWSpellsLinked Spirits
SlamarkINT 20 POW 20 (60)Sneeze, Spirit Screen 10, Heal 8
FetchINT 16 POW 40Countermagic 10, Repair 6
Allied SpiritINT 14 POW 20Fanaticism, Demoralise, Endurance 8, Slow 3
Magic Spirit 1INT 20 POW 40Ironhand 20
Magic Spirit 2INT 20 POW 40Protection 20
Magic Spirit 3INT 6 POW 18Bladesharp 6
Magic Spirit 4INT 10 POW 20Heal 10POW Spirits 20, 10, 10, 10
Magic Spirit 5INT 8 POW 16Mobility 8
Magic Spirit 6INT 6 POW 24Endurance 6
Magic Spirit 7INT 25 POW 50Teleport 112% (Matrix Teleport 10 Range 10,
auto on death to Fort Wrath)
POW Spirits 10, 20, 10
POW Spirits POW 10, 15, 10, 10, 20, 10, 15

Divine Magic

Sanctify (Thed), Sanctify (Mallia), Mindlink 4, Spirit Block 20, Worship Thed, Chaos Spawn 3, Rebirth of Chaos 2, Reverse Chaos 5, Worship Mallia, Cause Shakes 4, Cause Creeping Chills 4, Cause Brain Fever 6, Cause Soul Waste 4, Command Disease Spirit 3, Bind Disease Spirit, Command Broo, Command Ogre 4, Command Jack o'Bear, Command Gorp 2, Cause Wasting Disease 4


INT 16 POW 40, takes form of an erect phallus. Currently contains a Ghost INT 3 POW 40

Diseases Carried

Soul Waste, Creeping Chills, Shakes, Brain Fever, Withers, Blotches


Dodge 160%, Sneak 150% (+50%), Scan 150%, Search 120%, Jump 160%, Sense Troll 90%, Orate 111%, Hide 180%, Listen 190%, Throw 100%

Languages (Speak/Read + Write)

Chaosspeech 110%/100%, Broo 90%/90%, Tradetalk 103%/92%, Lunar 90%/90%, Draconic 25%, Darktongue 30%, Stormspeech 30%, Firespeech 30%

Powered Crystals

Slamark: Chaotic Crystal POW 2d6 (Surrently 7) gives attuner 1 Chaos Feature per POW of crystal, roll 1D6: 1-5 Normal Feature, 6 Curse of Thed feature.
Fetch: Flawed Spirit Supporter, doubles Magic Points lost by opponent in spirit combat.

Chaos Features

  1. Large + 14 SIZ
  2. Healthy + 23 CON
  3. Strong + 16 STR
  4. Nimble + 15 DEX
  5. Ugly - 10 APP
  6. Immune to Fire Damage
  7. Silent + 50% Sneak
  8. Spirit Claws
  9. Befuddles 1 opponent per round on POW vs POW
  10. Warty skin + 12 AP

Spirit Claws

These can be used to either attack physically, in which case they count as two free attacks with a range of Slamrk's POW + Fetch's POW (currently 60 metres) or to attack spiritually in which case Slamark can engage in Spirit Combat with 2 foes within his POW + Fetch's POW in metres. When engaged in spirit combat, he gains the benefit of his flawed spirit supporter. Slamark can attack a single foe twice in this way - having 2 spirit combat attacks using the claws.

Heroic Abilities

  1. Resists spells and spirit combat with POW rather than Magic Points.
  2. Move = POW
  3. Can fly at Move=POW, 1 perosnal Magic Point per round
  4. Can heal all damage taken once per day
  5. Can dominantly possess any fixed INT chaotic creature within sight on a MP vs MP roll.


  1. Slamark normally wears finely made bronze plate, gilded and decorated with a golden boar's head on the breastplate
  2. When in combat, he normally has his protection spell cast and goes full tilt, hoping to kill his enemies using sword, butt and 2 claws while absorbing the damage using his healing magic spirit and ally.
  3. When discorporate, Slamark may use his Spirit Claws to give two extra Spirit Combat attacks, as if he were three spirits. This makes him a more powerful shaman than he would first appear.
  4. His Teleport spirit will teleport his corpse back to Fort Wrath if he is killed. This makes it difficult to make him stay dead.
  5. He will hunt down his enemies and slay them to the exclusion of all his duties. He has no enemies at the moment