Shantar and the Horse Maiden

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Created On 27 December 2011
Last Updated On 11 Auguist 2002
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Once Shantar was a great and noble hunter, strong and fast. He often used to hunt the wild horses on the plains. One time, the horses would not give in to him and fled his approach. He followed them until he reached the banks of the White Horse Lake [1] and lost track of them. He was puzzled for he did not understand where they could have gone. Then he saw a yearling stuck in the mud and he went to where it was and pulled it from the mud. He jumped on its back and struck it with its lash. The yearling cried out and turned into a beautiful young maiden. "Do not hit me, for I am your destiny" she said. Shantar married the maiden and their descendants are well known for their skill at riding and especially their skill at taming wild horses. I know, for I am of their blood.


1. White Horse Lake can be found just past the Redlands, on the Plains of Pent. It is a dead lake, with no fish and with water that is milky white in colour. The Nymph of the Lake once stole some koumiss from Kargzant's mares and to punish her, Kargzant told his mares to fill the lake with koumiss so that she would never have to steal it again. Since then, no fish live in the lake and the nymph can be seen drinking koumiss and riding the horses that live within the lake.