Granny Keeneye

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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In my campaign, I used Granny Keeneye sparingly, she only appeared once or twice to plague Solarus. The first time was when she offered to cleanse Brankist of a Plague Spirit that he had managed to capture. She took the spiirt and gave birth to a new Disease Spirit that infected the women of Balazar and made them infertile nymphomaniacs, thus ensuring the disease spread very quickly. This was foiled by the PCs, thus making her an enemy. She appeared again when Solarus and Derak hatched a plan to rid Solarus of Tin Feather's occupation of Griffin Mountain. These two planned to strengthen the Chaos forces that traditionally appear as part of the Holy Day rites at the Orlanth Temple at Griffin Mountain. They planned to organise a Chaos attack from Festering Island to force the wind children and Orlanthi fromthe mountain. However, things went horribly wrong when Granny Keeneye possessed the person dressed as a broo for the ritual combat and proceeded to disrupt the Orlanthi ritual to such an extent that the PCs had to work together to kill the chaos forces that they themselves had summoned.

During this combat, the following statistics of Granny Keeneye were used, to great effect.

The order of events of the combat went as follows:

  1. Festering Army Chaos Army attacks Griffin Mountain, led by Derak as the Shining One, killing the Orlanthi at the bottom and starting to attack the Wind Children
  2. This was during the Sacred Time Rituals when the Orlanthi Summoned their Enemy
  3. The High Priest stages the mock fight against an sctress dressed as a broo
  4. Granny Keeneye possesses the actress and breathes acid on the High Priest's face
  5. Her tentacles reach out and attack the High Priest and three Wind Lord attendants
  6. Granny Keeneye kisses the High Priests, killing him, and breathes acid on his sword, destroying it
  7. She castrates the Wind Lords and High Priest and reaches into Ernalda's Bushel and pulls out a handful of seeds that she throws at the onlookers. The seeds become Passion Spirits, Pain Spirits and Wraiths, attacking the onlookers
  8. She breaks open the Orlanth Altar and out steps Cacodemon, Cwim and the Son of Thed to engage the PCs (These were all attacked previously by the PCs on HeroQuest and were now linked to them as opponents, so anyone powerful enough could invoke them as Chaos Foes against the PCs)
  9. The Thanes attacked Granny Keeneye and were paralysed when they struck her, leaving themselves open to her tentacles
  10. The Son of Thed lasted nearly a round against Brankist and his amazing Sword
  11. Cacodemon flew against Tin Feather, grappled him in mid air and covered him with particularly nasty Vomit, dissolving him to nothing.
  12. Bolgar, Brother of the Bull, engaged Cacodemon by garrotting him with his Golden Garrotte. This took four rounds and all the Strike he had but he managed to twist its head off, sending it back to the Chaos Voids.
  13. Cwim was killed by a number of things, mainly Solarus and his magicians
  14. Granny Keeneye was driven off by Derak who also closed the Chaos Void
  15. The Chaos army was defeated by the Orlanthi, the Wind Children and Solarus' army
  16. The Orlanth Temple was abandoned by the Orlanthi and Wind Children but Derak was made High Priest and Protector

Granny Keeneye

Chaos Demigod, Spirit of the Elder Wilds
STR 15CON 18SIZ 16INT 24POW 1000DEX 21
Move 3 Fatigue 33 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 1000 Hit Points 17
HP 17
FP 33
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Breath1105%Poison/Acid spray POT=MPs Expended
Touch4105%MP vs MP for Paralysis
Kiss9105%4D6 General Hits
Left Arm16-1818-190/4
Right Arm13-1516-170/4
Left Leg05-0804-060/6
Right Leg01-0401-030/6

Spirit Magic

Demoralise, Disrupt, Endurance 12, Second Sight, Slow 6


Powered Crystal POW 2D6, gives following ability - alldamage taken does not come off hit points, but is taken from Magic Points, either personal magic points or stored magic points. The user cannot stop this effect. When the user runs out of magic points then the effect ends until there are magic points available.

Special Abilities

  1. When dressed in a broo costume, looks like a broo
  2. When broo costume is removed, head is one huge open sore, oozing pus and blisters, eyes are pools of grey slime, mouth is full of decayed teeth, tongue is long and muscular, hands are clawed and twisted, she has vaginal tenatcles that can stretch for 12 metres
  3. Anyone she strikes is subject to a Paralysis attack - POW vs POW to be paralyed for 1D20 rounds, costs 1 MP
  4. Anyone striking her is also subject to the Paralysis attack
  5. Her breath is an acidic poison of POT=MPs expended, so if she expends 40 MP then this produces 40 POT Acid and Poison
  6. Her kiss is always on the mouth and does 4D6 damage to general hit points, armour and spells do not protect
  7. She can attack with 4 vaginal tentacles per round. These can only attack males and always hit the groin.
  8. When they make contact,they transmit the Paralysis attack and then carry out their special attack. They try to make their way beneath the clothing and armour, if attack roll is a normal success this takes 2 rounds, if a special success 1 round, if a criticalsuccess 0 rounds. Once beneath the clothing, they wrap around the scrotum and emasculate the target permanently. The testicles cannot be reattached or regrown and may only be replaced through HeroQuest, although the specific HeroQuest has been long forgotten. Anyone castrated will be Paralysed for a further 20 rounds at no extra cost.
  9. Granny Keeneye is driven away by thick smoke or the sound of Pan Pipes, this is known on a roll of Balazar Lore, Orlanthi do not know this.