How the Sun Returned

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Created On 2 August 2002
Last Updated On 2 August 2002
Copyright © 2002 Simon E. Phipp

Once the Plains were cold, for there was no Sun. An evil black witch lived beneath the earth and she was cold for her realm had no light. She desired warmth and devised a cunning plan. First, she brought a couple of thieves to her realm and gave them a black knife, so sharp that it could even cut the sun's rays. Then she waited for the thieves to quarrel with the Sun and slay him. The Sun came to her realm but did not embrace her, because he thought her beneath him. Enraged, the witch hid the entrance to her realm with a great boulder.

A single hero named Ainar lived on the Steppes, but he was a strange one for he did not ride a horse but instead rode a deer. Once, he was riding through the Steppes and he found a place where the earth was warm. His deer struck the ground with its hoof and split the ground, releasing fire that fountained towards the Sky. Ainar slipped into the crack and found a trail of golden fire stretching ahead into the ground. He followed it and had many adventures. He found the Golden Horses and released them, sending them back to the surface. He found the Twins and struck them with his sword, splitting them into a man and a woman. He married the Soft Earth and killed the Hard Earth when he came to claim his sister. Finally, he came to a place where everyone seemed to be in agreement and were helping each other, even though at that time nobody helped anyone else.

Ainar saw the Sun and crept to him, whispering that he knew the way to the surface and that now was a good time to escape. Ainar led the Sun to the surface, helped by the Golden Horses and Soft Earth. When the Dark Wolves threatened to eat them, the Twins came to help, one grabbed their noses and one grabbed their tails and they threw away the Dark Wolves. Ainar carried the Sun across the Dark Waters in a sack made of deerskin so that the Dark Witch would not know that he was gone. Finally he came to where his deer had made a hole in the ground and started to climb, but the Sun carried on along the path and left by another door. So, nobody knew that Ainar had brought the Sun back, nobody except Soft Earth, the Golden Horses and the Twins.