Thunder Arrows

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Created On 20 May 1998
Last Updated On 20 May 1998
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Tin arrows with flint arrowheads. When activated, the arrowhead sparks as a Thunder Stone.


Yelm, other Fire/Sky cults


Cult Secret, Few


When Orlanth killed Yelm during the God Time he picked up the objects that Yelm left behind with him as spoils of victory. Some of these objects were the golden arrows that Yelm had fired at him. Orlanth filled these with his own power and transformed them into Thunder Arrows.

During the First Age, many followers of Orlanth HeroQuested and travelled back to his victory over Yelm. There they found the method to create Thunder Arrows.


The Thunder Arrow variant of the "Orlanth Slays Yelm" HeroQuest is available from many Orlanth Great Temples. A determined Orlanthi Wind Lord should be able to locate the HeroQuest by travelling around the Temples.

To create the Thunder Arrows, the Orlanthi must perform the "Orlanth Slays Yelm" HeroQuest and must take one or more of the arrows fired at him during the fight. If no arrows were fired at him, he may not create Thunder Arrows. He must then use the Create Thunder Arrow spell on each arrow to create a Thunder Arrow.

A member of the Thunder Arrow Magic Weapons Subcult may use Thunder Arrows created by another member by sacrificing 1 POW per point of the Thunder Arrow.


A Thunder Arrow acts as a ThunderStone when fired at an enemy. For each point of the Thunder Arrow the Thunder Arrow does 1D6 MP and 1D6 General HP damage to the target. The damage is blocked as normal Thunder Stone.

Once used, the Thunder Arrow is de-activated and must be re-activated using the Bless Thunder Arrow spell.


Thunder Arrows will sell for 1000L per point in the Thunder Arrow.


Thunder Arrows have several advantages over normal ThunderStone. They have a longer range and are easier to use, most Wind Lords being more proficient with a bow than with throwing rocks. Thunder Arrows are re-chargeable and may be reused.

Thunder Arrows are also more expensive to create and may only be created at the culmination of a HeroQuest. They may only be re-charged and created by members of a small Magic Weapon Subcult of Orlanth which is only found in certain Great Temples.

The following spells are available from a Thunder Arrow magic weapon subcult whose members only include those who have successfully performed the "Orlanth Slays Yelm" HeroQuest.

Create Thunder Arrow (Stackable, 1 Use, Permanent, Ritual Enchant)

This spell may only be cast at the culmination of the "Orlanth Slays Yelm" HeroQuest by the Orlanth of the HeroQuest.

The caster must have collected arrows fired at him by Yelm during the Quest. He then casts the spell and attempts the Enchant roll. If the roll is successful, he loses 1 POW per point of spell and enchants the Thunder Arrow. In any case, he uses the spell and must re-sacrifice if he wants to create more in the future.

The Thunder Arrow created will act as a Thunder Stone when fired as detailed above.

Bless Thunder Arrow (3 point, Reusable, Permanent)

This spell may only be used on a Thunder Arrow which has been used. It charges the Thunder Arrow so that it may be used again. The spell has no effect on a Thunder Arrow which has not been attuned to the caster.