Thunder Mountain

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

Thunder Mountain was thrown up in the Darkness by a The Man of Light, Son of Lodril and Dorasta who had created a fortress against the Dark. Somewhere along the way, the mountain had become sacred to Orlanth - I think that Orlanth’s Ram had leaped on it a couple of times, thus making it a focal point for a couple of good Magic Roads which the party never found out about.

Anyway, Thunder Mountain had been made famous by a First Age follower of Orlanth who recognised it as a Holy Place and had performed the Running Deed there.

The Running Deed was simply to run around Thunder Mountain in a spiral, starting a certain distance away and running around, moving closer and closer until you eventually run to the peak. The trick was to do this in a day and all in one go without stopping. If you did then you would never tire again. Of course, you had to do it naked without Mobility magics.

When the party found out about it, one of them had to have a go and it was Brankist. He stripped naked and immediately turned Blue (he had a Woad ability which gave him his POW in woad when he was naked, a Great Gift from Orlanth which he was dreadfully embarrassed about). He started off and began to run. The rest of the party stayed nearby with Extended Mindlinks and cast Endurance and Invigorate spells all day. They had worked out that if they pooled all their Magic Points they could keep him running for 24 hours which would just be enough. True enough, Bankist made it to the Peak with a couple of Fatigue points left and no Magic Points spare. (calculators and a bit of work beforehand works wonders). This gave Brankist the ability to run and never tire. After a bit of discussion, we interpreted this as Brankist never losing Fatigue Points through physical exertion, although he could be magically drained, through Beserker for instance.

This was another Impressive Deed, of which there are a few in Dorastor, and deserved mention.

I never really used Thunder Mountain as anything else apart from the Man of Light’s fortress and later on the focus of the Golden Eagle/Zorak Zoran/Orlanth Alliance, but that’s another story.