The Three Feathered Rivals (Overview)

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Created On 28 March 1999
Last Updated On 28 March 1999
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These appeared first in the Nomad Gods game and figured in Different Worlds 3 where they were combined into a single cult. They have since appeared in Tales of the Reaching Moon 15 where they were given some new spells. However, nothing else has really been said about them.

What I am trying to do here is to flesh out their mythos and their interactions so that they can be used in a Praxian RuneQuest campaign as something more than figures on a gameboard.

I have taken the cults from Different Worlds 3 and split them into distinct cults. I have also separated out the Special Abilities and moved them to the Sacred Societies where I feel they are better suited. The Sacred Societies are new and I think work really well. I have also given statistics for the Rivals so that they can be awesome encounters in a mystical environment. I have also added something to the sketchy Mythos that originally existed.

Hopefully these articles make sense and have enhanced the original work and built on them to produce something new and useful.