Why Ducks Still Live In The Marsh

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

Report from "Long Fang", First Constable of the DuckPoint Protection Zone to Gregorius, Ram and Iron Lord, Head of the Imperial Guard.

Greetings, Brother

In reply to your question of why we do not destroy those who fight us within the Upland Marsh, I would like to explain Our Lordís instructions here.

When Our Lord created the Upland Marsh he swore to protect those within the Marsh from harm, specifically protecting them from the Infernal Horde, but also protecting them in the future. This agreement is still in place and Our Lord continues to abide by it.

Therefore, those who make their home within the Upland Marsh are under the protection of Our Lord and are under our protection. Those included are the wildlife and dumb creatures within the Marsh, Ducks, Newtling, Dragonewts, Dragons, Wyrms and other Dragonkind, Shadow Cats, fish, amphibians, including Cliff Toads, and any travelling birds which care to tarry here.

We must guard and protect these subjects of Our Lord from harm from outsiders. Such harm may come from the Servants of Chaos who come from the Hollow and Footprint. Any of these found to be in the Protected Zones are swiftly dealt with. Others may come to harm subjects, including outlaws, bandits and religious zealots. All must be confronted and destroyed before they can do harm.

You ask about those within our borders who fight against us. This is a constant worry to Our Lord who is hurt by each and every such attack. However, he is bound to protect his subjects, even when they turn against him. Therefore, even though some of his subjects, specifically the Duck Outlaws, fight our forces, attack our temples and destroy our brothers, we may not act against them unless in self-defence. I know that this is like feeding while wearing a gag, but it is the Way of Our Lord.

Sometimes, a band of outlaws will become so dangerous that they will endanger the other inhabitants of the Protected Zones. If this happens, then Our Lord will sign a warrant declaring them to be Outlaws and beyond His Protection. We will then arrange for a Cull to take place where we send our best forces to their dwelling place and we remove them from the Marsh. Often, we will return them to Our Lord where he will talk with them and will offer them service within his forces. Such converted outlaws become scouts and guides and also help to persuade others of the futility of fighting Our Lord.

So Patience, My Brother. You are new amongst us and have not yet learned to wait. Even those who fight against us will soon be gone, either to places new or to their grave. We shall still remain, guarding those within our Protection Zones and preparing for our Final Battle.