Tin Feather (Lost Storm)

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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Tin Feather was also called StormWing, after one HeroQuest he was known as Stormwing Thunderhand, but most knew him as Tin Feather. When he was captured in Dorastor and bound in a prison, his skills atrophied as he was not worshipped apart from a few descendants who remembered their lost ancestor. This worship maintained his link to Storm and kept him strong, although he is only a shadow of what he used to be.

When found in his prison, he will attack any who cross its boundaries and will try his hardest to kill them. He uses his Storm abilities to the hilt and thinks nothing of defeating even his kinsmen. Once released, he will return to the mountains and try to gain new supporters from the Wind Children of Sartar and the Rockwoods. He is incredibly vain and arrogant and assumes that Wind Children will follow him simply because he is with them. He will not try to make friends, but will command people to worship him. He will only teach the Courage spell to those who have proven themselves to him and can join his cult. Female windchildren must prove themselves by marrying him and bearing his offspring. Males have to pass his three tests of Courage, Strength and Wisdom and must come to his Underground Aerie in order to show their dedication to him.

Stormwing Thunderhand (Tin Feather)

Wind Child, Hero of Orlanth Thunderous
STR 40CON 40SIZ 30INT 20POW 30DEX 50APP 25
Move POW/2(15)/POW(30) Flying Fatigue 80 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 30 Hit Points 35 Dodge 500%
HP 35
FP 80
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Punch4300%3D10 General Hits+ 3D10 MP
Shield300%POW (30)
Thrown Flint1300%1D4 +4D3 +1D10 General Hits + 1D10 MP
Left Arm17-1819POW/9
Right Arm15-1618POW/9
Left Wing13-1416-17POW/9
Right Wing11-1214-15POW/9
Left Leg04-0603-04POW/12
Right Leg01-0301-02POW/12

Spirit Magic

Speedart, Multimissile, Fanaticism, Protection 10, Ironhand 7

Divine Magic

Worship Orlanth Thunderous, Sanctify Orlanth Thunderous, Summon Sylph, Bind Sylph, Raise Wind 10, Lower Wind 10, Warp Wind 10, Cloud Call 10, Lightning 20, Thunderbolt 10, Rain 5, Snow 5, Shield 20, Courage 20, Bless Thunderstone 20

Heroic Castings

Courage, Thunderbolt, Lightning, Raise Wind, Heal Wound (automatically gives POW (30) in MPs per use)

Courage (1 point, non-stackable, reusable, temporal)

When cast on a Wind Child, Courage allows the Wind Child to go underground without suffering the normal crippling effects.

When cast on anyone else, Courage acts as a fanaticism spell while undergound, but allows them to parry as well. They also defend against Fear spells while underground with Species maximum POW.


Magic Skills POWx5%, Agility Skills DEXx10%, Communication Skills APPx10%, Combat Skills POWx10%, Perception Skills POWx5%, Stealth Skills DEXx5%


Stormspeech POWx10%/POWx5%, Tradetalk POW%, Heortling POWx3%


Thunder Hand INT 10 POW 40 Tin Feather's Ally knows no Spirit Magic and was stripped of his Divine Magic when he touched a TrueStone Pillar in Fort Wrath
Tin Feather can bind a sylph into each finger and thumb of his Right Hand but currently has none
He can bind a Magic Spirit into each Nail of his Right Hand but currently has none
He can bind a POW Spirit into each knuckle of his Right Hand but currently has none

HeroQuests Known

Whistling Caves, Taming of Storm Bull, Creating Bag of Winds, Defeat of Aroka, Hill of Gold, Arming of Orlanth, Bull's Path, Long Descent, Yelm's Halls

Special Powers

  1. Has natural armour AP=POW
  2. All weapons skills = POWx10%, can only used listed weapons
  3. Move = POW Flying, POW/2 Walking
  4. Polished Tin Shield has AP = POW and is unbreakable
  5. Can throw Lightning Bolts at a cost of 1 personal MP, each bolt does POW/5 D6, currently 6D6
  6. Can control Sylphs on a POWvsPOW roll (but adds 50% to chance of success, being a Wind Child)
  7. His Right Hand is made of crackling flint and is a Thunder Stone. Instead of doing normal damage, this causes POW/10 general hit point damage and POW/10 Magic Point loss, currently 3D10 for each. This effect is blocked by magic and is backed to 39 points for punching through defensive magic.
  8. If a piece of flint is picked up in his right hand and thrown it counts as a one point Thunderstone, causing 1D10 general hit points and 1D10 Magic Points damage in addition to the normal damage done. He always has a number of flint nodules in a bag at his side.
  9. He generally wears no clothing and fights naked, with a small bag at his side and a belt across his chest.
  10. His Right Hand acts as a shrine for the purpose of repraying Orlanth Thunderous magic and increases the effectiveness of a Temple by one level, making nothing a shrine, making a shrine a small temple etc.
  11. Any Wind Child within Tin Feather's POW in metres is affected by the Courage spell, although this effect stops when not near Tin Feather.
  12. When undergound, he is immune to Fear based spells and effects

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