Tentacles 2007 Between the Dragon and Deep Blue Sea Writeup

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Created On 29 May 2007

Last Updated On 29 May 2007

Copyright © 2006 Simon E. Phipp

My character came through for Between the Dragon and the Deep Blue Sea and I was playing Deregash, an old monk, the power behind the throne. As I had played an old monk, power behind the throne in Rising Tsar, I couldn't help feeling a bit typecast, but I decided to make the best of it.

I didn't want to hire a costume as I had limited luggage capacity, so I decided to make my own. My train was late every day in the week of the convention, so I could not make it to a costume shop for props, so had to make my own beard from cotton wool. Thursday evening was spent fighting with bedsheets, web hemming strips and cotton wool until I came up with a matching white robe/hood/bag and beard ensemble that didn't look half bad at all.

But, I became more and more worried that I wouldn't be able to pull it off and would have a bad Freeform. However, it all worked very well. I united the Dara Happans and we all worked together. We supported our Glorious Emperor after the Dragon Emperor had deposed him, even though he was incredibly depressed.

We raised armies from the Yelmalians, Alkothi and Carmanians, putting them under the charge of the Carmanian Warlord.

I searched the Skies for answers from the heavens, we heroquested to restore the Emperor, I drove off a dragon with my Comet Rain, I escaped the clutches of the Dragon Emperor with my purity and together we brought back Yelm. We were betrayed by the Orlanthi on a HeroQuest and they left us behind in Hell, having killed our Emperor and also defeating and robbing our Alkothi of some magic. Fortunately, he managed to lead us back from Hell and we became immune to the Dragon Emperor's powers of command over us. We got our revenge in the Lightbringers' Quest, however, as the Orlanthi trickster betrayed them in the Only Old One's Halls and killed a serving wench, breaking the Laws of Hospitality and leaving them stranded in Hell. They came grovelling to us in their shame and apologised, prostrating themselves on the ground before mighty Yelm, which was only right and proper.

In the end, we persuaded them to bring back Yelm, although unbeknown to them, we had actually brought Yelm back during our earlier Quest, the only faction to have actually brought back one of the Greater Gods early on in the game.

Finally, Yelm and Orlanth fought the Machine God Zistor, beating it into submission. Then they turned to each other, full of might, and had the choice to fight or befriend and they both chose friendship, which was nice.

We worked together as a team, unlike all the others who put their individual goals first, something I am particularly proud of. All of us sacrificed some of our goals for the greater good, but together we achieved most of our individual goals, except that someone else actually did them. So, I didn't get the truth rune, but another Dara Happan did.

It was a good freeform, but had it's niggles. The Dragon Emperor took the throne very quickly, leaving us with a struggle to keep the Emperor actually playing. The Orlanthi block-booked HeroQuests for over an hour, completely disappearing from the game. Two of our HeroQuests were cancelled because they either didn't call us or we didn't hear our names being called. If they play a similar freeform again, they should have a number of HeroQuest tokens that allow groups to heroQuest and the HeroQuests should be rotated amongst various factions so that one won't block book all the HeroQuest slots.

Pretty much everything else seemed to work out all right. We ended up with an army to beat all armies and kept Yelm's Footstool safe from harm.

The weather was incredibly hot, so much so that when I had dressed in my robes, I put my hood on and immediately took it off as I was so hot. However, once outside under the relentless sun, I was extremely glad of having a white hood to sheild myself. Some players even said they weren't going to Dara Happa as it was in the ful glare of the sun, which was appropriate. Our Emperor had a nice umbrella as a sunshade, which proved his power over Yelm.