What my Father Told Me - The Helerings

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Created On 8 August 2002
Last Updated On 8 August 2002
Copyright © 2002 Simon E. Phipp

The Helerings? Pah! Let me tell you of the Helerings. They were our worst enemies, they fought alongside Worcha and the other gods of the sea when the seas took our lands. They took part in the Rape of Mavora and took our women, debasing them. Mighty Vingkot himself faced their Greatship, who was not chaotic but might as well have been with its tentacles and fangs dripping poison, and broke its back ridding the world of another evil thing. Even when the seas were stopped, the Helerings stayed on, living on the mountain tops and sailing in their boats. It was only when Orlanth pulled Heler, naked and sobbing, trussed up like a ripe slavegirl, from the Blue Dragon's belly that Heler became Orlanth's friend. "Staunch as Heler" my arse, he helps those who help him and betrays everyone. The Helerings said they were our friends and drained some of the lands they had stolen, but they came in the night and took our women.

After the Dawning, they were no better. Heler was reborn from a dragon's belly and many embraced the Dragon Ways, bringing shame on those of us who remained true to Orlanth. They were the first to help the Jrusteli and sailed their boats to help that corrupt empire. But they were punished, oh yes, and the lands rolled over and the Storm dashed their boats and even the seas rose up and drowned their lands. Then the Oceans themselves turned against them and stopped their boats sailing. Thus were these traitors humbled.

Never trust a Helering, for he will take your woman and smile at you afterwards. We stand on the firm earth and are steadfast, they stand on the shifting seas and so does their truth. They wear blue but are not warriors. They prefer fish to mutton and beef. Never marry a Helering woman for they smell of fish and can never be faithful.

That's what I know of the Helerings. Pah!