Nelat's Guardian

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2000

I set this guardian at the Baths of Nelat when Bramkist went there. The Triton had been defeated by Orlanth himself,but not slain, and now guards the entrance to the Baths of Nelat, trying to prevent Orlanthi from entering the Baths.

This Triton is not particularly powerful, as it was written when the campaign was in a medium-high level, still in progression from Rune Level to Hero Level campaigning. However, I think it is quite powerful enough for most PC HeroQuestors.

Nelat's Guardian

Water Demigod, Guardian of the Baths of Nelat
STR 60CON 50SIZ 80INT 30POW 50DEX 40APP 50
Move 16 Fatigue 110 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 50 Hit Points 130
HP 130
FP 110
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Trident1500%3D6 + 9D6300% 35
Tail Slap4300%2D6 + 9D6
Net1400%Entangle400% 50
Sea Dart1300%1D10 + 9D3
With Seastrength the Damage Bonus is 13D6
Left Arm16-1818-1940/33
Right Arm13-1516-1740/33

Spirit Magic

SelfINT 30 POW 50Bladesharp 10, Demoralise, Disrupt, Mobility 10, Protection 4, Second Sight200 MP Available
AllyINT 15 POW 30Ironhand 15100 MP Available
Magic Spirit 1INT 18 POW 30Healing 10, Dispel Magic 8, Heal Wound 10, Heal Body 4, Command Undine 3, Restore Health DEX 4100 MP Available
Magic Spirit 2INT 15 POW 20Protection 1520 MP Available
Magic Spirit 3INT 15 POW 20Shimmer 1520 MP Available

Divine Magic

Command Undine 6, Drown 10,Fear 10, Seastrength 5, Fang of Wachaza 3, Heal Wound 10, Magnify Command 4, Submerge 10, Whirlpool 10, Command Shark, Command Octopus, Command Sea Serpent, Float 10, Extension 50


  1. The Guardian takes half damage from fire
  2. The Guardian takes double damage from electricity/lightning
  3. He never allows a Storm Cultist to pass and will always attack if the HeroQuestor attempts to pass
  4. He may allow a non-storm cultist to pass on payment of a sufficiently large amount
  5. In combat,the Guardian casts Fang of Wachaza, Seastrength, Protection 15, Bladesharp 10 on trident, and attacks with the trident and parries with his unbreakable net, his damage bonus is then 13D6
  6. His Ally has Seastrength, Protection 15 and Ironhand 15 cast, its damage bonus is then 20D6

Sea Serpent Ally - 60m long

STR 100CON 80SIZ 150INT 15POW 30DEX 7
Move 10 Fatigue 180 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 30 Hit Points 115
HP 115
FP 180
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Bite7200%2D6 + 15D6
With Seastrength the Damage Bonus is 20D6