Delecti, Our Saviour

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

This account was given by Spirit Wing, a shaman from one of the Loyal Nests(1) deep within the Upland Marsh.

Many years ago when our friends the Dragons blessed us with their Knowledge, many were jealous of our friendship with the Dragons and came to destroy the Nests. The Infernal Horde came from the North and West and crossed over into our lands and its might was so great that it took a week to cross the Black Eel and nearly drank our sister dry.

Many of the Dragon Lords had retired to the Celestial Nest in order to ponder the Great Mysteries and did not reply to our cries of help. One of the Dragon Lords, Delecti was his name, did heed our pleas and stayed behind to help us, even though it meant that he would be excluded from the Mysteries.

Delecti spoke with the Creek-Stream and her daughters the Creek and the Stream, where we have made our nests for many years, and agreed a plan that would save the people of the land and defeat the Infernal Horde.

Delecti spoke also with the Earth Nymphs of the land and those who remembered when the Hollow was formed to the north to destroy an earlier Infernal Horde(2). He made bargains and allegiances with all the folk of the land and began his work.

First, the Earth Nymphs stood around Delectiís Villa and made a Ring of Power. Then they struck the ground and broke it into many pieces, creating holes and cracks and broken areas. Then the Rivers flowed into the broken ground and made many daughter lakes and ponds. Then the Rivers and Earth Nymphs joined to create new daughters, the Mud Spirits. Finally, Delecti joined with the Rivers and created the Pale Maidens who would guard the new Kingdom.

Now, the people were safe, for the land was filled with still, quiet lakes and ponds to hide the Nests and hold off the Infernal Horde and Delecti retired to his Villa.

The Infernal Horde reached the Upland Place and stopped, afraid to enter Delectiís Kingdom. Howling with Rage and Frustration, their leaders strode forward and entered by themselves, finding Delectiís Villa and facing the Dragon Lord. Delecti offered them a choice - fight him and possibly die or spare his people and he would subject himself to their will without a struggle.

The Evil Ones were craven and cowardly and were afraid of Delectiís powers of Death, so they took the second way and Delecti sacrificed himself for our safety, becoming Our Saviour.

Later, when the Infernal Horde had passed on and been punished by the Dragon Lords, one of Delectiís chief followers re-enacted his Quest and sacrificed himself to save his Lord. Delecti returned, his Mighty Spirit living in the newly-sacrificed body of his faithful worshipper. Ever since, the faithful followers of Delecti have sacrificed themselves so that he may continue to rule and protect his subjects, keeping them from harm and guarding the land lest the Infernal Horde return.

In order to protect us and guard his Kingdom, Delecti makes soldiers and guards from the bodies of the slain, making use of what would otherwise be wasted and ignored. His Eternal Guards keep us safe and prepare for when the Monsters come, the Third Infernal Horde when they will fight their last battle and make the world safe forever.


[1] The Loyal Nests are those Duck communities within the Upland Marsh who do not fight Delecti and his forces. They remember the Old Stories and are least influenced by outsiders.

[2] The Ducks of the Loyal Nests say that there are Three Infernal Hordes, one stopped by the Hollow during the Darkness, one stopped by Delecti the DragonLord and a third, to come, who will be stopped by another DragonLord.