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Created On 3 November 1997
Last Updated On 3 November 1997
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Vinga is the daughter of Orlanth. She is also a warrior goddess. In my campaign, she is the goddess of Clan Warfare.

When Orlanth was great he fought many of his Kin. In emulation of, many of his descendants fought their Kin and became unhappy as Orlanth had been. Vinga was the first to see how Orlanthi may fight Orlanthi and the result not be a Kinstrife. While Orlanth was away, Vinga taught the secrets of Clan Fights to his people and they were made happier.

Vinga had a daughter called Valkyra who followed her mother’s Path. She underwent the same trials and performed the same deeds until she approached Orlanth’s table and asked him for a favour, as her mother had done. When Orlanth gave her the favour, she asked for all his souls that she had killed to be her warriors and servants forevermore. This Orlanth granted her and she became a Hero of the Vinga cult.

The Valkyrie are those members of the cult of Vinga who have performed Valkyra’s HeroQuest and asked Orlanth for the same gift as she did. They live in Orlanth’s Realm and serve him, but as Heroes.

Valkyrie are surrounded by the souls they have slain in battle. Their Heroic Halls ring with the sounds of battle and joy as the souls continue their weapons practice and sport for the day when the Valkyrie lead them into one last battle against Chaos and the enemies of Orlanth.

Valkyrie have one common HeroQuest ability. Anyone who is an Initiate or higher in the cult of Orlanth, whether Adventurous, Thunderous, Rex, Lightbringer or other, who is killed by a Valkyrie in battle must join her in the Afetr Life. No Orlanth Divine Intervention will bring them back. Resurrection will not work. Divine Intervention to another deity may work but at double POW cost (I play that it doesn’t work, the person is lost and is permanently dead, but that may be harsh in your campaign). The person may be retrieved through a HeroQuest to the Valkyrie’s Halls where the soul is brought back to the normal world, but that would be difficult and dangerous and any Orlanthi taking part risks being killed by the Valkyrie himself.

One of the Valkyrie normally appears as a statuesque woman, well built and muscular with flaming red hair. Even those who did not start with red hair gain it as part of their HeroQuest - they are nothing if not literal. They wear full armour and carry a Large Shield and either a Sword or Axe. Most have performed the Shield of Arran HeroQuest and have access to Great Parry. All have access to True Axe, True Sword and Berserker. All are warrior women, if not necessarily warrior maidens.

Valkyrie may be hired by Orlanthi as the result of a HeroQuest. If any initiate or higher of Orlanth challenges a Valkyrie to single combat and wins then she is bound to serve him for a year and a day. This includes fighting alongside him and often results in victory against Orlanthi before the battle starts - few Orlanthi wish to face a Valkyrie in combat. In most cases, the Valkyrie will also bear a son or daughter to the victorious Orlanthi in which case the child will grow up to be a skilled and fearsome warrior.

One of the Valkyrie was raped by a Sorcerer and gave birth to Gunda the Guilty who started to walk Vinga’s and Valkyr’s path before being tempted away. She is still a powerful warrior in her own right, but has not completed the Path. Perhaps in the future?

Starbrow began walking Valkyra’s Path but failed on the Sky Walk and instead fell in love with Polaris himself.