Kantar and the White Horses

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Created On 27 December 2011
Last Updated On 11 Auguist 2002
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Kantar was a great and strong hunter who was famed for his skill with dogs. It is said that he was descended from Brother Dog himself. Once, Kantar was hunting in the plains with his great hound Mantar. Now, everyone knows how strong and fast Mantar was and everyone knows how proud Kantar was of his brother. They reached the woods that surround White Horse Lake and they met a youth whose skin was as white as koumiss and whose hair was black as night[1].  He congratulated Kantar on his hound and asked for him as a gift. In return, he promised to bring a herd of white horses from the lake. After many hours, Kantar grew tired and agreed to give Mantar to the youth in return for the horses. The youth led him to the lake and dived into the milky waters with the dog and appeared with a milk white mare. He led the mare to Kantar and bid him mount her. He then taught Kantar to whistle in a certain way and told him to ride away, whistling, "but whatever you hear, don't look back until you cannot see White Horse Lake" [2]. Kantar set of and heard a great snorting and neighing behind him. He rode until he could bear it no longer and turned around to see his prize. As he laid eyes on them, the horses of the herd snorted and turned around to gallop back into the lake. All that remained were a dozen mares that had made it to dry land. Kantar led the horses back to where his yurt stood and brought a white stallion to the herd. The stallion mounted each of the mares and finally approached the first mare that Kantar had ridden from the lake. As the stallion came close, the mare rose up and neighed loudly, lashing out with her hooves. Each time he approached, she rose up and would not let him near. At last, Kantar moved in and took her by the bridle. "Hush, my beauty, why do you complain so?" he asked. "Because, my lord, I only wish to be with you" the mare replied and changed form into a beautiful maiden with milk white skin and hair and eyes of the deepest black. Kantar was amazed and led the maiden back to his yurt and they became man and wife there. Their descendants are good horsemen and can speak with their horses as if they are people.


1. This is the son of the Nymph of the Lake. He is said to be searching for a hound that is as fast as the wind, as strong as the earth and as wise as the sun. Nobody knows why he is searching for this dog, but many believe that he requires it to woo his true love.

2. This has been used by others to HeroQuest and gain horses from White Horse Lake or to gain a wife. This HeroQuest is known by the descendants of Kantar.