Seven Hills Fiend

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2000

Some of the Cacodemon Temples have permanently summoned Fiends as Temple Guardians. This Fiend is the Guardian of the Cacodemon Temple in the Seven Hills. He is a fairly average fiend, but is well-equipped with armour and magic, an advantage that most fiends do not have. He also can Vomit Acid several times a day without cost. I play that Fiends can heroically cast the Vomit Acid spell as a special ability costing 3 personal magic points each time this is used, so the extra uses are useful but not devastating.Good for wiping the shine off a new suit of iron armour, though.

Seven Hills Fiend

Fiend, Incarnation of cacodemon and Guardian of Seven Hills Cacodemon Temple
STR 50CON 30SIZ 50INT 13POW 40DEX 24
Move 10 Fatigue 80 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 40 Hit Points 40
HP 40
FP 80
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
R.Claw4180%1D6 + 5D6 + Poison POT 30 100%10
L.Claw4180%1D6 + 5D6 + Poison POT 30 100%10
Bite4120%3D10 + Poison POT 30
Kick7120%2D6 + 5D6
Tail7145%1D10 + 5D680%10
Wing Buffet7120%2D10
Left Arm17-181916/10
Right Arm15-161816/10
Left Wing13-1416-1716/10
Right Wing11-1214-1516/10
Left Leg03-0403-0431/13
Right Leg01-0201-0231/13

Spirit Magic

INT 6 POW 18INT 8 POW 20
SelfINT 13 POW 40Heal 6, Ironhand 4, Fanaticism
Magic Spirit 1Protection 6
Magic Spirit 2Heal 8

Chaos Features

  1. +6 AP Skin
  2. Move 10
  3. Absorbs spells up to 5 points
  4. Reflects 6 point spells
  5. Spits Poison 3/day POT = CON (30)
  6. Vomit Acid 3/day POT=POW (40)
  7. Appears Confusing 30% Shimmer Effect
  8. Regenerate 6 points per round in each location


  1. The Fiend is supplied with well-made armour and wears overlapping chain and plate on legs, abdomen, chest and arms and chain and cuirboilli on the head.
  2. When defending the Temple, the Fiend uses Ironhand, protection and fanaticism, trying to overwhelm one opponent per round and relying on his armour and regeneration to absorb damage. When outside the temple, he is more cautious and prefers to parry rather than take the risk of being slain and having to be resummoned.
  3. Although the rules say that fiends have Blade Venom on their claws, I never use Blade venom (because I think it is too powerful) and have substituted systemic poison