Yelmalio - The Rider

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I Cult Ecology

A. Mythos

Yelmalio was the sun of Yelm, born before Orlanth stole Ernalda from the Emperor and before the Emperor disowned both his wife and his children.

Yelmalio rode many beasts, but most proved unfaithful or unworthy. Eventually, he found that the Horse was the most faithful steed and even today, horses are our most faithful steeds. [Amongst the tribes of Prax, they claim that when Yelmalio came to Prax, he found the horse was unworthy and so chose to ride their particular herd beast, so the Zebra Riders claim that Yelmalio rides a zebra, the bison riders a bison and so on.]

B. Since Time

The cult of Yelmalio The Rider has survived amongst the Beast Riders of Prax in its purest form, but can also be found where Yelmalian cavalry is used. Some clans of Pentian horsemen worship Yelmalio the Rider, but they are rare as Kargzant and his sons are preferred.. Different tribes claim that Yelmalio rode different beasts, so the Praxian Beast Riders claim that Yelmalio rode their own beasts, the horsemen of Genertela claim that Yelmalio rode horses and so on. During the time of the EWF, some even claimed that Yelmalio rode dragons, but the cult of Yemlaio Dragonrider was destroyed during the Dragonkill. Worship of Yelmalio Hawkrider has recently been introduced into Balazar.

Member sof Yelmalio the Rider fought on both sides when the Pure Horse Tribe entered Prax and were both allies and enemies of Pavis and the Sun Dome Temple when they arrived. When Joraz Kyrem created the Zebra Tribe, many worshippers of Yelmalio the Rider joined that tribe and, even now, Zebra Riders form the largeest contingent of worshippers in Prax. More recently, the Pol Joni have strated worshipping Yelmalio the Rider and form the second largest group in Prax.

C. Life After Death

Worshippers of Yelmalio The Rider are cremated after death and their souls rise to Yelm's Halls in the sky. They are then reborn into their tribe as warriors.

D. Runic Associations

Yelmalio is associated with the Runes of Light and Truth.

II. Nature of the Cult

A. Reason for Continued Existence

Yelmalio is the Rider, the first to conquer and ride upon horses. He is the role-model and is the perfect warrior and tribesman.

B. Social/Political Position and Power

Yelmalio the Rider has little power amongst the tribes of Prax. He is more powerful in the Zebra and Pol Joni tribes, but still is only an advisor. He has even less influence in Sun County, where he is consdered a nomad cult, a frend but not really a local cult.

C. Particular Likes and Dislikes

The cult is hostile to trolls, creatures of darkness and the cults of Argan Argar and Zorak Zoran. It distrust bird-riders as it feels that Yelmalio was betrayed by the birds.

The cult is friendly towards elves and the cult of Yelorna and Arroin.

III Organisation

A. Inter-Cult Organisation

Where Yemlaio the Rider is worshipped, he has shrines or minor temples. Sometimes, worshippers from different clans and tribes come togther and form a Great Temple, but this is very rar. Normally, the Zebra and Pol Joni Tribes can form Major Temples when their clans come together. There is no organisation outside the Clan with priests of the cult accepted as equals when travelling to other temples.

Worshippers may worship at temples of the Forest Sun or the Sun Dome although they will not be fully trusted.

B. Intra-Temple Organisation

Temples are led by Light Riders who are the priests of the cult. Where a clan cannot support a Light Rider they have Light Walkers who stand in their place.

C. Centre of Power, Holy Places

The Hill of Gold in far away Vanch is a Holy Place. There are several places in Prax where Yelmalio fought Oakfed and drove him off.

D. Holy Days and High Holy Days

Fireday is the holy day of the cult, with Fireday of Truth Week being the seasonal holy day. The High Holy Day is Fireday, Truth Week, Fire Season.

IV Lay Membership

A. Requirements to Join

Lay Membership is open to any member of the tribes where Yel;mlaio the Rider is worshipped.

B. Requirements to Belong

Lay members must worship on each Fireday. They may never befriend trolls, dwarves or members of darkness cults.

C. Mundane Benefits

Lay Members are taught combat skills and Ride (Horse or local beast) by the cult.

Lay Members may learn cult skills and spirit magic at half price.

D. Restrictions

Lay members may not know Darkness or Fire based spells and must forget them if known.

V. Initiate Membership

A. Requirements for Initiation

Any member of the a Yemalian tribe may become an initiate of Yelmalio the Rider. They must succeed in the standard test, skills tested include Ride, Animal Lore, Spear, Bow, Shield. Membership costs a point of POW.

B. Requirements to Remain Initiated

Initiates must accept a Gift and Geas. They must tithe 10% of income and 10% of time to the cult.

C. Benefits

Initiates are given a saddle, a riding beast (not among the Rhino Riders) and a composite bow and quiver of arrows.

Cult skills are taught for free.

Initiates may learn the spells of Co-ordination, Light, Lightwall, Farsee and Detect Gold.

All initiates may sacrifice for one use of cult and associated cult divine magic.

VI Light Walkers

A. Requirements

These are the acolytes of the cult. They must have 75% in the cult skills and must take a gift and its geases.

B. Duties

Light Walkers lead clan worship where there is no Light Rider.

C. Benefits

Light Walkers may sacrifice for cult divine magic reusably and for associate cult divine magic on a one-use basis.

VII Light Riders

A. General Statement

These are the heads of the cult and are priests. They specialise in the bow and spear and in riding.

B. Requirements for Acceptance

They must have 90% in Spear, Bow, Scan, Ride and one of Shield Parry, Firespeech, Listen, or Sneak and must know the spell of Farsee or have it as a gift.

They must take a gift and geas upon becoming a Light Son.

C. Restrictions of the Status

Light Riders may never eat potatoes as they represent the buried earth. They may never eat raw eggs or fish. They may never ride any animal but their own clan's beast. Light Riders may not wear red or have red blankets as red is the lost colour of fire. They may only marry Earth Priestesses and if already married must divorce their wife after a year if they do not become an Earth Priestess.

Light Riders may never show mercy to trolls or dwarves, nor may they torture any creature.

They must give 90% of time and income to the cult.

D. Benefits of the Status

Light Riders gain a piece of runic iron or gold, often as a spear or shield. They may search for more iron or gold. They are given a war riding beast and all the equipment needed to keep one.

They gain three initiates as personal guards and these remain until they themselves become Light Riders.

A Light Rider may take one gift and its geases on the High Holy Day of the cult each year.

Light Riders may gain an awakened beast as an allied Spirit.

Yelmalio supports his Light Riders and they may call on him through Divine Intervention with a loss of 1D10 POW.

VIII Divine Magic

Light Riders and Light Walkers gain access to the following spells:

Common Divine: All Special Divine Magic: Catseye, Sunbright, Cloud Clear, Enchant Gold, Enchant Iron, Shield.

A. Cult Special Divine Magic

Catseye (1 point, touch, duration 12 hours, nonstackable, reusable)

For 12 hours this spell affects the target's eyes so he can see by any amount of light no matter how small. If there is no available light, the person cannot see otherwise he sees as if it were a normal day.

Sunbright (2 points, ranged, temporal, nonstackable, reusable)

This spell puts a 50 metre radius circle of light around the recipient of the spell. This acts as daylight in all respects. It demoralises vampires, ghouls and intelligent undead and gives the recipient a 2 point Shimmer effect.

IX Subservient Cults

A. Cult Spirit of Reprisal

Those leaving the cult will be afflicted by a curse. Anyone who they lie to will know they are lying.

B. Kuschile

Membrs may gain the ability of Horse Archery. This ability allows them to use their full bow chance when riding, regardless of ride ability. Note that my version differs from the standard Kuschile Archery description , I prefer it as an ability rather than a skill.

C. Monrogh

This Hero came from the West and brought a new spell Lantern, as described in the Sun County Book. Members who know this spell must wear an arm ring with a gold fire rune.

D. Togtuvei

This ancient hero teaches the skills of Scout Plains and Map Making. Followers may wear a yellow feather in their hair.

E. Vorshek the Cavalryman

This Hero of the Zebra Tribe grants the spell of Armour Horse to Zebra Rider worshippers.

Armour Horse (1 point, non-stackable, temporal, reusable)
This doubles the natural armour of its target. It does not double armouring enchantments, these are added on afterwards as usual. It will double natural armour that has been magically increased, through a gift for example..

X. Associate Cults

A. Aldrya

Yelmalio protected the Forests during the Darkness and in return Aldrya grants Light Riders the Heal Body spell.

B. Eiritha

Mother of Beasts, Eiritha grants Speak to Herd Beasts to Yelmalio cultists.

C. Yelm

The father of Yelmalio, Yelm grants his Son the spell of Sun Spear to the High Priest only.

XI Miscellaneous Notes

A. Relations with other Yelmalio Cults

The Rider recognises other versions of the Yelmalio cult. Worshippers may worship at temples to the Forest Sun and the Sun Dome. They may even worship at Bird Rider Temples, but feel uncomfortable in doing so.

Sun Domers allow Riders to join the Regiments and the Forest Sun allows them to join the Marching Aldryami.

At present, the Sun Dome cultists are trying to civilise the Beast Riders and to unite the two varieties of Yelmalio. However, the east Riders do not want this, preferring to stick to their ancient customs, although welcoming the chance to learn new skills and spells.

B. Gifts and Geases

All Gifts and Geases given by Yelmalio are random and must be rolled.

Use the normal Yelmalio gifts and geases, except replace Javelin attack increases with Shield Parry, replace Communication with Horses with Communication with Appropriate Beasts. Replace all geases dealing with horses with geases dealing with appropriate beasts, remove all celibacy geases and replace with marriage restrictions.