Wakboth's Teeth

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Created On 20 May 1998
Last Updated On 20 May 1998
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A mottled grey fang, in its raw state. A mottled grey weapon, normally a spear, sword or dagger, in its attuned state.


Cacodemon, Primal Chaos,
Other Chaos Cults
Storm Bull
Other Chaos Fighters


Cult Special, Uncommon


When Wakboth fought Storm Bull in Prax, he was crushed by the Block and his remains were mashed far into the ground. Much of his body was destroyed, but some remained relatively intact. Some of Wakboth's Teeth were broken into pieces which still retained some of their powers.

A Cacodemon HeroQuestor, known only as Dag the Krjalk, quested towards the end of the First Age in order to uncover some of the secrets of his deity, Cacodemon. As Cacodemon was born from Wakboth's Death, he Quested to the Block and descended beneath it, finding Wakboth's Skull and returning with one of Wakboth's Teeth. He managed to evade the Uroxi and made the HeroQuest known to others.

Since then, many creatures of Chaos have tried to find one of Wakboth's Teeth, but most have failed, sometimes killed by the Uroxi near the Block, sometimes by the Chaos beneath the Block and sometimes through attuning the Teeth.


There are two ways of gaining one of Wakboth's Teeth, through HeroQuest or by liberating one from its current owner.

The HeroQuest is available through certain Temples of Cacodemon or through the Cult of Dag the Krjalk who may be contacted in the Footprint, Snake Pipe Hollow, the Marsh, the Tunnelled Hills and beneath the Block. It is extremely dangerous and will be detailed here in the future. It involves going to the Block, entering the Caves below, locating the remains of Wakboth's Head, finding a Tooth or fragment, controlling and binding the Tooth and returning to the normal world.

Taking a Tooth of Wakboth from its current owner seems simpler, but when it is borne in mind that the current owner probably survived the above HeroQuest and has one of Wakboth's Teeth as a weapon, the task suddenly appears somewhat more difficult.

To attune the Tooth, match POW vs a POW of 3D6 + 6, rolled each time the Tooth is attuned. The attuner loses 1D10 POW when he attempts to attune the Tooth, regardless of success.

If the attuning is successful, the attuner gains the Chaos Feature "Appears Extremely Dangerous" and may use the powers of the Tooth. If the attuning fails, the attuner gains the Chaos Feature "Appears Harmless" and may not touch the Tooth, otherwise he suffers the affects of being damaged by the Tooth when a location touches the Tooth.


Once attuned, the Tooth takes on the appearance of a weapon of the user's choice. If the Tooth is complete, it may take on the form of any size weapon. Otherwise, the Tooth may only take on the form of a weapon of the correct size (ENC). Incisors are ENC 10, Canines are ENC 6, Pre-Molars are ENC 15 and Molars are ENC 20. Fragments of the Teeth will retain the Powers but will be smaller.

When a Tooth is wielded in battle, calculate damage normally, but if the Tooth penetrates armour it does a special type of damage. Match the wielder's MP vs the target's MP. If the roll fails, no damage is done. If the roll succeeds the location struck is turned into Chaos Slime (cf Plunder) and destroyed. If a limb or other non-vital location is destroyed, it may be restored through Divine Intervention or Regrow Limb.. If the location is vital, the target is dead and may only be restored through Divine Intervention- Resurrection will not work. Cure Chaos Wound will halve the time taken to regrow a limb and will halve the POW lost through Divine Intervention to restore a location.

A Tooth of Wakboth can be used to parry normally, with Armour Points equal to its POW. It does not take damage from Runic or Magic weapons, but takes normal damage from Truestone weapons and double damage from Adamant weapons.


As a generator of Chaos Slime, this is invaluable. As a Weapon, it is unequalled. To Chaos creatures it is priceless, to enemies it will be gained at any cost. For these reasons, it is impossible to put a price on Wakboth's Teeth.

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