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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2000

This version of Cacodemon was used once in my campaign, to assist Granny Keeneye in the Chaos attack on Griffin Mountain organised by the PCs. The PCs were attacked by Granny Keeneye, Cacodemon, Cwim and Cacodemon. This may seem excessive and may be quoted as an example of how out of controlmy campaign had become that I had to use powerful Chaos Demons to attack the PCs, but each of these Demons had been fought by the PCs on HeroQuests before and they were all Heroic Enemies that could be summoned by powerfulHeroQuestors against the PCs. Each time they were fought, the link was strengthened and the probability of them being summoned in future was increased. The PCs bever twigged this and kept on fighting these demons.

I never used this incarnation of Cacodemon again as it was a throw-away rollup.


Chaos Demigod, appears as 9m tall Gargoyle
STR 474CON 319SIZ 80INT 21POW 288DEX 13
Move 10 Fatigue 793 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 288 Hit Points 200
HP 200
FP 793
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Breath3480%POT 100poison cloud
Right Claw6720%10D6 + 70 + Poison
Left Claw6720%10D6 + 70 + Poison
Bite + Poison6480%10D6 + 70
Kick + Poison9480%10D6 +70
Tail9600%10D6 +70
Wing Buffet9480%10D6 +35
Vomit Acid12720%POT 288 Acid
Claws and kick transmit poison POT 100, treat as Blade Venom if used or systemic poison otherwise
Bite has Venom POT 100 acts 3 rounds after the bite and is only treatable by Fiend Venom Antidote
Acid drenches all locations within a 3m diameter circle. I play that allfiends can Vomit Acid (POT = POW) as a Heroic Ability costing 3 MP
Wing Buffet is an area effect affecting all within the area, no parry or dodge allowed, minimum armour only protects
Left Arm17-181998/50
Right Arm15-161898/50
Left Wing13-1416-1798/50
Right Wing11-1214-1598/50
Left Leg03-0403-0498/66
Right Leg01-0201-0298/66

Chaos Features

  1. Skin
  2. Befuddle 1 opponent /round
  3. Breathe 3D6 General Hit Point Fire 6 times per day, range 12m
  4. POT 100 Acidic Blood - Affects weapons that penetrate armour, except Gold or other Acid-immune weapons
  5. Has poisonous kick, as claws
  6. Regenerates 50 hit points per location per round
  7. Only damaged by magic or runic weapons
  8. Spirit attacks slayer after death until defeated or driven off
  9. POW 288 POW Storage crystal in skull, ENC 20, in form of Chaos Rune, non chaotic
  10. Poisonous Breath, range 25m, as dragon breath, POT 100