Crystal Skull

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Created On This Crystal Skull is an Atyar Temple Guardian, found in the Thanatar Temple beneath Plateau Wrath It was a HeroQuest in the First Age and has been active ever since When Arkat destroyed the Atytar Cult in Dorastor, the Crystal Skull was lost, buried within the Ruins, but was awakened when Ralzakark reformed Fort Wrath and the new Thanatar cult found the old Atyar Temple Now, the Crystal Skull acts as a Temple Guardian and keeps the Old Secrets that most other people have forgotten
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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The Crystal Skull is a giant Human Skull made entirely of clear, glowing crystal.Anyone coming close will be unable to determine the type of crystal as it is unknown elsewhere. Any chippings from the Skull act as POW Storage Crystals but scream loudly when brought into daylight.

Crystal Skull

Temple Guardian of Atyar
SIZ 80
INT 50POW 200
Move 10 Flying Magic Points 200 Hit Points 200 Dodge 1000%
HP 200
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Fiery Glance11000%MPx10
Breath21000%MP vs MP for Paralysis

Special Powers

  1. Its Breath is an area effect as dragon breath with range = POW metres. Anyone caught within the area who is overcome in a POW vs POW contest is paralysed for 200-POW rounds
  2. Fiery Glance produces a fireball doing Magic Points x 10 damage, it can be dodged and armour protects normally, this hits a single location and is as a normal attack.
  3. Flies at Move 10
  4. Can move other objects up to 1000 Kg, Move 3, no Magic Point cost, requires a concentration roll
  5. Can see or hear anything seen or heard by Thanatari Initiates within the Temple
  6. Can take control of one Thanatari at a time without a MP struggle anywhere in the Temple
  7. Can only be damaged by Adamantine weapons or by Critical hits by Rune Metal Weapons
  8. Can be damaged by Disrupt or similar spells but not by Lightning, Sunspear or similar spells
  9. Can Heal itself at a cost of 1 Personal MP for 1D10 hit points healedat will
  10. Can Teleport to any Atyar Shrine/Altar within the Great Temple at will and at no cost