Wallan the Walker

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Created On 20 May 1998
Last Updated On 20 May 1998
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Wallan was born in the Storm Hills during the reign of Lokymayadon the Usurper. He always walked a thin line between loyalty to his overlord and loyalty to Orlanth. During his youth, Wallan visited relatives in the north and often played on the webs of the Spiderlands. He visited Skyfall and was fascinated by the rainbows which continually spanned the waters.

When he grew older, Wallan visited Orlanth in his Storm Castle and discovered the secrets of the winds. From one of the Storm Castles he looked down and saw a beautiful maiden, Elaine the Fair, who lived in the SkyReach Mountains. Smitten, he decided to seek her hand. However, her father had devised a test for those who sought to take her from him.

Elaine had been placed in a high tower in the mountains. A single strand of her hair had been taken and stretched until it reached a nearby peak. Potential suitors had to walk the tightrope and reach Elaine in her tower. Unfortunately, Elaine's father had arranged for the other suitors to stand beneath the Hair Bridge and throw rocks, hurl javelins or shoot arrows at the potential suitors.

Wallan had prepared carefully, however, and had practised walking the SkyFall rainbows, so the Hair Bridge was nothing to him. As the rain of arrows, javelins and rocks came to him, he used his knowledge of Orlanth's Winds to turn them away so that they all missed. The effort of this drained him so that he almost stumbled as he neared the Tower. In an act of desperation, Elaine's father hurled the spear Miss Not at Wallan while he was looking to his beloved. The spear would have pierced his thigh and made him fall, but Elaine's love for Wallan caused the spear to fly past. Furious, Elaine's father invoked his right that the deed be repeated every 7 years for the marriage to be valid.

As Lokymayadon's rule became harsher, more and more people saw him for a tyrant and spoke out against him. Wallan was one of these and he decided to add his voice to the others. He went to Nochet and stood on the walls, preaching Orlanth's words to al who would listen. Arrows and spears flew towards him but his words were so powerful that they all flew past leaving him unscathed.

After seven years, Wallan returned to the SkyReach and re-enacted walking the Hair Bridge. Halfway up, an evil little man called Kotan the Short made a gesture that caused Wallan to stumble. Elaine, her heart in her mouth, looked to her beloved and did not see one of Lokymayadon's servants draw his bow and loose the Unseen Arrow. Wallan never saw the arrow which pierced his heart and he fell to his death. Elaine, full of grief that her love had failed, leapt from the Tower and followed her husband to Hell.

The stories of Wallan and Elaine are known to the people of the Storm Hills, eastern Rockwoods and SkyReach Mountains. They are called on as deities of lovers. Wallan grants the spell of Walk Rope and Block Missiles. Elaine grants the spell of Spoil Aim.

Walk Rope (2 pt reusable, temporal)

This spell allows the target not to lose his balance while walking. This means that he may walk tightropes, walls or bridges without making DEX rolls. It has no effect while riding or performing other acts which require balance.

Block Missiles (2 pt, reusable, temporal, active)

While affected by this spell, all missiles thrown or fired at the recipient will be turned away if the recipient sees them coming. The act of turning the missiles is tiring and costs Magic Points. Rocks and sling bullets cost 1 MP to turn, arrows and javelins cost 2 MP, crossbow bolts and boulders cost 1 MP per D6 damage. Multimissiles can be turned away at normal cost. The decision to turn away a missile must be made before the attack roll is made.

Missiles affected by Sureshot are not affected by this spell. Tin missiles cost double MPs, gold or gold tipped missiles automatically miss.

Spoil Aim (1 pt, reusable, instant)

When cast on a missile, this spell causes the missile to miss. Multimissiles cast of the missile will also miss. This spell and Sureshot cancel each other out.