Pentian Hospitality

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Created On 27 December 2011
Last Updated On 12 Auguist 2002
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Once, when Yelm ruled his Empire [1], he decided to give his people holidays to make their work easier. All of the peoples of his Empire sent a representative to Yelm's Court to claim their holidays. Yelm gave each of the representatives five holidays for their people. The Pentian representative loaded the holidays on his cart [2] and set off for his plains. Before he arrived home, the axle broke and the cart overturned, spilling the holidays onto the ground where they were lost. The poor man returned home and said that he had no holidays to give the people. After this, the people found that their work was long and tiring, for they had no holidays to break the work up. After a while, they asked their representative to return to Yelm's Court and beg for more holidays as their were lost. When he reached Yelm's Court, the representative was led into Yelm's presence and the Emperor asked who he was and what he wanted. "I am the Pentian representative and I have come to beg for some more holidays, for ours were lost when my cart overturned with a broken axle. My people are sad for they work and work and have no days off to do other things. We need holidays, my Lord." the representative said. Yelm looked at him and it seemed that he was saddened, "I am sorry," he said, "but I have run out of holidays. If you really have need of holidays, invite guests to your yurts. When they come, ask them to bring a holiday as a gift. That way you can have as many holidays as you need."

The representative returned to Pent and told them what Yelm had said. Ever since, the Pentian people are known for their hospitality, for whenever a guest comes to a Pentian yurt, they stop working and declare a holiday, they feast and drink and make merry. This is Pentian hospitality.


1. The Pentians were part of Yelm's Empire, even though they followed Kargzant rather than Yelm. They were still subjects of the Emperor.

2. Pentians do not just ride horses. They often draw small carts behind their horses to carry goods. These are not heavy carts as the plains of Pent do not have roads or even trackways. These are steppe carts and are light and easy to drive.