GarnUz - A minor Troll Clan [1]

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Simon E. Phipp
Created On 28 January 2001
Last Updated On 28 January 2001
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The GarnUz, or Garn Clan [2], is a small clan of around 100 trolls and 300 trollkin. It inhabits a set of caverns and abandoned dwellings at the southern tip of the Indigo Mountains, north of Storlock and North East of Orlanth's Hill.

The clan is friendly to but not part of the Indigo Mountain Tribe, but has blood ties to southern clans from this tribe. The Clan Elders believe that they will eventually join the Indigo Mountain Tribe at some time, but not just at the moment.

The Garn Clan is in the position to control the Richberry Trail and part of the Pavis Road but chooses not to, for fear of retaliation. They signed a treaty with Sartar that allowed them the right to exist on the borders of his kingdom as long as they kept away from these areas. Recently, Torkan Trollsbane has been making things difficult for the Clan but nothing that the Elders cannot take care of.

The tribe is dominated by Kyger Litor and Subere with a substantial Argan Argar contingent. There are a few Xiola Umbar cultists and one Zorak Zoran family.

Any Summon Random Ancestor has a 99% chance of summoning an ancestor from the GarnUz and a 1% chance of summoning an ancestor from the Indigo Mountain Tribe. All ancestors summoned will be from after Time started - they have no pre-Time ancestors except Mistress Garn herself. Several generations ago, the clan was reduced to 1 females and around 10 males. She HeroQuested and took each of the males in turn as husband and regenerated the clan. Their daughters took their own brothers as husbands and each founded a bloodline of the Clan.

The tribe was founded by UzGarn, Mistress Garn, a Mistress Race troll who foresaw the coming of Yelm to the surface. She summoned a Dehori Spirit whose name is unknown but is always referred to as Father Garn, and mated with him to strengthen her children against the coming Light. The mating was a success and she gave birth to twins as Yelm leapt into the Sky. His Light shrivelled Mistress Garn into dust but the two babies survived. They were brought up in the Indigo Mountain Tribe and married as adolescents, founding a new Tribe in the name of their mother.

Mistress Garn may only be summoned by a female Priestess of Kyger Litor and Subere. If anyone else summons her they will be attacked and their soul will be bound to her fetch.

Clan Structure

The Garn Tribe has four sub-clans, Fire Clan, Speaking Clan, War Clan and Deep Darkness Clan.

Fire Clan

This clan is becoming extinct as it only has two males, with no females. It is a clan of smiths worshipping Gadblad and Lodril, hence its name. It is mistrusted by the rest of the Clan and sufers from a geas that members of the Fire Clan may only marry other Fire Clan members.

The only way to continue the clan is for a female troll to Incarnate the Clan Founder and mate with a member of the Fire Clan to produce a female child. That child would then become a member of the Clan and would be able to continue the clan. Because of the taboos surrounding this clan, such a female would have to come from outside the Garn Clan and this looks unlikely.

The Fire Clan has 7 trollkin, of which 2 are food and 5 are workers. They currently have no Value Trollkin and are looking to exchange some enchanted lead for a value trollkin in order to produce more trade goods. Their only saving grace is that their trollkin are continually breeding and will produce more food trollkin and a few worker trollkin [3]. They know that this is not much use to them, but it is a start.

Speaking Clan

These are worshippers of Argan Argar. They have 17 trolls, of whom 2 are females of child bearing age and are in danger of becoming extinct.

The Speaking Clan is the main point of contact with outsiders and the members are used to dealing with non-trolls and trolls from other clans and tribes.

In times of war, the Speaking Clan controls all the trollkin of the Clan. At other times, they control the trollkin on a day-to-day basis.

The Speaking Clan has 178 trollkin, of which 53 are food, 108 are workers and 17 are Values. They are happy with this as their trollkin are continually breeding and increasing their wealth. Their Values perform two functions, one group controls the other trollkin of the tribe, the other group deals with minor outsiders, sorts trade goods and performs minor trade deals.

War Clan

This is theoretically the largest clan in the tribe but has split into two factions or proto-clans descended from two fifth generation sisters. These factions are the Raging War and the Crushing War.

Raging War

This proto-clan worships Zorak Zoran and contains 8 trolls, of which 1 is a female of child bearing age. She is fertile and has had several children, ensuring the future of the clan.

This proto-clan is in the process of splitting from the War Clan as they worship Zorak Zoran and this is frowned upon by the Elders. Once it becomes a separate clan it will be quite useful to the tribe. Derak was born into this proto-clan but left as soon as he matured.

Raging War has 42 trollkin, of which 13 are food, 25 workers and 4 are Values. The clan does not particularly care about the trollkin and lets the Values take care of them. Their trollkin are used to search for food and to support the clan members as they practice for War.

Crushing War

These worship Kyger Litor and Kaarg and are very conservative. They have 29 trolls, of whom 8 are females of child bearing age. It is expected that they will be a full clan within a couple of generations.

They are the prime war clan of the tribe and are continually feuding with the Raging War. They split War Duties into two areas - offence and defence, with the Raging War used for offence and the Crushing War used for defence.

This clan has 259 trollkin, of which 78 are food, 155 are workers and 26 are Values. Their Values are used as hunters and are skilled slingers. The worker trollkin serve the families by gathering food and performing the day-to-day tasks of the clan. The food trollkin are kept permanently pregnant by the Values and all their offspring become food.

Deep Darkness

This is the leading clan and contains 35 trolls, of which 5 are females of child-bearing age. It is the de-facto leading clan because of the factions in the War Clan. This clan worships Kyger Litor and Subere with one family worshipping Xiola Umbar. All Values in this clan are initiates of Xiola Umbar and all workers are lay members of the cult.

This clan has the Queen, the Ranking Priestesses and the Ranking Kaarg Son and as such is very powerful in the tribe.

There are 350 trollkin in this clan, of which 105 are food, 210 are workers and 35 are Values. All non-food trollkin of this clan must worship Xiola Umbar and the Values are all Initiates of the cult. This is unusual and devalues the cult in the eyes of all members of the Garn Tribe. These trollkin ensure that the other trollkin are kept well and are used as midwives for the many trollkin births.

Cults and Status


Kyger Litor

Xiola Umbar

Argan Argar


Zorak Zoran

Mistress Garn


Other Cults

GarnUz Quirks

The tribe is dominated by the Subere Cult.

Subere's and UzGarn's Holy Days are celebrated on Kyger Litor's Holy Days with the High Holy Day on the last day of the year, the day that UzGarn died.

The Subere Cult has two specialist spells:

Summon Father Garn (4 point Divine Spell, 1 Use)

This spell takes 24 hours to cast and must be started and completed within the hours of darkness and must be cast in a completely dark natural cave. It summons Father Garn, the Dehori Spirit who co-founded the GarnUz. If cast by a non-troll, a troll who is not descended from UzGarn or a troll who is not a Priestess of both Kyger Litor and Subere then Father Garn will be intantly hostile and will attack the summoner and will capture her soul.

If he is not hostile, Father Garn will listen to what the summoner requires and will decide whether to help them, attack them or return to the Darkness. In any case, he will not remain past the following sunset.

Command Father Garn (4 point Divine Spell, 1 Use)

This spell may only be cast on Father Garn and he may not resist the spell. It allows one command to be given to Father Garn which must be obeyed. Father Garn may not be commanded to go into a Binding Enchantment, to reduce his Magic Points without good cause, to be bound to a Shaman's Fetch or to attack one of his descendants.

Shamans of the tribe may also contact Father Garn itself in order to obtain the following spell:

Life of Garn (1 point, 1 use divine spell)

If cast on a male descendant of Father Garn the spell causes the next coupling with a female descendant of Father Garn to result in offspring, if possible. Such offspring have a 95% chance of being male, if the offspring are trollkin each has a 95% chance of being male. For obvious reasons, this spell is rarely used as trolls do not value males as highly as females.

UzGarn may be manifested in one of two ways:

Males of the tribe may refuse to accept the Couvade spell if their wives are of the tribe. This unusual ability is gained because UzGarn was not assisted in her labour by Xiola Umbar.

The tribe may not field a Trollball team against the Indigo Mountain Tribe or Sazdorf Clan, although nobody remembers why.


GarnUz's reactions to outsiders

Summoning Ancestors


Cult Makeup

Fire Clan

Speaking Clan

Raging War

Crushing War

Deep Darkness

Status Fire Clan Speaking Clan Raging War Crushing War Deep Darkness Tribe
Initiate 0 12 6 22 23 63
Acolyte 2 2 0 1 2 7
Priest/Rune Lord 0 2 1 4 6 14
Chief Priest/Chief Lord/Queen 0 1 0 2 4 7


GarnUz' Inner Secrets

These are only revealed to Subere Priestesses of the tribe.

Children - The Next Generation

These are not counted amongst the trolls as they are not yet adults.They are kept in the Primal Darkness of the Nursery and, as such, do not exist until they are adult and must emerge through the Womb of Pain to the surface world.

Clan Females Males Trollkin
Fire Clan 0 0 0
Speaking Clan 6 2 11
Raging War 1 0 6
Crushing War 8 13 35
Deep Darkness 7 8 22
Total (Tribe) 22 23 74

The trollkin figures are for those trollkin born to trolls, not those born to trollkin. These are the embarrasments.

The future looks good for the Tribe as a good number of female children have been born.

Clan Generation Rules

In order to generate the GarnUz, I set the following rules:

I generated the last 40 generations of the clan and worked out the family relationships, including number of trolls, number of trollkin, clan structures and so on. I will not include the breakdown here as it is incredibly tedious. However, it can be useful when determining ancestor summoning.


1. This was designed as Derak's tribe as we needed a tribe for Derak to interact with, including a history and political position. However, Stuart did not like it and vetoed the idea. He liked some things but not others. I think he wanted Derak to be independent without any prior ties, even though he had married politically to strengthen ties with other Clans. However, I still think this is not too bad a Troll Clan, so I have kept the main parts.

2. I believe that troll clans descended from a Mistress Race (UzUz) Founder are named after the Founder by adding "Uz" after the Founder's name. So, Clan Garn becomes GarnUz, Clan Sazdorf becomes SazdorfUz and so on. The Founder is also named with "Uz" before the Founder's name, so Mistress Garn becomes UzGarn and Mistress Sazdorf becomes UzSazdorf. Other people may not use this but I quite like it.

3. Trollkin relationships are quite brutal. The trolls do not care about second generation trollkin except as possessions and leave the care of the trollkin to other Value Trollkin. Trollkin culture is a parody of troll culture where the breeding females are the most important thing. However, their idea of importance is that all trollkin females of child bearing age must be continually pregnant and continually producing children.

Where a trollkin female is the mate of a Value, he will mate with her continually. Where the female is the mate of a worker or food trollkin or has no mate, she will be repeatedly raped by the Values and Workers. This only stops when she is known to be pregnant and is moved to the Mothers' Area which is a hidden tunnel full of pregnant and Nursing trollkin. When the trollkin has given birth, she is returned to the Trollkin Area where she is raped again until pregnant. Most trollkin children are nursed by a select number of trollkin who have lost children. This frees up the other Trollkin to become pregnant again. If a trollkin miscarries, she is given a week in isolation before returning to the Trollkin Area for the cycle to begin again.

Trollkin children are raised in Darkness until they are old enough to work and are then placed in the Trollkin Area where they become part of the normal trollkin life. When they reach breeding age, they are either chosen as a mate or given to the rest of the trollkin. Food trollkin are never given as mates and live their short lives being raped and delivering children until they are eaten by the trolls. Miscarried or still-born trollkin automatically become Food for the Values.

Values generally take care of the Trollkin so they are not killed. This is because the trolls need a large number of trollkin to show off their wealth and to serve the tribe. The Values are under a great deal of pressure to ensure that the numbers of trollkin increase rapidly and enthusiastically take to their duties as Fathers.