Hero Wars Time Line

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Created On 19 June 1999
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This is a brief Time Line of the Hero Wars. It is taken from King of Sartar and the Gloranthan Encyclopaedia in the most part. I have tried to include those events that affect the Hero Wars. Where dates differ, I have taken the King of Sartar dates. This is no way complete and may well be inaccurate, but it is a fairly good guide to the Hero Wars Time Line. A long-running campaign will be able to use this to provide some sort of continuity and perhaps allow the PCs to interact with the events, fighting in the battles or meeting the Heroes.

Where an event has taken place without dates specified, I have not included the event apart from the slaying of Cragspider and the Red Tides as both are fairly important events.

Other people have produced Time Lines and Histories that are a lot detailed than mine. I will include links to their sites at a later date.



1613 Starbrow's Rebellion in Sartar crushed, Starbrow flees to Holy Country
1614 Duck-Kill in Sartar and surrounding areas
Wolf Pirates visit Corflu but do not raid as it is so poor
1616 Pharaoh is killed and does not re-appear, Holy Country is leaderless
1618 Watchdog of Corflu animated
1619 Lunar army invades Heortland (Holy Country) from Sartar
Karse is taken in naval assault launched from Corflu
1620 Heortland conquered except for King Bryan in Whitewall
Argrath rumoured in Pavis
Cold Wind rebels in Sartar and Prax
1621 Giant Cradle floats down Zola Fel to Sea
Garreth Sharpsword (Argrath) boards Cradle and vanishes
Argrath meets Harrek and fights duel, losing but joins Wolf Pirates
Whitewall falls, no rebels found
Fronelan Ban lifted - Arrolian Reaches part of Empire
Gim Gim the Grim returns to the Lunar Empire from Pavis
1622 Voor-ash invade Redlands, defeated by militia
Tatius in charge of Dragon Pass
Chaos Army - Larnste Print
Begin building of Temple of the Reaching Moon in Holy Country
Bryan and Hendrikiland rebel, crushed by Lunars/Chaos
Red Earth Alliance attacked , thrown out of many cities, chased by Lodrili
Red Earth Queen asks for Lunar army but is only sent Grazeland Horse Army
1623 Bryan defeats Grazeland Horse Army
Red Earth Alliance lands invaded, leaders trapped in necropolis, Lunars send army
Lunars besiege Nochet
Voor-ash invade again, defeated at great cost to the Empire
1624-1634 Argrath's rise to power in Prax and Dragon Pass
1624 Empire sends large part of army to Oraya to fight - weakens South (Most of Sable Riders are here)
Trouble in Aggar, major dissent quelled by Provincial Army
Argrath sacks Corflu with Wolf Pirates and remains in Prax
Argrath returns to Prax and takes Corflu
Bryan asks Harrek to help -payment is Wonder City
Warm Earth Allance/Wolf Pirates/Western Barbarians attack Lunars at Battle of Pennel (Milran)
Red Earth lands raided
Wolf Pirates sack City of Wonders
Temertain killed by Humakti fanatics
Battle of Mirin - Orlanth released from his chains
1625 Argrath in Pavis, Lunars chain all herdbeasts with Crimson Chains
Jaldon Goldentooth appears (Argrath unites tribes)
Pavis taken by Praxian army lead by Argrath and Jaldon
Jimgrim (Gim Gim) captured and killed/destroyed
Praxian army defeated by Lunar Demon
Bryan marches north with army - destroyed by Demon, Bryan killed
Grazelanders revolt and raid Lunars
Clayday/Harmony/Earth Season - Temple of the Reaching Moon is sanctified and eaten by Dragon together with most of Lunar Army present
Tarsh takes Alda Chur and marches on Boldhome
Starbrow leads Sartar Army, defeats Tarsh at Dangerford
Starbrow made King of Sartar
Starbrow's Short Lightbringer Quest - Lunar disruption
Ellia Karazumur, Orlanth's Bronze Sword Prophet, leads Voor-ash against Redlands (Aelwrin captured)
Dragon eats Lunar HQ in Sartar
1626 Battle of Queens between Tarsh and Sartar, Starbrow killed but Lunars defeated
Army of the Bull invades Sartar - Boldhome taken
1627 War in Dragon Pass, Redlands and Aggar
Argrath invades Boldhome and frees Sartar
Argrath leads Sartar Army and frees Aldachur at battle of Sword Hill
Argrath lights Flame of Sartar
Argrath King of Sartar
Ellia Karazur invades Redlands, Voor-ash people from Pent claim to know nothing of the Nights of Horror or agreements
Aelwrin becomes King of Aggar
Wolf Pirates sack Holy Country, Argrath and Harrek fight
Harrek plunders Black Horse County and Boldhome
Argarth King of Holy Country until Pharaoh returns
1628 Chaos Armies in Footprint and Snake Pipe Hollow, Telmori raids in Sartar
Jar-Eel and 10000 elite Lunars in army
Jar-Eel and Harrek fight at Battle of Heroes
1629 Argarth marries Feathered Horse Queen, becomes King of Dragon Pass
1631 Jar-Eel defeats Bronze Sword prophet, becomes head of Blood Splitter cult (Emperor's Sister is involved and Full Moon Corps)
1631/1632 Argrath invades Tarsh and is King of Dragon Pass
1632 Argrath conquers Tarsh
Jar-eel defeats Aggar rebellion, falls in love with Aelwrin

Good Empire

1634 Argrath betrothed to Queen of Holay - King of Dragon Pass and Saird
Jar-Eel invades Tarsh with horsemen (Char Un) and elves from Elder Wilds
Wolf Pirates attack
Argrath and Oslir fight
Jar-Eel attacks Argrath's Queen
Lunars invade Dragon Pass and Sartar
Temple of Reaching Storm begun to be built
1635 Battle of Yoran - lunar victory
1636 Argrath makes pact with Gonn Orta
1638 Argrath gets mercenaries from Prax
1639 Battle of Dwernapple (Too Tall Battle)
1640 Argrath and Queen of Holay marry - King of Dragon Pass and Saird
1643 Argrath marries Queen of Holay (Inkarne)
Amstad of Dunstop killed
1656 Jar-Eel and Harrek meet in combat

Massed Lunar invasion led by Red Emperor
16733-1679 Lightbringer Quest
1673 Argrath starts Lightbringer Quest
1673-1677 Harrek Reigns
1677-1680 Pargenten reigns
1679 Sheng Seleris freed from Hell and returns to Pent
1680 Battle of Dantolful
Battle of Motarison City - Red Emperor killed and eaten by Sheng Seleris

ShadowMoon / New Moon Empire

Sheng Seleris uses powers taken from Red Emperor and becomes Emperor of Shadow Moon Empire
War in Peloria versus Shadowmoon and New Moon Empire
1706 Argrath frees Valind's Son and sacks Palace of Summer, kills Kalikos IceBreaker and her Heroes
1707 Great Winter - Year of Winter
Argrath kills half the mares in Sheng Seleris' herd
1708 Battle of Gardint - Sheng Seleris killed and imprisoned in Hell as before
Argrath King of Dragon Pass, Saird and Peloria

Cragspider killed between Great Winter and Monster Empire (1708 - 1725)

Monster Empire

Chaos Rules
Gods awakened and able to help out
War in Monster Empire
1725 Dragons destroy the Red Moon

Gods Slain and world changed - End of RuneQuest
1733 Apotheosis of Argrath

Other Events

Red Tides (After Amstad of Dunstop killed - 1643, Plagues, Full Moon Dancer, Mistress of the Red Tides)