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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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There are many peoples in Dorastor who are not found elsewhere. One of these is the Stonemen. The Stonemen are found near Plateau Wrath and the Seven Hills. They were not known in the time of Nysalor but were known soon after Dorastor opened its borders and came back to life. Nobody knows how they came into existence, but some suspect they are warped Jolanti.

The Stonemen are living statues, in a similar way to Gargoyles or Jolanti. However, Stonemen are not sculptured or shaped, rather they seem to be lumps of stone that walk. They are vaguely humanoid in shape but resemble piles of moving rocks, imagine a humanoid shape cut out of a cliff face and you get the picture.

Stonemen have a natural camouflage ability against stone and this gives them a 200% Camouflage when against stone. If they succeed in the Camouflage, it takes a special Scan to see them if they do not move, or a normal Scan if they move.

Stonemen are chaotic and have a POWx1% of having 1D3 Chaos features.

Some Stonemen have access to Spirit Magic and a few can join cults and sacrifice for Divine Magic, but this is rare. Exceptional Stonemen become shamans, but these normally have raised characteristics. Those that are Shamans learn to make Battle Rage Potions and are quite sought after.

Some Stonemen have special Battle Rage Potions that their shamans brew. Once drunk, these potions drain 6 MPs and make the drinker enraged for 10 rounds, doubling attack skills, preventing parrying, dodging and casting defensive magics. After the 10 rounds, if the drinker does not roll INTx2% then a further 6 MPs are lost and the effects continue for 10 rounds. The effects stop if the drinker rolls INTx2% at the end of a ten round period or reaches 0 MPs in which case they collapse unconscious. Some people seek out the Stonemen especially to gain their potions.

STR 6D6 + 20 (41) CON 6D6 + 20 (41) SIZ 6D6 + 20(41) INT 2D6 (7) POW 2D6 (7) DEX 2D6 + 7 (14)

Fist (1D10 + 4D6) SR 4 100%

HP 41

Fatigue 82

Move 3

Left Arm16-1818-1920/15
Right Arm13-1516-1720/15
Left Leg05-0804-0620/16
Right Leg01-0401-0320/16