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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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These are the statistics of the Raven. When this Spirit is summoned to the Plains of Prax, it has different characteristics and must be rolled up each time, although its core abilities remain constant.


Praxian Deity, One of the Three Feathered Rivals
STR 5D6 + 25(43)CON 10D6 + 50(85)SIZ 6D6 + 30(51)INT 40POW 10D6 + 200(235)DEX 60
Move 16 Fatigue As Rolled (127) DEX SR 1 Magic Points (235) Hit Points (68)
HP As Rolled (68)
FP As Roled (127)
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Talons1300%4D6 + 5D6
Peck1300%2D8 + 5D6
Wing Buffet1300%10D6
Left Wing14-1716-1930/17
Right Wing10-1312-1530/17
Left Claw03-040230/23
Right Claw01-020130/23

Special Abilities

  1. Wing Buffet has a STR = Raven' STR, Damage Bonus = Raven's Damage Bonus and does damage to the General Hit Points of all within the area affected
  2. Shrouded in Darkness and difficult to hit - 200% Shimmer Defence (as Shimmer 40)
  3. Can Hide in Darkness - Invisible until attacks at night
  4. Raven attacks with Claw, Claw, Peck each round
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