Why the Sun is so High Up

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Created On 2 August 2002
Last Updated On 2 August 2002
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Once, Grandfather Sky held Grandmother Earth in a loving embrace and the Sky and the Earth were together. Our horses rode equally well upon Earth and Sky and flew between them at will. Then Grandmother Earth bore a new son, he was Grandfather Storm and was a noisy baby, always crying so that Grandfather Sky got a headache. Grandmother Earth was tired with all the crying and she forgot to wash the baby's nappy away from everyone and she hung it on her fence foe everyone to see. Grandfather Sky was so ashamed that he pulled away from Grandmother Earth and became far away. At this, Grandfather Storm stopped crying and ran around waving his nappy in the air and ran nine times around the world. Behind him wafted the smell of his nappy and everyone was ashamed of what he was doing. The Thunderer chased him and tried to stop him, but could not catch him properly.

That is why the Sun and the Sky are so far away.