The Doomed Man

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2000

The Doomed Man is a Thanatari Hero who lives in Dorastor. His story is told elsewhere, but these are the statistics of the Doomed Man encountered during my campaign. This Doomed Man was an Orlanth Wind Lord who came to Dorastor to kill Chaos. He took pity on the previous Doomed Man and offered to take his place, thinking that he could withstand the temptations of Chaos and make a difference. He was wrong.

Each Doomed Man knows how to pass the mantle onto another as long as the new Doomed Man willingly accepts the Doom. The ritual takes an hour to perform and involves the ritual severing of the head by the Doomed Man. Once the head has been severed the Doomed Man is transferred and he can detach his head at will and use it to fly around. The old Doomed Man loses the abilities gained as Doomed Man and cannot detach his head.

When he dies permanently and enters the Halls of Judgement, Ikadz will claim that by accepting his Doom, the person belongs to him. Not even Orlanth will contest this fact and the old Doomed Man will be dragged to Ikadz' Halls for an eternity of cleansing.

When detached, the body and head have different statistics, given below. When combined, the hit locations are as normal.

The Doomed Man

Hero of Thanatar

The Head

INT 16POW 30
Move 10 Flying Magic Points 30 Hit Points 30 Dodge 150%
HP 30
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Fiery Glance1150%MPx5
Breath2150%MP vs MP for Paralysis

Spirit Magic

Bladesharp 6, Heal 6, Protection 4

Divine Magic

Flight 3, Shield 7, Worship Orlanth Adventurous, Woad 10, Teleport 2, Lightning 8, Charisma 2

Heroic Casting

Create Head, Ingest Scroll

Special Powers

  1. Its Breath is an area effect as dragon breath with range = POW metres. Anyone caught within the area who is overcome in a POW vs POW contest is paralysed for 200-POW rounds
  2. Fiery Glance produces a fireball doing Magic Points x 10 damage, it can be dodged and armour protects normally, this hits a single location and is as a normal attack.
  3. Flies at Move 10
  4. He can Heroically Create Heads or Ingest Scrolls. This meant that making the spells reusable to him cost Personal Magic Points, not POW

The Body

STR 64CON 64SIZ 16INT 16POW 30DEX 20
Move 3 Fatigue 128 DEX SR 2 Magic Points 30 Hit Points 40
Hit Points 40
Fatigue 80
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Touch4150%MPvs MP for paralysis of location
Garrotte4150%3D6 + 4D6
Garrotte is a Sever Blade, in other words, physical protection is halved when figuring how much damage is done
If used to remove a head (doing damage = Head's HP in one blow) the head's soul is trapped inside the head in a Thanatari Head accessible by the Doomed Man. The Doomed Man has no limit on the number of heads he can control.
Left Arm18-2019-2030/10
Right Arm15-1717-1830/10
Left Leg06-1005-0830/14
Right Leg01-0501-0430/14

Special Powers

  1. While in a Thanatar Temple in Dorastor he cannot be killed. What actually happens was that any damage that would kill him could be thrown off onto any of the Thanatar cultists within the Temples of Dorastor, including spells such as Sever Spirit. All died knowing they were helping a Cult Hero.
  2. While in a Thanatar Temple in Dorastor he can access any spell stored in any of the heads, regardless of who owned the head.
  3. While in a Thanatar Temple in Dorastor, he can extract knowledge or memories from any of the Thanatar heads, as if he owned them.
  4. He can manifest on any Thanatar Altar in Dorastor simply by thinking about it.
  5. If the body and head are joined, the Doomed Man can speak and is allowed to beg any person for help once
  6. When the Doomed Man is within a Thanatari Temple, his STR and CON are multiplied by 4
  7. This particular Doomed Man has AP=POW, but this is not normal. For ritual combat, he fights naked and wears Woad, otherwise he fights without armour and wears normal clothing