Son of Thed

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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The Son of Thed appears as a muscular giant broo, 40 metres tall with curved horns of gold and teeth of silver. His skin is covered in open sores that pulsate and occasionally burst, spraying screaming pus to all nearby. Anyone who is not a broo looking at him for more than a glance feels nauseous and will be violently ill, unable to perform any other actions.

If seen before his release,the Son of Thed will be at Plateau Wrath nailed to the rock and covered by stone, hiding him from view. He is nailed by seven adamantine nails, each six foor long, one through each palm, one through each foot, one through his throat, one through his heart and one through his penis and scrotum. When in this state, he cannot act and can only suffer as the nails burn beyond what can be borne. His skin still pulsates but does not release pus. Any Broo who sees him will be overcome by a feeling of pain and, if male,will feel the wounds he suffers and will be unable to have an erection for a whole year afterwards.

When freed, he can act as normal but the wounds in his flesh will never heal, dripping foul blood to the ground. This blood will change form and become a random disease spirit,a deformed broo with 2D6 chaos features or a Thed Wailing Void that will remain for 1D10 rounds and disappear, leaving behind a random creature as normal. If the blood is caught before touching the ground, it will give the drinker 2D6 chaos features and transform the drinker into a male broo with the special feature that he knows whether a person is a female virgin and, if so, he must attempt to ravish her.

The Son of Thed is too unstable to remain around for too long. Once released, he will soon be forced away from the mundane plane and into the Chaos Relams. He can be summoned from Chaos by various means, all involving HeroQuest. In my campaign, he was linked to the PCs and could be summoned to act as a Chaotic opponent to their HeroQuests. Unfortunately, he never lasted more than one round against Brankist who had many special abilities when fighting Broos.

Son of Thed

40m tall Broo Hero, Demigod, Son of Thed and Wakboth
STR 380CON 200SIZ 340INT 40POW 1500DEX 20
Move 40 Fatigue 580 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 1500 Hit Points 270
HP 270
FP 580
Spirit Pool 500
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Fist4400%10D6 + 90D6
Stomp4600%20D6 + 90D6 + Knockback into ground
Bite41000%5D6 + 45D6 + Swallow
Butt4300%10D6 + 90D6
Grab4200%10D6 + Capture
Can only Bite those it grabbed last round
Has two attacks per round in addition to Spirit Combat
Can only Butt Giant opponents (20m if he bends over)
Left Arm16-1818-1990/68
Right Arm13-1516-1790/68
Left Leg05-0804-0690/90
Right Leg01-0401-0390/90
Non-giant opponents can only strike the location they are closest to, even if flying. Giants smaller than 15m roll 1D8 for location, giants below 20m roll 1D12

Special Powers

  1. Has oozing sores all over body, these can explode with Spirit Pus producing 1D100 Spirits, each costing 1 POW to create and each having 4D6 + 12 POW that attack foes in Spirit Combat with a Spirit Combat skill = 2xPOW%. Each member of the Spirit Pus can be reabsorbed to give the Son of Thed + 1 POW.
  2. Can tear off part of his spirit and throw it to attack one foe in spirit combat with a Spirit Combat skill = 2xPOW%. This portion of his spirit has ND100 POW where N can be chosen by the GM. This counts as Spirit Combat by the Son of Thed.
  3. He maintains a Spirit Pool of available Magic Points that he can use to cast spells or heal himself. This Spirit Pool is unlimited in size and is filled by defeating opponents in spirit combat and absorbing spells
  4. Any spirit of person defeated by him in Spirit Combat (reduced to 0 MP) is annihilated and becomes part of his Spirit Pool.
  5. Any spell touched by him or cast at him is absorbed and its intensity added to his Spirit Pool. Spells such as Shield, Great Parry or Truesword still have an effect when they are struck, so Shield willprotect against the blow and Truesword will increase damage before being absorbed.
  6. Any Magic Points lost to him by opponents in Spirit Combat are added to his Spirit Pool.
  7. Anyone swallowed by him is permanently and completely destroyed and has ite MPs and the MPs of any bound spirits, enchantments and crystals added to his Spirit Pool.
  8. He can boost his Spirit Pool at will by moving his own Magic Points to the Spirit Pool.
  9. Can heal himself automatically by using the Spirit Pool, at a cost of 1 MP per point of damage healed, this includes general hit point damage
  10. He is afraid of Fire and will not attack anyone with flame around them, even standing within a ring of fire

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