The Sky and Storm Tribes

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NB. Unfortunately I do not know as much about the Sky Tribe as the Storm Tribe, so much of this will be incomplete. When I get back to Ireland I will be able to look at my reference books and correct the mistakes I have made here. In the meantime, if I have an incorrect parentage for a deity or I have made mistakes in the description, please let me know. For instance, I do not know the parentage of Kargzant or Lokarnos, so they are floating around.


When the world was young many of the Greater Gods were still being formed and were full of Power and Creation. Two of these deities, Gata the Primal Earth and Aether the Primal Sky lay together, their bodies touching, and from their union came a new God Umath the Primal Storm. One of Umath’s first deeds was to demand a place for himself in the Cosmos. When his father refused, Umath stood on the Cosmic Mountain and lifted his father onto his shoulders. He stumbled under the weight and took a stumbling, spiralling path to the edges of the world. Thus, he created the realm of the Air which lies between Earth and Sky and he also created the shape of the Storm Rune by his spiralling path.

As Primal Storm, Umath took a place on the Celestial Court, although the Sky worshippers would dispute this. He took little part in the affairs of the Gods, most of the deeds of the Storm Tribe were performed by his many descendants.

Umath quickly devolved into his constituent parts, with some children born with the aid of other deities but some coming directly from Umath with no outside intervention. Thus was the Storm Tribe born.


The first Son of Umath, Kolat resembled his father the most as he was Elemental Storm. Like his father, Kolat played little part in the affairs of the Gods and devolved into his own parts.


The Kolati are the children of Kolat. They are the Storm Spirits, winds, hurricanes, storms and cloud banks. They generally played little part in the Grand Scheme and acted as supporting characters. One of the Kolati, Aerlit, married a Water Nymph and their son was Malkion the First Prophet of the Invisible God.


The Umbroli are the Elemental children of Kolat. The first Umbroli were intelligent and godlike Sylphs, capable of wielding the powers of Storm. Their children were smaller, less powerful and intelligent. Each generation lost some intelligence, size and power until the normal sylphs were born. Generally the Umbroli played little part in the affairs of the Gods, acting as servants to their Kin.

Wind Children

These were the result of Kolat playing with the Man Rune. They are the Storm People. Delicate, winged humanoids, Wind Children live in their eyries in the mountains and hills and play with the winds and storms. Many are powerful shamans and masters of the winds but they play little attention to those outside their eyries.


The Inner Wind, No Wind or Eye of the Storm, Brastalos is one of the Seven Winds but deserves a place here as her story is important. When the Spike exploded, a great Void opened up and threatened to swallow up the world and destroy it. Many deities leapt into the Void to try and fill it but were consumed. Brastalos tried to help and entered the Void with another deity of the Water Tribe, Magasta. The two combined their forces and became a huge whirlpool using his body and her Storm Shape. This Whirlpool succeeded in evading the Void and filled it. Ever since there has been a Whirlpool, hundreds of miles wide, at the centre of the Ocean, carrying anything caught within into the bowels of Hell.

One of the results of the union of Brastalos and Magasta was the Waterspouts. These are elementals of Air and Water and can be found in the ocean attacking vessels. Many can be bound or tamed by powerful people and can become useful servants.

The Winds

Kolat had seven important children, the Seven Winds. These are the North Wind, South Wind, East Wind, West Wind, Upper Wind, Lower Wind and Inner Wind. The Inner Wind is described above. The North Wind was an ally of Valind and Humakt and often fought alongside them. The East Wind was an ally and friend of Storm Bull. The Lower Wind blew in Hell and was related to Hell Roar the Troll Avenger. The Upper Wind blew in the Skies and little is known of it. These Winds often played incidental roles in the affairs of the Gods, appearing in the myths of others.


Vadrus was the Violent Storm, embodying his father’s unruly tendencies. He is know mainly through his children as he was slain in the Gods War. One of his deeds was the slaying of the Demon Enkolosus and the freeing of the Blue Lady whom he took with violence, that being his way. Their dauhgter was the Mist Woman.


Probably the most powerful of Vadrus’ children, Valind is the God of Winter, master if his Glacier in the North. When the Gods’ War came, Valind spread his influence across the world, extending his Glacier until it almost reached the Ocean to the South. The Sky Gods did not like this and attacked him with Kalikos, God of Summer, and his allies. Together with other deities, including Urox, they drove Valind back to the North. There he waits upon his Glacier in his Castle of Ice.
Daughter of Valind and the Rockwood Mountains, Inora sits on her Glacier and brings Winter to the people of Prax, Balazar, the Elder Wilds and Saird. She is most famous for fighting Yemalio at the Hill of Gold.


The Wild Hunter, god of outlaws. Gagarth inherited his father’s violent nature and soon began to tear the world apart. His violent winds swept the lands and destroyed everything they met. He became so troublesome that Orlanth himself was forced into action and defeated Gagarth a number of times in Kinstrifes. Finally, Gagarth was banished to the Wastes of Prax, an outlaw, where he still lives, bringing his violent whirlwinds out of the desert to plague the nomads.


Daughter of Vadrus, Molanni is the treacherous Still Air or Calm Air. She is best known for seducing and marrying Yelm, Orlanth’s rival, and for being the mother of Daga, enemy of Orlanth.
God of Drought, Daga is the son of Yelm and Molanni. During the Gods’ War he spread his terror over parts of Orlanth’s kingdom, causing suffering and death. Orlanth had to defeat the Blue Dragon and free Heler, god of rain, in order to defeat Daga. Now, Orlanth keeps Daga in a Bronze Jar beside his throne so that Orlanth may wield his powers when he needs to.


Son of Umath, Humakt was a war god and trained with Kargan Tor on the slopes of the Cosmic Mountain. He fought alongside his allies the North Wind and Valind in many of the early battles. He is most famous as the God of Death and took that power for himself from the depths of Hell. When Orlanth stole Death and used it to kill Yelm, Humakt severed all ties with his brothers and lost his Storm Powers. Ever since he has been the God of Death and War. Amongst his tales are the slaying of Malia, Thed and Ragnaglar and the breaking of the Well of Death.


This Hero was the son of Humakt. He was born in Brithos and was raised by Elves during the early days of Nysalor’s Bright Empire. He recognised the Evil that came with the Empire and fought against Nysalor for 75 years, HeroQuesting and increasing his powers. He became a Hrestoli Knight, then a Sword of Humakt, then a troll and Death Lord until he finally destroyed Gbaji and Dorastor. He then retired to Stratham Well having created the Dark Empire which covered most of Central Genertela. Arkat was known as the Betrayer for he betrayed all who were close to him in order to achieve success. He destroyed more in his opposition to Gbaji than the armies of Gbaji ever did. At the end, it is unsure who was worse - Arkat or Gbaji.

Storm Bull

Urox is the Desert Wind, full of violence and rage, son of Umath and Mikyh the Dragoness. He studied with Kargan Tor, learning the arts of warfare and when Death came he took its power with a vengeance. Several times he offended Orlanth who had to tame him using only a lariat and pointed stick. Once he twisted off the head of a mountain in the Storm Hills to create Storm Walk Mountain. Urox lived in the Wastes near Prax and ruled that area for Genert, his master. When Genert was killed, Urox fought the Chaos that would invade Prax and was generally successful. Finally, his nephew Wakboth the Devil came to Prax and fought Storm Bull. The fight was long and hard and Urox was nearly defeated but the Earth aided him in the form of his wife Eiritha who gave him her power. Finally, Storm Bull called on the Cosmos for help and a piece of the Spike fell to the earth and crushed Wakboth. This was the Block, a piece of Truestone a mile high and the most sacred place to the Storm Bull cult.


Waha was the son of Urox and Eiritha, born in Prax during the Darkness. He taught the people of Prax how to survive and created a Covenant so that more would be able to live on the blasted lands. Each of the peoples of Prax agreed to become Food or People, mainly humans became People and animals became Food, apart from the Morokanth who became People and their humans who became the Herd Men Food.

Waha fought the God Learners and Pavs after time began but was defeated by both. He now broods and waits for the time when the Nomads of Prax can become powerful again as they once were.

The Founders

These are the children of Storm Bull and Eiritha. They are the Founders of the tribes of Prax. They played little part in the affairs of the Gods, being intersted in protecting their tribes and fighting the Chaos that had invaded Prax. They can be summoned even now to aid their people and appear as giant, animal headed men of great power.

The Horned One

This son of Storm Bull is famous for beheading Tien the Chaos God. He followed Tien throughout the world and when Tien entered Hell, he slew himself so that he could follow. He then beheaded the Chaos God and looked away, only for the headless body to strike him down.

Sky Bulls

Descendants of Storm Bull and the animals of Prax, these are winged cattle which fly the shies of that country. Rare now, they are the enemies of Griffons who delight to catch them. Occasionally they may be captured and tamed, but this is rare. There is a HeroQuest at Storm Walk Mountain which allows the Questor to return with a Sky Bull.


These are the descendants of Storm Bull and the people of Prax. They are huge, bull headed humanoids with fearsome tempers and enormous strength. They have a Battle Rage which makes them fearsome in battle. Now they mainly live in Beast Valley in the Holy Country.


This son of Umath was driven mad by Sex Demons while in a Pit. He was never the same afterwards. He had the ability to impregnate anything and used this with gusto. He was the God of Rape and Lust and used his powers across the world. He fathered the race of broos on his wife Thed, having raped her many, many times. After Humakt killed Ragnaglar, Thed and Malia, they hid in Hell and plotted their revenge. Ragnaglar impregnated Thed again and they produced a son, Wakboth the Devil. This son lead the Chaos armies across the world and almost destroyed it. Finally, Ragnaglar was killed by Urox and sent to Hell one last time.


The Devil. Wakboth was Evil Incarnate. He led the armies of chaos and destroyed all he met. He killed many deities and destroyed the Cosmic Mountain. Finally, he fought Storm Bull in Prax and was crushed by the Block. Some say he is still there, pinned under the mountain, waiting to rise once more and do battle with the world.


These are the descendants of Ragnaglar and Thed. They are a chaotic race and have filthy habits. They delight in rape and can impregnate any creature, male or female, thus they breed with their Father’s violence. They follow Malia and carry her diseases, spreading death throughout the world. Now, they live mainly in the wastes and chaos nests of the world, hunted by all right-minded people.


Possibly the most important deity in Glorantha, Orlanth was the son of Umath and Kero Fin, a mountain in Dragon Pass. Even as an infant, he dared to challenge Yelm the Emperor and started a train of events that would almost destroy the world. He challenged Yelm to many contests to prove who was stronger until finally he gained Death from his brother and used it to kill the Emperor. This began the Gods’ War or Lesser Darkness. He took Yelm’s wife as his own and became Ernalda’s Protector.

During the Gods’ War, Orlanth was strong and terrible, destroying many around him. Eventually, he saw that the world had gone bad and it was his fault, especially when Chaos came and began to destroy everything. He decided to make amends and began the Lightbringers’ Quest to restore Yelm to the world. The story of the Quest is told elsewhere and was long and hard, but finally Orlanth met Yelm in the underworld and asked for forgiveness. Yelm was freed by this and the deities returned to the surface with the new deity Time and made the world good once more.

Orlanth had many children and they had deeds and tales during the God Time too.


This is the Bad Storm. When Orlanth was brooding on the Evil that had been done in the world, his bad mood formed Urain the Bad Storm. Black, heavy clouds hung around, threatening and rainless. Monsters came from the clouds and attacked the people. Orlanth had to drive Urain away, another Kinstrife. Urain learned from his Uncles Vadrus and Ragnaglar how to be viiolent and evil. He is generally considered a Chaos God, but dies not possess that particular rune.


God of Hunting, Odayla is the son of Orlanth and the Wild Lady of Dragon Pass. When the people were starving, Odayla volunteered to find them food. He went with Yinkin his uncle and together they found food for the people and taught them how to hunt. Very few stories are told of Odayla.


The Ploughman, Barntar is the son of Ernalda and Orlanth and is the god of farmers. Few stories are told of him as he was not an adventurous deity. Harmast Barefoot was a worshipper of Barntar when he began the Lightbringers Quest.
God of Mead, this son of Barntar and the Honey Bee made a new drink for the people of Orlanth. He is worshipped in wild ceremonies of unrestricted passion where young men and young women may come together without the restrictions of normal life. The children that result are the Children of the Mead.


Daughter of Orlanth and Ernalda, Vinga became a warrior woman "dyeing her hair red" and helped defend the People of Orlanth when their king was on his Quest. Many stories are told of her but few agree.
This daughter of Vinga and Elmal became Vinga’s first Hero and the first of the Valkyrie. Her tale is told elsewhere.

Thunder Brothers

The Thunder Brothers are sons of Orlanth by various people. They are Storm Gods who defended the people of Orlanth in the Darkness. They are still worshipped by the people of Orlanth as ancestors and Heroes.


This son of Orlanth ruled the southern Orlanthi. He made many Quests in support of his people and brought back Orlanth’s Laws and the Staff of Justice. He is still worshipped as a Law Bringer and ancient King.

Thunder Bird

One of the contests between Orlanth and Yelm was the Contest of making. Yelm created the Sun Hawk and Orlanth created the Thunder Bird. The contest was judged by a Trickster spirit, Raven. The Trickster judged in favour of Orlanth and Sun Hawk, in rage, chased Raven from the field. Thunder Bird has since been the prime Storm Spirit in Prax, bringing rain and thunder to the land. He appears in a few myths but not many. His cult is small and not at all organised.


This is the Primal Sky. Born from Ga, Primal Earth, Aether followed the standard practice of being lighter than his parent, so the Seas floated on Darkness, Earth floated on the Seas, Sky rested on Earth. When the two deities lay together, Aether and Ga produced a third deity Umath, but his story is told elsewhere.

Aether joined the Celestial Court as Primal Sky and quickly devolved into lesser, more specialised forms. As a Primal deity, he plays little part in the mythos of the Gods, leaving that to his many and powerful descendants.


The first Son of Aether, Dayzatar is the Sky God. He is the aloof and lofty Sky, pure and unsullied by the world. He is almost unreachable and his cult is thought to be a little silly by other mortals. As one of the older gods, he also devolved into his lesse forms, creating gods to perform certain tasks rather than having to do them himself.

One of his more memorable deeds was when he left the Sky to search for Lightfore, his son. This meant that he had to create Ourania Queen of Heaven to look after the Sky for him. It also meant that he returned by climbing up the outside of the Sky and as such is intimate with the ways of Primal Chaos. The secrets he learned there have not been passed on to his followers, but must have helped him to keep the Sky pure.


This son of Dayzatar is a wandering deity. He is seen as a planet and was the first to travel the Sun Path which is now travelled by so many planets. He was slain by Chaos and only the actions of Dayzatar saved him.


Created by Dayzatar to be the Guardian of the Sky, Polaris is the Lord of the Dance and Keeper of the Heavenly Movements. He has a Star Castle which once sat above the Spike but because the Sky shifted, now stands near the centre of the Sky. He sent down many Star Captains to the world during the Darkness and assisted in the defence of the Sky from its invaders.


The Queen of Heaven and Goddess of Truth. Ourania was created by Dayzatar to rule in his place while he was gone. There are few stories about her as she is one of the purer deities and is almost as unreachable as her father.


Lord of the Sky Spirits, Lux is the father of the Angels. He quickly devolved and produced more servants with which to perform various tasks. His children are the Angels who guard the Sky and perform the mundane tasks of the Sky. Occasionally an Angel may be called to the World by a powerful person and may be bound, enslaved or persuaded to perform a service.


The Emperor and Sun, Yelm was an early God, the Second son of Aether. When the world was young, War started and frightened the goddesses who ruled the world. They needed someone to protect them from the War and chose the Sun God, Yelm. He fought their enemies and successfully protected them as Emperor. When the enemies had been defeated, Yelm retained the title of Emperor against the wishes of the Goddesses.

Yelm performed many deeds in the God Time, from fathering the Flowering Plants on Aldrya to driving Malia away with his bright light and fierce rays. He is famous for the contests he had with Orlanth, the majority of which he won. After the Contest of Weapons, Yelm travelled the Path of the Dead and went to Hell where he fought the Darkness Gods and made a place for himself in Yelm’s Mansion. There he sat and brought Justice to himself by using his own powers, causing Orlanth to come to him and make amends for having wronged him. The deities then made many pacts and came to a Compromise whereby each accepted the right of the other to exist. Yelm then left the land of Hell and returned to the Skies where he belonged.


Son of Yelm and Ernalda, when she was Yelm’s Queen, Yelmalio was the Forest Sun amongst the Elves, the Mountain Sun amongst humans and the Winter Sun amongst the Storm Tribe. He was a protector of the Elves and defended the forests alongside High King Elf and Arroin. He met Orlanth, Zorak Zoran and Inora on the Hill of Gold and was defeated by all three. He is now the god of mercenaries and the Sky Dome.


Called the Splendid, Yamsur was a son of Yelm and a mighty warrior. He had a Tower in the far North which acted as a watchpost and marker of the extent of Yelm’s kingdom. He rode the Hippogriff as a steed. He was truly splendid. Unfortunately, he was slain by Chaos and nobody knows anything else about him.


This son of Yelm took pity on the ruined remains of Hippoi who was once Hippogriff before her Claws had been ripped off, her wings brokes and her beak shattered by various gods. He took Hippoi and calmed her, taming her and agreeing to be her friend. In this way he founded the Hyaloring Clans of Pent and Hippoi became the Horse goddess.


When Yelm was slain by Orlanth, he made several deities. Vrimak and Antirius were the two important ones. Antirius became Emperor when Yelm passed to the realms of Hell. He ruled the Empire for a long time, keeping it safe until the enemies defeated him time and time again. He went to the Hill of Gold where he was cruelly defeated twice. Finally, he gave his cloak to his followers and disappeared.


The God of Birds was created when Yelm died. A portion of Yelm’s Soul sped upward towards the Sky and became Vrimak. As the God of Birds, Vrimak became the father of many kinds of birds and is recognised as an ancestor deity. He befriended Yelmalio his brother and helped him a few times. There are few stories concerning Vrimak.


This son of Yelm founded the City of Raibanth and joined his brothers in founding the Dara Happan Empire. When the Red Goddess came to conquer Dara Happa, Raiba left his temple and greeted her as a friend and kinswoman.


Another of the Dara Happan gods, Yuthu founded the city of Yuthuppa and made it a centre for Star worship and Astrological knowledge.


Thunder God of the Shy Tribe, Shargash is a God of violence and war. When Umath picked his father up onto his shoulders, Shargash attacked him and forced him to walk the Spiral path which was Shargash’s own. Shargash is the wargod of mighty Alkoth, a city that has never fallen in battle. He controls the powers of lightning and Thunder and is the Fiery Storm.

Sun Hawk

The Sun Hawk is the Praxian Sun God, created by Yelm in one of his contests against Orlanth. He plays little part in the Grand Scheme, preferring to remain in Prax and to squabble with Raven and Thunder Bird.


Created when Yelm fell into the Styx and the light and darkness mixed, Anilla is the Goddess of the Blue Moon. Part Sky, part water and part darkness, she tried to enter all three realms and succeeded in none. She was attacked in the Sky and her body fell to the ground and crushed a Chaos City at the Blue Moon Plateau. Now she spends some time in the Sky some in Hell and some in the Sea where she controls the Tides.


This blue-skinned son of Anilla founded an Empire of blue-skinned descendants in Pamaltela. It was conquered and the Veldang now serve as slaves to others.


Bloody Goddess of Dusk, this deity wanted to avenge her father’s death and sought Orlanth. When he came to her Castle in the West and asked to be allowed into Hell, she gladly opened the Brass Gates and allowed him through. Little else is known of her.


Goddess of the Dawn, born at the moment of Yelm’s release, Theya founded a new society of the Theyalans who were the Dawn People.


The Archer. When Yelm learned how to use the bow, he created Sagittus to hold the power for him and to be his bowman and archer. Little else is known of him.


God of drought, his tale is told elsewhere.


Third Son of Aether, Lodril has the Earth, where Dayzatar has the Sky and Yelm the Empire. Dayzatar was lofty and unreachable, Yelm was a remote Emperor but Lodril was a God of the People. He is the Volcano God and God of Peasants.

One of his early deeds was to attack Krarsht in the form of the Sky Spear and to fight with her underground. This caused him to be infected with her disorder and to be tied to the Earth. Later he burst from the Ground in a huge volcano and destroyed a Chaos Army in the Footprint. Argan Argar then defeated and captured him, forcing him to build the Castle of Black Glass in the Holy Country.

Lodril was a lusty god and fathered many children on the Goddesses of the Earth.

Monster Man

Monster Man is the God of the Peasants. He is the one who is called when the peasants are oppressed and victimised by an Evil Emperor. He is the vengeance of the Peasants and every oppressive Emperor fears him. He was last summoned against Sheng Seleris and drove that Hero from the Empire.


Caladra is the Fiery Daughter of Lodril. When Lodril lay within the Earth after fighting Krarsht, he knew the Earth and Caladra and Aurelion were the results of the union. Caladra came forth in Fire and Ash to destroy a Chaos Army in the land known now as the Holy Country. She was the Fiery Volcano and was worshipped with her brother Aurelion. Together they quested to make the world right, by asking Dayzatar for help and seeking allies against the Darkness.


This Gentle Earth God was the brother of Caladra and the son of Lodril. He awoke in the land of Jrustela where he threw up a mighty mountain range to block the advance of Chaos. He spent a long time trying to find his sister and they were finally united and became inseparable. Aurelion is the Restoring Earth, it is he who takes the Blasted and Burned Earth following a volcanic eruption and restores the fertility and wealth. It is due to him that the and of Caladraland is so fertile.


When Lodril was enslaved by Argan Argar he created the Lowfires to help the people outside. Eurmal came and released the Lowfires, taking them back to the world. The Lowfires were Gustbran, Mahome and Oakfed. Gustbran is the Smith God or Work Fire, big and Red-Haired, he forges the weapons of the Storm Tribe.


Mahome is the Hearth Goddess or Home Fire, she provides the cooking fires for the Storm Tribe and is worshipped by the women-folk.


Oakfed is the Wild Fire or Holy Fire. He cleanses those who are polluted by Chaos. He was fed the Forests of Prax to give the people light in the Darkness and is hated by all aldryami for the deed. He was conquered by Waha but can still be called by the Shamans of Prax.

Umath (Storm Tribe)

This son of Aether and Ga is described elsewhere.


This is the trader god, god of Wagons and Coins. He first invented the Wheel, a measure of Coinage used by the Solar peoples. He also invented trade and rode his wagons between cities. He is worshipped as a planet which follows the Sun Path.


The Sun Horse, Kargzant ruled the heavens after Yelm died, but was his rival beforehand. He sent his son Kalikos to drive back Valind. He also became the God of the Hyaloring Tribes of Pent who ruled Dara Happa before the Dawn.


This God of Summer drove back Valind and his kin with magics of Fire and Summer, with many friends and allies. His cult was revived during the Red Emperor’s reign over Dara Happa and was led by a Heroine. For this reason, many thought that he was a woman. Back to Home Page