Dancing Stallion River

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Created On 11 August 2002
Last Updated On 11 August 2002
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There was once a Khan who went to White Horse Lake and offered his daughters to the milk white youth who lived there in return for a stallion from the lake. The youth tested each of the daughters in turn and took each one beneath the waters of the lake. As he took the last one, he returned with a milk white stallion that shone like the sun. The Khan was well pleased for he did not want to pay dowries for his daughters and had gained a stallion like none other. He rode the stallion back to his camp and all who looked upon it were impressed by its beauty and speed. One youth looked upon the stallion and knew that the Khan must have traded his daughters for the horse. This youth was angered for he loved one of the Khan's daughters and planned his revenge. When the Khan slept, the youth crept into the herd and took the stallion away. The guards saw him and cried out, but none could catch him for the stallion was too fast. The youth made his way to Black Hill and put up his yurt on the slopes of that place. He used his great strength to break slabs of stone from the hill and made a camp for them both. There they lived for a while until they were discovered. Many people came to claim the stallion but the horse spoke in a human voice and told the youth "we must flee for they wish to possess me." But the youth would not flee and would not give away his horse, so he broke his way into the hill and made a hideout within the hill. He put the stallion in the cave and covered the entrance with a huge rock that twenty men could not move. The youth then ran away so that the people would follow him. The stallion stayed in the cave for a long time and became afraid. He started neighing for his master and his cries echoed around the cave and were amplified so that they reached across the plains. The people returned and began to break the stones that covered his hiding place. As they broke through, the stallion stamped his hooves on the ground so hard that the ground broke and pure water sprang from the hoof prints. The stallion leaped as high as he could and leaped through the hole in the cave entrance. The stallion galloped across the plains and back to the White Horse Lake, followed by the waters that flowed from the cave. The stallion dove into the lake and was never seen again. The youth followed him and dove into the lake after him, but returned holding the Khan's daughter, his true love. Even today, Dancing Stallion River can be seen flowing from Black Hill across the plains and into the north side of White Horse Lake.