Tentacles 2007 - Tabletop Games Writeup

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Created On 29 May 2007

Last Updated On 29 May 2007

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I played several tabletop games during Tentacles. The first was Greg Stafford's game, which I had won entry to in the Gloranthan Lottery. I hadn't played in a game with Greg for more than 10 years, so I was quite looking forward to it. I was playing Trollball until just before the game, so I had to leave Andrew in sole charge of the trolls, but he carried on and won the game himself. We decided on the Crimson Tide, an event in King of Sartar and quickly rolled up our characters. I was a bit surprised that we needed the rulebook to roll up characters as I was expecting something a little freer than that. We started about 9.30 pm and played until about 12.30, so it was good long game. The game itself was very atmospheric, although didn't include any HeroQuesting or Mythic interaction, which was s real shame as Greg is so good at that. But, we enjoyed ourselves, found the source of the Crimson Tide and some of our characters survived, even though mine didn't. It was a good scenario, although a couple of players bowed out halfway through due to the lateness of the game and tiredness.

On Sunday, I watched the Trollball losers' games, as I had nothing planned all day. I met Paolo Guccione who had written Stupor Mundi and I saw that he was running one of the scenarios, so I signed up, even though I had proofread it a few weeks earlier. When 3 o'clock came, I found that Andrew Wood was also playing in the game, so I was in good company. We played the first scenario, investigating a medieval kidnapping, I played a sailor, Andrew played a Saracen archer and Leon played an astrologer. The Astrologer tried to look through a wall using Project Sight, fumbled and summoned a group of guards. In fact, he cast four spells and failed each and every one, to much ribaldry. We searched around the area, avoiding guardsmen, prostitutes, magicians and undead. We checked out some shops and tried to find out where the kidnapped girl was, but failed at every turn. Eventually we lucked out and the Saracen sweet-talked a locksmith into selling us some lockpicks and we picked a lock to a house and met some slavers, who we swiftly dispatched. Job done and a very enjoyable scenario, although we missed most of the plot points. I hadn't played an Alternate Earth game for a long while and really enjoyed it. Hopefully, the new RuneQuest will allow more authors to produce similar supplements for this setting.

Finally, Andrew invited me to play in his Broo Wine game, which started at 7. There were a lot of players, including Paolo and Leon from the previous game, Grégory and one of the Trollball players and Sean Varney from Greg's Game and the Freeform, so I knew most of them. I played a caravan guard, Sean played a sorcerous dragonewt, which was odd as he played one in Greg's game as well. Grégory played a troll and his friend played a trollkin interpreter, and their double act had to be seen to be believed. We spent some time getting introduced and eventually found a group of broos. We broke for the auction and closing ceremony and returned for the rest of the game. Only some of us made it back, Andrew, me and our merchant, but we carried on, beat the broos and solved the problem, finishing at around 2 o'clock.